group: sonic the hedgehog

  1. Emilianomario

    Emiliano's Jerk Collection 1.1

    I did junk for Kart, and now I'm doing junk for this, so I did some minimum presentation efforts: I gave the pack a weird name this time. It's got fellas, little fellas, and a singular color set! ANYway, here's some not-so brief descriptions of everything featured here plus their already...
  2. SorachiJirachi

    Sorachi's Character Pack for Ring Racers v4.1.1

    My SRB2Kart character pack returns for Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers! All 10 of the previous characters I've made for SRB2Kart, from Asha to Item Box, are all accounted for, now driving the new Ring Racers with various improvements, new sprites where necessary, voice volume rebalances, and...
  3. JayMission

    Sonic Character Expansion Pack by JayMission 1.0

    There sure are a lot of Sonic characters, huh? Let's add some more to Ring Racers. Version History 1.0 - First iteration! Adds Scourge and Caliburn. Contents Scourge the Hedgehog Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) #11 (1994) Stats: 9 speed, 3 weight Default Color: Turtle Rivals: Sonic...
  4. Tyonic

    Rift Pack V1.0

    The racing pack from times past is now back on the track with a whole new coat of paint to boot! check the details in this fancy little infograph: (video coming soon) And to the inclusion of followers here's the starting line up, eventually every racer will have an accompanying follower...
  5. KamiJoJo

    Vector the Crocodile v1

    No longer left out of Team Chaotix, Vector inspects his way into the race! The winner's price is up to his expectations, however a sense of suspicion may indicate that Dr. Eggman is the one hosting the Ring Racers Grand Prix. It's up to Vector the Crocodile to race through while jamming to some...
  6. D00D64

    [Open Assets] D00DChars v0.81 0.81

    Okay, so "chars" is a slight misnomer because I only have one for right now, but here's my pack of characters and followers! Currently, we have... - Characters - Rei'sen from Touhou Project! No, not Reisen, Udonge is the other Reisen. This (much more ordinary) Moon Rabbit has been told to...
  7. Bedoop

    Bedoop!pack (Chars + Followers) 4.1

    hello again, again ! i have made more things for you to take to the track! i'm particularly super-duper proud of these ones i think amigo fits right in with the main gang. i hope you enjoy him too !! [3, 1] Amigo - Samba! This party-loving monkey is no stranger to being behind the wheel, and...
  8. Ganbare-Lucifer

    The Ganbare Rapa-Pack! - Ring Racers Edition! v4.1

    Welcome to The Rapa-Pack - Ring Racers Edition! This Pack currently for now has 5 characters to choose from! Burrobot - Sonic The Hedgehog Sp. 6 - Wg. 6 Rivals: Motobug, Caterkiller, Redz Credits: Kart Krew - Caterkiller Sprites Sonic Team Jr. - Crawla Wheels and Pecky Sprites Various Genesis...
  9. MBRedboy31

    Red's Ring Racers Chars 1.4

    Welcome to Red's Chars V1.4! My first ever modpack for any SRB2-based game, I have NINE! characters to check out (with more to come!) Featuring: Buizel, from Pokémon! (same stats as Blaze) Kanga Clanga, from Sonic Superstars! (same stats as Aigis) Unikitty, from The LEGO Movie! (same stats...
  10. Omnix

    Omnix Pack v1.0.1! 1.0.1

    It's Omnix time! Now in Ring Racers! A map pack that everybody can enjoy! Featuring right now only 1 race map. Race map Changelog Known Issues Special Thanks
  11. Chengi

    Chengi's Character Pack: Ring Racers Edition (V3) v3

    The continuation of my efforts to stick a bunch of video game/anime/whatever characters into tiny vehicles, only this time there's rings involved. Sonic is there, too. CURRENT CHARACTERS: Dex (Original Character) Sonic (SA2 Ver.) - Sonic the Hedgehog Haruka Amami - The iDOLM@STER Rena Ryuugu -...
  12. Spazcakes

    Spazcakes' Character Pack 1.0

    After much procrastination, I've got a character pack to share! From favorite games n' cartoons of mine to random requests n' commissions from friends, these characters can come from anywhere! It's an assortment of nonsense where I and others were like, "What if so-and-so was a racer?" There's...
  13. The Average Jay

    Just The Average Character Pack v1.0

    Hey There!! I'm Jay and I welcome you to... Featuring a cast with a new coat of paint!! The CAST in Question: Tails Doll - Arto Ristar Font - SEGA Cool People - BoomberDaCat, Arcadenblog, and Arto Stay safe and stay positive everyone!!
  14. klasky

    [Open Assets] EHZHangout

    klasky submitted a new resource: EHZHangout - A small hangout level pack, what else? Read more about this resource...
  15. klasky

    [Open Assets] EHZHangout v17.1

    EHZHangout is a level pack that my old friend, Starshy made back in 2019 and I took over in 2022. Originally, it was just Emerald Hill (and it wasn't even called that originally), but then later he made Cosomania aswell, and those two together became a small level pack. Later, Bluelight made a...
  16. Red The Hedgehog1234

    Red The Hedgehog Blasts from Sonic Pulse into Srb2(coming soon)

    i am gonna make my first character on slade , here's how my oc looks like 1709782133 up for any advice too 1709782263 and he also has super forms 1709782306 his first form is called Super Blue 1709782356 his second form is called death 1709782441 and finally Red using 100% percent of his...
  17. Idk what to put bruh

    What do you think of the Soap shoes?

    What is your opinion on the soap shoes, the shoes Sonic wears in adventure 2? Personally i like them, they have this modern and cool style that makes them unique, using original sonic shoes prime color: red, white and yellow. Even tho, they aren't flawless, with their biggest issue to me: the...
  18. Destructor X50000

    what is the program used to add the 3d models to the game?

    I recently started a project... MECHACHARS modelos 3d (en proceso ) and it would help me if you could tell me which is the program.
  19. Destructor X50000

    MECHA CHARS 3d models (in progress)

    The 3d models of the mecha characters, by Mr Heck! MechaChars 1.6.1 Beta Mecha Sonic ...
  20. mr_someone

    mr someones art thread.

    Place where i mostly just post what ever art im doing, this isn't just for me though, as multiple other people can post stuff here. 1707089860 haiii 1707090107