character: amy rose

  1. Zarosguth

    [Reusable] Heroes-style jump animation v2

    This script makes it so that any character jumps similarly to how the characters in Sonic Heroes jump. Click this spoiler for some previews: Reusable, please give proper credit.
  2. L

    Hedgehogs Float v1.3

    Now, when the guys at Sega decided that Sonic couldn't swim, everybody knows they were wrong. Nobody stepped up to stop them, though. Except me. I came up with the greatest idea ever, and I worked hard, day and night, to make sure that I was able to get it out. And what, you ask, did I end up...
  3. Art4LifeGaming

    That... That's not Sonic...

    Weird glitch I encountered when playing with the BuddyEx mod where Sonic would duplicate whenever he respawns. Don't report this bug because I had merged BuddyEx with multiple other mods using SLADE. Only works if you don't play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. The duplicate Sonic will not follow...
  4. Togen

    [Reusable] Togen Tech R1.1 (SRB2 Amy, Simple AnimaL v1.1)

    A (single-)character pack made to demonstrate Simple AnimaL. At this time, the sole entry in this character pack is Amy Rose (4 Speed/1 Weight) from SRB2. Plans for future updates include original characters released under the same Reusable permissions who use special animations for certain...
  5. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Reusable] Advance Style Amy Hammer Jump 1

    I felt that Amy was lacking in versatility, so I wanted to give her a Hammer Jump, but the thing's been done before, so I felt like making it more like Sonic Advance's Hammer Jump, by making her do her hammer for a split second, and then having her go into her spin frames when rising with the...
  6. CosmicPikachu

    [Reusable] Amy Rose Hammer Spin 1.1

    Did you think Amy couldn't spin? Well... she can't but now she can! Introducing the hammer spin! Just hold spin when you're landing a hammer swing to dash forward! You can even get under spaces that you wouldn't normally be able to, like shown here: You can also do this:
  7. Expert

    Expert's Amazing (Mediocre) Colors 2

    Expert's Amazing (Mediocre) Colors Expert Blue Expert Orange Expert Red Expert Pink Expert Purple Expert Cobalt Tik-Tok (I Was Bored.....) Instagram YouTube Twitter
  8. D

    [Reusable] [SRB2 Persona] Amy Separate Hammer Button 1.0.9

    Mostly intended for SRB2 Persona but works fine in Vanilla. I was slightly annoyed by the inability to just press Spin to break spikes, so I decided to make this.
  9. S

    [Reusable] Steven's Amy Abilities 1.4.6

    Let's just get to the point. Giant Steps Ability taken from the Sonic Advance series, pressing Custom 1 while grounded will make Amy hop instantly to her maximum speed. This can also be used to change momentum quickly, but that will not function in Standard Mode and Strafe Mode. Changed in the...
  10. Bloopsdoob

    [Reusable] Rose Gold Amy 1.2

    From out of nowhere, Rose Gold Amy is here! She may look like Amy, but she certainly doesn't play the same! Let's talk about her abilities, starting with: Double Jump Doing right what it says on the tin, pressing jump twice will let RGA effectively double her jump height to reach those extra...
  11. X

    [Reusable] Shoot-able Rosy Mod 1

    What does it do? It replaces the object type MT_ROSY with a modified one that can be damaged. Why? I made this for the lulz. At first it started as a joke but then i tried doing this as a challenge to see if i was able to make a script to make this possible only using SOC. This took me 3 hours...
  12. Sussy

    Srb2 2.9.9 android bugs

    1.When you turn on OPENGL it shows a black screen 2.You can't add your addons or save data please fix this
  13. Rascally Rosy

    Amy Rose Pack V2.1

    Please note that Rosy, Mania Amy, and Cameo Amy are reusable. But Modern Amy is NOT reusable. Modern Amy Amy Rose is back! This time, her birdie companion will be coming along with her! Do amyvoiceclips 1 in the console to make Amy say her voice lines. (This only changes sound) Do altmoveset...
  14. DrStephen

    Maimy, the Rosy Robot Hotfix

    Rockets, Spikeballs and a cute lil' bowtie. Maimy is here! NOTE: I have permission from the original artist, Z-T00N, to release this character. Maimy comes from an old comic series created by Z-T00N that you might have heard from back in ~2017, Ponic And Fails! An alternate universe set in...
  15. โ˜†๐™…๐™ค๐™ ๐™š๐™งโ˜…

    Classic Amy Rose is back!

    CLASSIC AMY ROSE JOIN THE RACE! Classic Amy Rose is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and Amy Rose's counterpart from another dimension set in the recent past. Speed : 5 Weight : 2 Amy's Lua version features the Second Colors feature
  16. MarioFreak2001

    Rosy the Rascal (Classic Amy) joins the race! (Version 2.1)

    I know that Rosy will be in R2 but I can't wait that long so here's my version She has a speed of 8 and a weight of 3. Voice clips are from the female Mii characters in Mario Kart 8. Update log: V2.1: Added her hammer to the goal sign sprite. V2: Adjusted her colors to address a common...
  17. LonelyFoxz

    LonelyFoxz's Remixed 2.2 Models V1

    "It's about time!" Finally after months of work the "Oddball" pack has been given a fresh coat of paint and has been renamed to Remixed. Many of the things you remember has been given some form of an upgrade. [ most of them.. R.I.P DerpV2 you will forever be missed. till you get added in after...
  18. Jammin'

    [Reusable] Sonic R abilities

    A very simple script that changes most of the vanilla characters abilities to match their Sonic R counterparts. and plus this goes pretty well with circuit race so thats fun. if you arent familiar with how Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Metal work in sonic r, Sonic double jumps, Tails just floats rather...
  19. Katmint

    [Reusable] Reveries 3s

    -Reveries- This a rather extensive mod which adjusts the physics, characters, and shields to suit my tastes. Comes in both full and lite variants; the latter contains only the physics changes. Don't load both at once. You need to press the fire button to turn super in the full version...
  20. Bluestreak

    Amy Rose Alternate Moveset (v1.0)

    Amy Rose Alternate Moveset by Bluestreak This mod gives Amy a completely new moveset for people who are sick and tired of the overall Amy experience. The list of changes includes Amy now spins when jumping. Amy can now roll. Amy can now Spindash. The Twinspin now acts like the...