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  1. G

    [Open Assets] 3-1-2024 v3124

    3-1-2024 New mod to play, free to play new mod In srb2 mods. Please download. Took long time to make. New mods to be had. Sans worked very hard on it. Don't let him down. He's the next creator. Sans dislikes the concept of open world Sonic games. That's a fun fact. Play the game. Welcome to the...
  2. ArtoMeister

    [Open Assets] Lethal Landmine - A Mine reskin V1

    Yes, that's right! Now you can experience 'Kart in a more lethal manner, by obtaining the Landmine from Lethal Company! These are definitely made by the company and are not stolen property at all. Replaces all the Mine's sprites, also makes it more paintable than before. Replaces the...
  3. ArtoMeister

    [Open Assets] Lethal Company Employee for SRB2Kart V1

    It's time to work once more for the company and prepare for your new racing quota, cause the Employee from Lethal Company joins SRB2Kart! Dash your way through the multiverse of 'Kart and collect any items you can get your grubby hands on, you will need them! Unless you wanna' get karted! But...
  4. VirtualVanto

    [Open Assets] Momentum Thok 1.0

    This script makes the thok scale along with your speed, starting out slow and getting stronger the faster you go. This is meant to make the thok feel more dynamic and easier to use at slower speeds. The thok has a minimum speed of 30 and a max of 55 (Sonic's actionspd in this). Thokking...
  5. Gouldron

    [Open Assets] Vote 1.2

    vote is a flexible and configurable voting system for multiplayer servers, heavily inspired by Xonotic's built-in voting system. it features a wide range of configuration settings and a basic voting dialog with keybinds to make it easy for players to use. usage to cast a vote, use any of the...
  6. Aquavine

    NEO Emerald coast (Original stage, based on E.C concepts)

    Did you ever wonder how a DLC stage for Emerald coast would look like? Well, we may never get a official one, but atleast we can make one ourselves right? And this is a fun quest I made for myself, making a whole brand new act for Emerald coast, while using concepts from original stage, with...
  7. RugratsFan2000

    [Open Assets] Splaat 1

    Splaat from The Klasky Csupo Logo made by hoppingicon.
  8. Aquavine

    [Open Assets] Emerald Coast 1.0.4

    Blast through sandy beaches... and grown over jungles... in this remake of Emerald coast in SRB2! =================================================================== If you play Emerald coast more than it's healthy, but you don't have accsess to Sonic Adventure, or if you preffer to play this...
  9. Gouldron

    [Open Assets] Auto-Jump 1.1

    this is a simple script that enables repeated jumping just by holding down space. this makes some movement tricks much easier to perform, especially combined with sonic's thok: the auto-jump can also be enabled and disabled at any time using the autojump console command, and it also been...
  10. Bluetorch

    Stage Gates 1.2

    This Mod is supposed to be used with UDMF!!!! Binary still works, but you are missing out on features. Stage Gates for SRB2 are Here! Color Changing in Action Also MAP01 is the test map. Finally, I can Hub World inside SRB2. Credits TehRealSalt for Custom Hud Lib...
  11. XtremeXavier

    [Open Assets] Rhinotank v1.1

    Mornin' lads, longtime player finally making a foray into modding. Here's a new badnik: the Rhinotank from Sonic Adventure 1. An ill-tempered bloke who keeps an eye out for intruders, then rams into them horn-first! Big thanks to Logan8r for coding his behaviour in! Footage captured by...
  12. L

    Item API (Items.pk3 v2)

    If you already know Items.pk3, Item API is essentially going to be a remake of it. If you don't, well... you will know eventually, thanks to this thread. I will start with this: 1707561107 1707585078 Very rough inventory UI...
  13. Fyrid19

    [Open Assets] Fyrid's XCell v1.2

    Welcome to the XCell! I've taken the opportunity to remake this mod (Fyromentum) from the ground up, some new abilities and remade visuals. Mod Features Sonic Agility Thok Double jumping will give you a normal thok, though triple jumping will trigger a thok with more upward momentum Holding...
  14. sphere

    Ultimate Zone Builder 0.7c

    For editing binary maps, see the original Zone Builder. While they can technically be loaded in Ultimate Zone Builder, it's strongly discouraged to make any edits, as this will likely break your binary map. Ultimate Zone Builder is a map editor designed specifically for SRB2's UDMF map...
  15. SSNeoMint

    [Open Assets] Chat Voice Effects 1.0

    Chat Voice Effects (CVE) allows custom voice clips using the chat in multiplayer. Here's a list of all of the currently implemented voice clips: "oooooooooo" (Mario) ":O" (A gasp) "XD" (Mutahar laugh) "HA HA!" (The Simpsons) "Are you sure about that?" (John Cena) "EZ" (idk where this is from...
  16. endlessonic

    History Reimagined Demo 2

    Hello there and WELCOME TO SRB2 History Reimagined. An attempt to remake every single stage form SRB2'S Development History. In other words remake every single stage or Scrapped Idea for a stage. And fitting it all into one BIG package for you to play and have fun with. Brought to you by M1STQ...
  17. Spectra

    [Open Assets] SRB2Smash - Alpha v1.0.3

    Disclaimer: This is not the final version of Sonic Robo Smash - it is an old version designed around vanilla srb2's multiplayer Sonic Robo Smash has been widely anticipated by many and we thank you so much for your support! To celebrate nearing it's 5th year indev we've decided to release one...
  18. RitzyJuice885

    [Open Assets] Lose Your Mind v1

    Credit to AceStandard for inspiring this mod: Lose Your Mind adds a Sanity meter to the game! Your Sanity will slowly drain as time goes on, but you can replenish it by collecting Rings! Your screen will start to shake as your sanity reaches critical levels; don't let it get in the red...
  19. Wumbo

    [Open Assets] Steve v2.04

  20. Fyrid19

    [Open Assets] Advance 3 Character Select v1.0

    Now just like advance 3 (kinda), you can select your own team. All the base characters (for now) will give you certain abilities depending on who you choose (gifs are being weird for me so i have to use imgur) Sonic - Boosts your normal speed Tails - Jump factor is increased slightly Knuckles...