group: sonic the hedgehog

  1. Spamitex

    Hopper the Jackalope 1.0

    The Tyrannical Princess of South Island has arrived, Hopper the Jackalope! She already knows she’s the greatest at everything, but she’ll declare victory on the track as well. Stats: Speed; 7 Weight; 6 But that's not all for this jackalope! Oh but that’s not all, for she even has...
  2. wat_newby3

    Sonic Forces (Lost Valley Demo) V1.0

    Green Hills lookin' a lot more like sand hill right now Hey wait, where are you going? Hey gang, its me, gamerboy8000 showing you Sonic Forces (With better level design (Not that i had a problem with it (I dont have good opinions) ) ) Uhhhh yeah probably not going to do much with this, might...
  3. SomeSRB2modder

    XLR some things

    so i was wanted to do a SA sonic mod but not like Dreamcast sonic and adventure sonic this sonic from ONLY 1 GAME that is SA1 so here some NEW and OLD sprites 1679256303 slow progress
  4. EarlessSonicIsBased

    Emerald Coast recreation (half complete)

    An attempt at recreating emerald coast from sonic adventure. This version is incomplete, i`m just looking for tips and criticism to help me improve it since this is my first map and i'm not gonna know everything. (The map is mapec, but for some reason it says that it can't be entered in...
  5. Pacola

    Sonic's Schoolhouse HUD v1

    Hey there! This is the Sonic's Schoolhouse HUD (with some extra features for a platforming game). So... You may be wondering, "But what does each thing on my screen mean?", and for that i have... That may be all. Thanks for probably downloading this, and go do some learning (or not)!
  6. SomeSRB2modder

    MobianBF (W.I.P)

    the biggest rap in the world now in world of SRB2 no is with his mod in WIP so is not complete at all but hese some sneak peaks of BF (no i will not add other character if u want them do yourself) 1678441385 W.I.P
  7. Semechko

    Riders Sonic v1.1

    3, 2, 1, GO! Sonic forgot that he have a Hoverboard, so I reminded him about it. Plus, now hoverboard can change colors! recommended - Blueberry I hope you'll like it, see you on the race! I used this template for sprites P.s. you can text me for suggestions, this mod may get updated.
  8. Muffin kid from Brazil

    Jeck jims model inspired but in my take! v1

    This pack in the moment just have noob The badnik's (that are in progress) gonna look like more 2006 versions of srb2 What i need to complete (add the sword and super anim to noob) You can find wip textures while seing the files Revamp Noob leak!?!?!??
  9. Voidy2246

    [Open Assets] VoidyChars (Now With Motobug!) 1.0

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... BOYS AND GIRLS... ONE AND ALL... AFTER ALL THIS TIME, IT IS WITH GREAT HONOR TO PRESENT TO YOU: What originally started out as me wanting to bring a waifu into SRB2, now turns into a magnum opus of both my art skills and my coding knowledge. Whether you like strolling...
  10. Art4LifeGaming

    [Open Assets] Sonic Frontiers Styled Hud V 2.0

    This mod replaces some of Sonic Robo Blast 2's GUI with a Sonic Frontiers Styled HUD. The mod only applies to the GUI in normal levels as of right now though. Also, compatibility with Modern Sonic, replacing the boost gauge with 3 Frontiers styled ones, depending on which one you download...
  11. Pogofenn

    Metallix [Super Mario Bros Z] v1

    Metallix from Super Mario Bros. Z is here to crush the competition! His stats are 9 speed and 9 weight, making him quite a threat on the track. Character originally by Mark Haynes (Alvin Earthworm)
  12. L

    Time Warp Signs v1.2

    In Sonic CD, one of its main selling points was the ability to time travel. Whenever I play a map, I can't help but wonder... Wouldn't it be nice for this map to have some sort of alternate version? Then this came to mind. With that, I present to you the Time Warp signs from Sonic CD! How do...
  13. BuggieTheBug

    Team New (Released)

    Hello, its me. You probably know Sonic New, Latest Edition and waiting for "Tails New". Well good news! He is done but isnt coming yet. Instead of releasing them separetly im gonna a team where theres a a pack of 3. But you might have noticed that knux and tails have an extra button. And because...
  14. darkpurplesonic

    What is the Subtitle Text Font for the Cutscenes of Sonic Adventure?

    I am making a sonic parody "Choose Your own Adventure" Type of video/series for YouTube. I wanna put subtitles from sonic adventure on the video itself but there's one problem... I Don't Know the Font's Name.Tried Searching it up so I could figure it out myself but all I got was
  15. Query

    Belle the Tinkerer! (IDW) 1.0

    Gears and starters! It's Belle the Tinkerer from the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW comics! With 3 speed and 6 weight, she's got average control but can catch up quick. I initially finished this addon around May of 2022, but forgot to include voicelines in my first submission and never got around to...
  16. BrianFan

    Hidden Palace Hangout

    BrianFan submitted a new resource: Hidden Palace Hangout - Sonic 2 themed Hangout map Read more about this resource...
  17. BrianFan

    Hidden Palace Hangout 1.0.0

    This is Hidden Palace Hangout! A Scrapped Sonic 2 Level themed Hangout map! Credits: SRB2 Apologue by sluggard MIDIs by VGMusic Sprites by Spriters Resource
  18. Frostiikin

    [Open Assets] Day/Night Cycle 1.0

    Uhhhh... Happy new years, or something. Huge thanks to Fav for creating this trailer for me. So... Yeah. I took WAY too long to finish this, especially given how all that was really needed to be done after the direct aired was about half an hour's worth of work on my end... But uh, it's here...
  19. Golbats

    EXE 1.0

    After a year and a half of me playing SRB2K, I've finally made my first mod, EXE. After all the drama surrounding Revie (the creator of EXE), both her and EXE faded away for a good while. However, over the last couple of months, EXE has returned and I finally realised that it was time to make...
  20. M

    Prime Sonic W.i.p

    Hadn't seen anybody get started on this so I decided to, here is the blue blur I just gotten started on it yesterday so bear with me also I tried to mimic the quill texture that they did to Sonic's model as well. give me tips and stuff and this contains 0 spoilers as well.