group: sonic the hedgehog

  1. CloneFighter

    Clone Fighter's Wacky & Gimmicky Racer Pack v0.1 <20%>

    After a couple days in development, here it is. Clone Fighter's Wacky & Gimmicky Racer Pack NOTICE: This add-on is incomplete. All features are subject to change in the future, and more will be added. For now, though, I can at least present one racer that will definitely be in the pack...
  2. Vaporeon

    Sonic the DashHog

    I'm making a thing and this is what i have so far. relatively soon he'll have sonic 3 sprites.
  3. Fyrid19

    Egg Reverie Flight V1

    So, I was playing as adventure sonic in his super form one day, and I thought "what if I recreated egg reverie flying?" And so I did. It was surprisingly easy actually Jump to fly up and C2 to float down The flying might be a bit slippery, but yeah that's about it. Working on bigger stuff...
  4. NightmareLD

    Best Vanilla Plus Sonic

    In my personal opinion, my definition of Vanilla plus Is a character who uses jump and spin for all their controls and only uses custom buttons for emotes along with extra commands that make them customizable if those characters fill any of these criteria they are Vanilla Plus. In my personal...
  5. Kirb

    Sol emerald form for Sonic and Metal Sonic! V2.0 - added metal sonic and updated the fire form

    this is actually reusable, for some reason the reusable tag won't show up RUSHCHARS SPOILERS AHEAD leave if you didn't collect all the sol emeralds The rushchars mod: im don't have nothing to do with the rushchars' mod development...
  6. Meta_Hedge

    Creepy Quillers Char' Pack V1.1

    (Note: Characters will be released on a consistent monthly basis. Expect on the 30th day of each month for a new character to be released. The 31st day of certain months does not count and in February, characters will be released on the 28th.) SEGA for the Sonic the Hedgehog Title Font...
  7. Nitrojsn

    [Reusable] Rotor the Walrus [Pre Genesis Wave] v1

    Rotor the Walrus joins the race! Color: Lavender Stats: Speed - 4 Weight - 8 As my first submission I'm pretty proud of how this came out. Any feedback or criticism is welcome! As of now his voice clips come from the original Satam cartoon. If I can find a voice actor to do original clips...
  8. PaperMarioTruman

    Working on Mania Sonic.

    This is gonna be the first actual addon I make, and I'm a one man team so this might take a while. Right now I'm getting all of the sprites situated. I plan to include all of the abilities from Mania, including the unlockable ones. That means he'll have Drop Dash, Peelout, and Insta-sheild...
  9. ~Smokey~

    [Reusable] The Epic Hand Pack!! v4.7

    This is my 1st ever character! :knuxsmug: (now into a pack, and also chaos emerald reskins.) (Also, if you don't like this character, don't like it. Even if you are serious.) I made this with effort, I chose double jump for better height, this took 2 days to finish. (I respect your opinion of...
  10. Inazuma

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine 1.2

    Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Sol Emeralds have found themselves in Sonic's dimension once more! As the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, it's up to Blaze to get them all back. This time however, she's not alone! Now more adept than ever at using her powers, Marine teams up with Blaze to...
  11. ~Smokey~


    a NEW working character mod! it will be compatible with the single player character select. I promise. 1647742344 it will take some time to finish, but it will be worth it. 1647745156 it will take some days to finish! so if anyone expects this mod to come out, be ready! 1647795654 the...
  12. 「AxeCrusader」

    Gamma... Car? 1.1

    Excellent! All systems-full power! I'm your brilliant creator, Dr. Robotnik! You're the second of my E-100 model machines. E-102! Code name: Gamma... That was not the intended design... Oh well, that will do. INTRODUCING: Gamma Car Stats: Speed 6, Weight 9 Now go and locate that frog...
  13. Shammah

    Cosmo the Seedrian! [Kart] v1

    Cosmo the Seedrian races her way into SRB2 Kart, while getting ready her proper playable debut in SRB2! Thanks to AuthorSan for providing our special salad lady's voice!
  14. HatsuneZaku

    A Character Pack (Featuring TMNT: Turtles In Time) Pack v1

    While this started as just a single character, now I'm releasing two more- and putting them up in a zip file together. They're being kept as individual wads since I doubt folks would want to run the whole set! The bundle contains: - NEW! Turtle In Time Cowabunga! Inspired by the classic...
  15. Peppermint

    Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models v1.10a

    This model pack was originaly a dreamcast only model pack, but then Heroes Sonic dropped and its now renamed to Pepper-Minted models! Heres some of the models i have made! Dreamcast Sonic Dreamcast Tails The first model of the pack...
  16. Evil Sonic

    Evey's Character Pak! v1.0

    A majority of these characters are commissions, WARNING: Some of them have vulgar language In order of the image from left to right, starting from the top:
  17. Pudim_Abestado

    [Reusable] Retro Sonic 2.0.0

    Do you want to get Nostalgic? This mod is for you! Retro Sonic is the Sonic of Classic games, more specifically Sonic 1 and Sonic CD Although Classic Sonic doesn't speak in modern games, THIS ONE TALKS! ( Jason Griffith's voices were used to be different from SRB2K's Sonic )
  18. Honestyi

    Blossom cup [Software hotfix] V1.2.1

    Here comes blossom cup, a map pack intended to start with an easy one and get progressively harder as they come, race through some Sonic IDW comic locations and a few original ones i came up with. It's been a long time since i planned a few tracks to make, and now decided to take them out of the...
  19. Golden Shine

    [Reusable] Adventure Style Emblems v1

    Features: Turns emblems into Sonic Adventure-style emblems with the SA1 sound and animations. Makes emblems appear and be collectible regardless of being in a modded game or netgame. (Though it still can't unlock anything without custom save+single player shenanigans) Have fun! Extra...
  20. Sinny33

    MugenHunter Nack 1.1

    MugenHunter Nack has finally arrived to SRB2! After a Year and a Half of Development and an SRB2 Mod Direct segment, He's finally here to meet up with his brother Fang.Why did I refer to him as Fang's brother? Well, He comes from a different continuity. He's from the Fighting Game, Freedom...