Sonic, Tails, and Metal Sonic ditch their karts and go on foot, showing everybody else what they're really capable of!
SRB2 Chars features physics and abilities from Kart's source game, Sonic Robo Blast 2! With Lua ports of the jump, thok, flight, dashmode, float, spin, and spindash from its source code, this mod is made to be as accurate as possible to the source material.*


Press Brake to fling yourself upwards to new heights and discover new areas that weren't accessible before! Just like in SRB2, you can cut your jump short by letting go of the button early.


It's Sonic's signature, and also infamous, ability from SRB2! Press Brake again after jumping to lunge yourself forward in whatever direction you're facing. It's almost like infinite sneakers for free! By default the Thok aims to wherever you input, but this can be changed to where the camera is facing via the srb2style command.


Using his twin tails as a propeller, Tails can fly up into the air! Use this ability to skip large portions of levels, or to keep your spindash/sneaker momentum going! You can also swim underwater in the same fashion.


Metal Sonic uses his jet propulsion to increase his max speed as you run or spindash! Careful though, if you bump into a wall or get hit, you'll lose the speed boost you've gained. You can also press and hold jump in the air to float over any obstacle on the track!


Press Drift to curl up into a ball. You may have less control in this form, but you get extra speed from going down slopes!


Press and hold Drift to start revving up in a ball form, and let go to blast off! How long you hold the button for determines how strong the speed boost will be. You can also charge up a spindash during the race countdown!


Unlike with other characters in this game, SRB2 Chars allow you to move and control your camera independently! Press Custom 1 to rotate the camera right, and Custom 2 to rotate the camera left. In Simple mode, pressing Custom 3 will center the camera, and holding it make you strafe! If you don't like having to move the camera separately from the characters, just use the srb2style command and set your control style to Classic for the ultimate tank control experience!


In situations where you'd normally spin out, you'll get knocked back instead, losing rings and whatever item you have! Pick it back up quick before somebody else can steal it!


Press Drift after jumping with a shield to perform its shield ability! You can only use the Lightning Shield's double jump currently, but expect compatibility in the future with SRB2Kart v2's new shields!


Jump or spin into other players to damage them like they're badniks! Cheat not only in races, but in battles as well!


Combine your moves together to take never before possible shortcuts, and demolish the competition!

*As accurate as possible does not mean 100% accurate, as there are still some inaccuracies due to hardcoded behaviors that are impossible to work around. Despite this, I still hope you enjoy these characters!
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Latest reviews

Temporarily killed a friendship arguing about whether or not Kart V.S. Char would be fair without jumping due to the Char's lack of drifting yet special moving style. Incredible mod, would mess around with again.
SMS Alfredo
SMS Alfredo
Without jumping, I bet Metal Sonic could still easily beat you with dash mode. The others...not so much.
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an amazing mod, which properly ports the srb2 controls to the srb2k control. one question though, since this is reusable, does that mean you can just put custom characters such as surge or modern into the game?
SMS Alfredo
SMS Alfredo
Yes, but since Surge and Modern aren't reusable, you'll still need permission to port them.
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I love this mod. metal sonic and tails completely break any map with any elevation, if you're looking for a great time with friends play as metal sonic on mksc rainbow road, jump, skip and soar like a competition-killing fun-blasting robot bird. me and my friends had a great time with this mod and is a must have for a good time, thank you SO much for this character.

here's a discord gif showing how truly broken metal sonic is
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THIS IS OP! 10/10
Upvote 1
my goodness gracious
this is surprisingly accurate
you deserve a 5 star
Upvote 1
Cool ! Just can you make Custom Charaters ?
Upvote 1
my god its brilliant PS can you do fang and amy?
Upvote 3
This is an excellent mod. It almost feels like Sonic R with the racetracks and the characters on foot. That's a compliment, by the way. It's a shame that you can't play Record Attack with these characters, but this is an otherwise near-perfect experience!
Upvote 2
Holy shit you madlad, you just ported three characters of SRB2 into Kart, here, you deserve this 5 stars, awesome job SMS Alfredo.
Upvote 7
This is incredibly accurate and now with tails and metal you can break levels in even more broken ways
Upvote 2