reusable content

  1. TheLastKitchenGun

    Super Whenever v1

    Allows anyone (few exceptions, blaze, marine, samus, super mystic sonic can't) to turn super by pressing Custom3 with any amount of rings (except for zero, and you still need the chaos emeralds) if you're blaze or marine this uses the sol emeralds, if your character isn't blaze or marine but...
  2. Katmint

    [Reusable] rphys 1

    NOTE FOR JUDGES: This exe uses MODID 62. The master server does not support it at the moment; I'll pester someone to whitelist it once the mod is released. This is rphys, a custom build containing a total overhaul of the game physics. The changes are essentially: Momentum is preserved...
  3. Zoraxua

    The Almighty Eighth V1

    The Hyper Emerald, aka the Almighy Eighth is a basic LUA that - By default - Spawns the Ultimate 8th Powerstone at some point in a ringslinger game. On map load, the addon selects a random ring to use as the spawnpoint. Then after a random (or preset) amount of time, the area will start...
  4. Blur

    [Reusable] RacePlus 1.02.3

    Pretty decent race additions for the race mode REPLAY MODE When you set a record, your replay is recorded for others to beat! A version of uncapped plus is used in GIF. Notice: the "best time" replay file is located in luafiles/RaceReplay/{map number}
  5. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Reusable] Customizeable Hud v2.1

    allows you to change the hud using commands Commands: customhud_hudnamecolor, changes the color of the name near the life icon customhud_hudname, changes the name near the life icon to your player name, or both the character name and player name customhud_lifeicon, changes the life icon...
  6. King the Memer

    [Reusable] King's Classic Chars v2

    so uh i was never a fan of the base vanilla characters, especially sonic, as they all feel unbalanced, so one day i thought: 'fuck it, imma just make good characters myself' so i did :) The Mod: Credits: NeonSRB2 - Made the squash and stretch code Tempest/Krimps - Made the original...
  7. Blur

    [Reusable] RailAI 1.01

    The meadow match map was peaceful. Until I submitted this havoc. Supports Yes/No Tag No Team Match Yes Match Yes Hide N Seek No CTF No Ringslinger Neo Yes This is subject to change really soon.
  8. Nasii06

    Too Reusable?

    So if I were to make a mod that depended on nothing but reusable content, would it be TOO reusable? It's not in the requirements.
  9. King the Memer

    Bruh Sound Effect #2 v1

    so in my character pack, the hedgebois, king has the ability to make memes, and i thought, "why not just release that shit separate lmao" so i did :) to use the meme ability, press any custom button at any time each custom button has a different sound to add more variety lol (shoutouts to...
  10. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Reusable] Random Monitor v3.1

    Randomizes shields on spawn
  11. Nitrojsn

    AM2 Palm Tree v1

    The famous world renowned Palm Tree from the AM2 Logo as well as the fighting game Fighters Megamix finally joins the race! Color: Swamp Stats: Speed - 5 Weight - 7 His gloat line is from the announcer for Fighters Megamix. Any feedback or criticism is welcome! Have fun in the races!
  12. Cosmic Emerald

    [Reusable] USB Sonic (sonic usb online) 1.1

    Cosmic Sonic joins the fray! he is the slightly faster, more parkourish, and adventurous the ever! sonic usb online (where the move set came from): here
  13. Logan McCloud

    [Reusable] Logan McCloud's Sprite Replacements

    Logan McCloud submitted a new resource: New NiGHTs Booster Sprites - New Model, New Render Read more about this resource...
  14. Logan McCloud

    [Reusable] Logan McCloud's Sprite Replacements v1.1

    At long last, I've taken it upon myself to replace a few of the old sprites that still exist in SRB2 2.2 Featuring: A new more faithful NiGHTs bumper (with a star)! New, easier to see, small spikeballs (They even fit better into their big hitbox!) New Crystals (Which make look familiar if...
  15. Krabs

    [Reusable] RingSlinger NEO v3

    RingSlinger NEO is a new take on the classic FPS game modes that have been around for over 20 years. It introduces all new mechanics, powerups, and the character loadout system, while retaining the fast paced gameplay and crazy weapons. UNIQUE CHARACTER LOADOUTS Each character in Ringslinger...
  16. Nitrojsn

    [Reusable] Rotor the Walrus [Pre Genesis Wave] v1

    Rotor the Walrus joins the race! Color: Lavender Stats: Speed - 4 Weight - 8 As my first submission I'm pretty proud of how this came out. Any feedback or criticism is welcome! As of now his voice clips come from the original Satam cartoon. If I can find a voice actor to do original clips...
  17. CobaltBW

    [Reusable] C to Lua: AI Resources 1.0

    This is a resource designed for other AI scripters, and reproduces several functions, constants, and a table that are associated with source code AI behavior. I've also provided a hook within the script which will replace the native C logic with the Lua version of the code. There are a few...
  18. Kirb

    [Reusable] Sonic Paint Blast 3D V2

    draw wathever you want in 3D! (please, just please, don't draw nsfw) Write map ko in console or use the level select to warp to a large white map where you can use your paintbrush! it also works in netgame, and i suggest playing in multiplayer because it supports different skincolors for the...
  19. PencilVoid

    Again v1

  20. CobaltBW

    AddBot 1.2

    This is a utility that allows the server host and/or admins to easily add, remove, and maintain bots on their server. It also comes with settings for allowing other players to do the same, at the server's discretion. botperms - Allows all players to add and remove cooperative-type bots...