character: metal sonic

  1. TeriosSonic

    Metal Anyone v2.5

    Metal Anyone What is a Metal Anyone you may be wondering? Metal Anyone is an alternate version of Metal Sonic. Yes, I know there's a ton of these already (in fact I released one a couple of days ago). But this one comes all the way back from 2.1! His main gimmick is his ability copying...
  2. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Golden Metal Sonic (GMS) v1

    Golden Metal Sonic Cool GMS art by Samups. Metal Sonic art by Alice of course Abilities I hope you enjoy playing as this character! Even as simple as it seems, this addon's been in development for a good while (mostly because I was busy).
  3. Zarosguth

    Alternative Metal Sonic (formerly "Charge Abilities")

    EDIT (27th of May, 2022): The direction of this project has shifted quite a bit, check out this post for details! Charge Abilities is a work-in-progress addon that gives Sonic a couple of new abilities that depend on holding the Spin button in order to charge them up. The following features...
  4. Expert

    Expert's Amazing (Mediocre) Colors 2

    Expert's Amazing (Mediocre) Colors Expert Blue Expert Orange Expert Red Expert Pink Expert Purple Expert Cobalt Tik-Tok (I Was Bored.....) Instagram YouTube Twitter
  5. BuggieTheBug

    Magic Metal Sonic v2.0.1

    v2 update is here! And its a full remake! Anyway base abilities: Jump boost: The old ability. Double jump mid-air to fly up. Dashmode: Same that regular metal has. Run for some time and you now run faster. Thats basically all for Basic abilites. Now the new stuff(Magic): Press C1 to open...
  6. CosmicPikachu

    [Reusable] Metal Sonic Jump Thrust 3 - The Hover Update

    The Jump Thrust was deigned for the MSADC and it's improved! Metal Sonic's hover ability can also be used after the Jump Thrust! Just jump again after using the jump thrust. Here are the gifs:
  7. Triant

    i want to do a metal sonic race but i cant (read post for details)

    ye, as the title says, i want to do a metal sonic race for my map,but i tried the "outdated" wiki solution and didnt worked, my question is, is the wiki actually outdated or i am doing just things bad, and if i am can anyone please help me?
  8. CloneFighter

    [Reusable] Ring Spark Field v1.1

    As soon as I saw Icezer's V.Maximum Overdrive, I just felt like I needed to do this. So here we are: Ring Spark Field Returning from Sonic CD, quote: Strobing red/blue, with sparks crackling around him, Metal is certainly dangerous for anything and anyone in its way. You can activate the...
  9. Icezer

    V. Maximum Overdrive 1.2

    Returning from 2.1 with a hefty revamp, Metal has his V. Maximum Overdrive attack back! By holding down Custom 2, Metal Sonic can charge up Overdrive to blast off at high speeds and plow through hazards. Similarly to it's 2.1 counterpart, Overdrive has complete invincibility attached (minus...
  10. M

    Modern metal sonic srb2 (help me for finish it)

    All i need for this mod is help for add some skin and code, give me the link if you finish it before me
  11. Sussy

    Srb2 2.9.9 android bugs

    1.When you turn on OPENGL it shows a black screen 2.You can't add your addons or save data please fix this
  12. spectreman11

    spectreman11 models pack 1.2

    It's a model that I made for Metal Sonic, based in Sonic Mania. I hope you like it! :wonderful:
  13. JABSphere94

    [Reusable] Metal Sonic Ability: Dash Drive V1.0

    Was my submission for the MSADC (Metal Sonic Ability Deisgn Contest) Dash Drive -if dashmode is on press spin while rolling or jumping to hold metal in place release to redirect his speed. - when dashmode is lost there is a brief time where dash drive can still be used. -this ability overwrites...
  14. lnferno

    Metal Sonic Ability Design Contest (MSADC) Release Thread V1.1

    Welcome to the 2nd ability design contest release thread! Metal Sonic's also been tied into the thok debates from time to time, so over 2 months ago, I decided to host a contest for the heck of it. I PRESENT TO YOU THE METAL SONIC ABILITY DESIGN CONTEST I'll also be having a 5 day voting...
  15. NiviX

    Some Colors That I Made For Metal v2

    Algumas cores para metal, mas podem ficar bem em outros personagens
  16. DrStephen

    Maimy, the Rosy Robot Hotfix

    Rockets, Spikeballs and a cute lil' bowtie. Maimy is here! NOTE: I have permission from the original artist, Z-T00N, to release this character. Maimy comes from an old comic series created by Z-T00N that you might have heard from back in ~2017, Ponic And Fails! An alternate universe set in...
  17. SMS Alfredo

    [Reusable] SRB2 Chars v2

    Sonic, Tails, and Metal Sonic ditch their karts and go on foot, showing everybody else what they're really capable of! SRB2 Chars features physics and abilities from Kart's source game, Sonic Robo Blast 2! With Lua ports of the jump, thok, flight, dashmode, float, spin, and spindash from its...
  18. LonelyFoxz

    LonelyFoxz's Remixed 2.2 Models V1

    "It's about time!" Finally after months of work the "Oddball" pack has been given a fresh coat of paint and has been renamed to Remixed. Many of the things you remember has been given some form of an upgrade. [ most of them.. R.I.P DerpV2 you will forever be missed. till you get added in after...
  19. RingHogger

    [Reusable] Sonic R abilities

    A very simple script that changes most of the vanilla characters abilities to match their Sonic R counterparts. and plus this goes pretty well with circuit race so thats fun. if you arent familiar with how Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Metal work in sonic r, Sonic double jumps, Tails just floats rather...
  20. Katmint

    [Reusable] Reveries 3s

    -Reveries- This a rather extensive mod which adjusts the physics, characters, and shields to suit my tastes. Comes in both full and lite variants; the latter contains only the physics changes. Don't load both at once. You need to press the fire button to turn super in the full version...