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Idiot Hybrid
Inspired from Sonic 2 3D / AGES, where beating the game with 7 Emeralds would unlock a mode called Super Run, which starts you off with 50 rings and all emeralds. Due to the nature of Sonic 2's jump to transform, it would basically start you off as Super Sonic.


This version of Super Run spawns the player in Super, with 50 rings in Co-Op, and all emeralds.

For Competition, the player starts with 2 rings. The ring count will decrease like normal, but to prevent constant changing between super and normal, will not decrease past 2 rings in Competition, or Co-Op with SuperRun_Type set to 1.


This LUA also allows every character to go super by adding the super flag to characters without such.
For Competition, Super change will not automatically happen if the player's rings are more than 0, to allow the potential option of playing non-super. Due to the nature of bosses, you will also spawn as regular, but transform on taking damage.. I mean if ya go to a boss level in Competition-


In Race, the player spawns with 54 rings, which decrease to 50 when the race starts. If rings decrease to 0, the player transforms again, with 10 rings, as an incentive to collect rings.



The LUA also comes with an altered version of BCZ1*, with a potentially more difficult Metal Race, which can be beaten with every Vanilla character.


*The only change is the space countdown starting earlier to match the new Metal Race.

V1 - Initial Release​

V1.1 - Added force super and unsuper, as well as distribution types.​

V1.2 - Added an option to disable force super. Added in actionspd buff with Sneakers, Multiability with Invincibility, and Godmode with both. Added options for those as well.​

V2.0 - Switched around a few defaults. Added 59. Super Music has been implemented, with several options, but plays when Hyper by default. (An example file for including custom character support has been added too.) New distribution types. Small cleanup.​

V2.1 - Vanilla characters now have support for Hyper music.​

Video of V2.0 Made by a close friend of mine, SimonSTHF:
Video goes over the mod in better detail than the post!


  • VSL_SuperRun-v1.0.pk3
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  • VSL_SuperRun-v1.1.pk3
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  • VSL_SuperRun-v1.2.pk3
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  • VSL_SuperRun-v2.0.pk3
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  • VL_SuperRunMusicExample-V2.0.pk3
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  • VSL_SuperRun-v2.1.pk3
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I guess this is fine for people who want an easy mode? Though I DID enjoy the harder BCZ1 very much.

Regardless, welcome to Releases!
This, along with the Doomsday Challenge, should be an official feature in SRB2!
I can see this as like a Training Mode for people who want to do the challenge!

Excellent work!
It reminds me of a romhack of Sonic 1 where you could even have Hyper Sonic with all emeralds and use them directly upon starting the level with 50 rings.
Version 1.1!

Updated to V1.1 after a network test!


New features: Pressing Next/Previous Weapon will force you as Super and Normal respectively, granted you meet the conditions. (Co-Op only!)

Added new distribution features via superrun_type
0 - Turns Super Run off.
1 - The default, normal Super Run: Turns you super on 0 rings and never falls below 2.
2 - AGES, Starts you off with 50 rings each level, out of Super.
3 - AGES ALTERNATE, Sets your ring count to 50 anytime you have 0 rings.​
I feel like there should be an option to kill you once you reach 0 rings, Doomsday style. This looks like a lot of fun though! I cant wait to try it out.
Edit : I just found The Doomsday Challenge Sorry for the negative feedback. =/
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Version 1.2

Updated to 1.2 after a network test!


Getting Super Sneakers will now boost actionspd by a changable amount!


Getting Invulnerability will now grant Multiability!


And having both will grant Godmode!

These are all settings which can be personally changed!
Also added in the option to disable the force super using Next/Prev weapon!

There is a bug on the final boss where you don't turn super when your falling also caan you add a command that allows you to choose how many rings you start with.
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Super Run Version 2.0 out now!

Super Run V2 is now out, but I don't have any GIFs to show it.. :p

Super Music now plays when Hyper (By default). By using the simple example file added, you can add custom character support for it! Currently only works for vanilla cast.

3 new distribution types!
Type 4 - Maximum. Keeps rings at 9999.
Type 5 - Recharge. Gain a ring every second of not being Super!
Type 6 - Drain. Lose a ring every second, Super or Normal.

Made a few mistakes, but, Map 59 exists! (Do not use tunes to play one of the new Super tracks and retry the stage in Singleplayer. This'll crash it for some reason.. I have no idea why)

Type 2, Sonic 2 3D, is now the new Distribution default.

All commands now start with SuperRun_

Also added SuperRun_Help for a small help sheet!
There's a glitch where sometimes when I go into the command line the game crashes.

EDIT: Actually, sometimes the game crashes any time it wants to.
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V2.1 - A small update

Version 2.1 is out, which now gives hyper music to Vanilla characters (SuperRun_Music 2 or SuperRun_Music 4), and changes Knuckles' super music to be nicer on the ears!

Also added a musicdef for the sake of it.. Though, I've no clue how to measure the BPM of a song so.. Outta sync boombox :p
Zoraxua updated Super Run V2.1 - Now with custom character support! with a new update entry:

V3.0 - The Battery Update

  • Added SuperRun_Type 7 | Battery - A highly customisable option which lets you set:
    • Ring Limit (SuperRun_Battery_Size)
    • How quickly you gain rings (SuperRun_Battery_Power)
    • How long until you no longer gain rings (SuperRun_Battery_Stale)
    • How long until you begin to lose rings (SuperRun_Battery_Discharge)
    • How quickly you lose rings (SuperRun_Battery_Discharge_Timer)
  • Added SuperRun_Music options 5, 6 and 7:
    • 5: Play a customly selected lump when...

Read the rest of this update entry...

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