group: sonic the hedgehog

  1. Sol

    Sir Percival, Knight of the Grail 1.0.0

    Note: This character wasn't made by me, it was a commission I sent to the talented Evil Sonic! (@EveyWorlds on Twitter) who gave me the permission to post this here. "I am Percival, Knight of the Round Table and Knight of the Grail. Fealty to the king is the one and true way of chivalry. My...
  2. Mari0shi06

    Custom Plushie Mod 1.2

    Bored and want to do something low-effort yet fun? Using this mod, you can create your very own Plushie Skin! Each plushie is stored in one skin, and can be changes using the plushie command. Example Link: L_SonicPlush-v1.wad Some Notes: The main PK3 file for this mod is not reusable, load...
  3. antonretrojr

    [Reusable] Ring Spark Field v1.1

    As soon as I saw Icezer's V.Maximum Overdrive, I just felt like I needed to do this. So here we are: Ring Spark Field Returning from Sonic CD, quote: Strobing red/blue, with sparks crackling around him, Metal is certainly dangerous for anything and anyone in its way. You can activate the...
  4. AmeixaRoxa

    [Reusable] AmeixaRoxa's Custom Character Pack [v1.1] 1.1

    So I decided to make some of the more obscure Sonic characters into custom racers for SRB2 Kart. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters included in the pack...
  5. Dee

    [Reusable] Dee's Doodle Character Pack! 1.0

    Dee (now basically a kart character maker) presents: Dee's Doodle Pack! These well known characters were remade in my "doodle" artstyle! plus i'm not very good at pixel art so Here are the racers! Link: Very light and slow character with great acceleration and handing. Uses Toon Link's voice...
  6. pobert-eii

    Sonic CD

    BACKSTORY: Since the last time anyone tried making a thread ended with one of the dumbest reasons and justifications ever, I feel that after almost 28 years this little curiosity in Sonic's line of games deserves some needed discussion rather than be shut down. AH YES, Sonic CD. Originally one...
  7. Sketch Whitehead

    Sketch's Mixed Bag of Goods Version 1.0

    A mish-mash of some of my favorite characters! CHARACTERS UPDATES - VERSION 1.0 - Initial release!
  8. Terra

    Bean the Dynamite 1.0

    Bean the Dynamite explodes into SRB2! While he can't jump on enemies to deal damage, he can use a variety of explosives such as bombs, or three bombs (whoa!) and propel himself using their explosions! These can be thrown on the ground or in the air by tapping spin, or by double jumping with a...
  9. Honestyi

    Honestyi's Character Pack [Goose causes a ruckus!] 3.0

    Hi there! My name is Honestyi and this is my pack of random characters, why the randomness you ask? Well, because i have no standard on which character i'll do next whatsoever so i end up doing things that i like or that i think people will like. Anyway i hope you enjoy my job! The characters...
  10. antonretrojr

    GET BLUE SPHERES! S3K style!

    A lot of things are happening lmoa I can't even keep track of how many projects are still hyped up for. Either way... It is time to go Time Stone graphics not included. That is right, I am planning to make a Blue Spheres special stages mod, replacing 2.0's stages in Multiplayer with good ol'...
  11. EthanTheStrange

    Mini sonic beta

    Here are some photos. 1617899670 Haven't gotten all the spirited done
  12. SCharged

    SA2 or Sonic Heroes

    This question was based off of the Cybershell and LS Mark debate. In my opinion, I think that both games are good but what do you think?
  13. light dasher

    Honey The Cat

    light dasher submitted a new resource: Honey The Cat - Honey the Cat from Sonic Fighters is here! Read more about this resource...
  14. light dasher

    Honey The Cat 1.0

    HONEY THE CAT Well well well, what do we have here? Honey The Cat is back! After 9 years months of development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait! Honey the Cat is an agile character, made with a Sonic Battlemod first mindset, but that's not to say she's unplayable in vanilla game...
  15. Iceberg

    Saturn Dreams model pack V1.3

    Saturn Dreams is a model pack I've been developing in my free time, for fun. I've tried to follow a low poly style, inspired from the Saturn games [specifically Sonic R and Sonic Jam], but with differences, and doing textures with a pixel art style. The designs were based on the...
  16. HattyBoyo

    Hatty's Character Pack v1.0 1.0

    A small collection of SRB2Kart racers I've been working on from.. not many varying franchises (For Now) 3 new faces and 1 oldie with no resprite yet CHARACTERS: Thanks to KíbitoÁyame and Marsh for the spriting assistance with Robo/Mecha Sonic And to the whole Galactic Team for Tunnel
  17. Blacknide

    Blacknide's Mania Feet Sonic MD3

    This Mania Sonic MD3 is for Feet Sonic. He also does some his poses from Sonic Mania like seen on above!
  18. Jeck Jims

    Jeck Jims' SRB2Kart 3D DLC v2.1 Community Contributions and more SEGA!

    v2.1 Community Contributions and more SEGA! Just as with Kart's official download, KDLC is now all in md3 model formatting. With this change, most racers have gotten a 10% size increase As of 06/11/19: we now have a substantial amount of contributions from community members including a large...
  19. Tyonic

    Community Models + [V2] 2

    This is more so a side project from my main two kart mods and something i've had recent fun in doing so. Community Models + is a model expansion pack that aims to give support to various Community made kart characters mdl support over time. it is not expected every character will get a model...
  20. ThatAzazelFire

    Azazel's New SRB2Kart Models v2.1

    AZAZEL'S MODEL COLLECTION I am now creating Models for various things that lack Models. the obvious one being Advendure characters and my own content, but the other Models could be possibly anything that isn't modeled by Jeck* *If it's not in KDLC it's fair game** **Other Kart Model packs such...