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  1. H

    Hilda In SRB2!

    One of the characters i would love to see as a addon in this game, is Hilda from the netflix show known as "Hilda" She's one of my favorite cartoon characters from netflix, and i want to see a pretty interesting addon where you play as her. These are the things that i would like to see on her...
  2. PMR

    Major And Minor (M&M) Tweaks v1.1

    This tweak mod is very straight-to-the-point with everything, so I won't ramble on too long. So I've always thought SRB2 kinda cuts a few corners, like only having a subtitle in Dream Hill Zone and nowhere else, Red Volcano Zone having only one act yet still displays the act number (yes, I know...
  3. ~Smokey~

    Smokey's (JOKE) HUD v1

    april fools joke hud funny its april please funny (mod edit: parts of hud from the reusable SonicX8000's huds, please remember to credit reusable resources next time)
  4. Meta_Hedge

    Creepy Quillers Char' Pack V1.4

    (Note: Characters will be released on a consistent monthly basis. Expect on the 30th day of each month for a new character to be released. The 31st day of certain months does not count. However, at the end of February, characters will be released 28th.) Main Author / Main Artist...
  5. S


    okay so when I try to play the earliest version on the site, it says that I'm missing a "CNCS32.dll" file, anyone have the original? 1646873206 Same goes with SRB2 TGF
  6. S

    Quick Question

    so is there a heroes mod? if so please link me it
  7. Icy Needlemouse

    Ness in Sonic Robo Blast 2! (Work in progress)

    Yes it's Ness, from Earthbound/Mother 2 I'm still kind of looking for an lua coder for this mod. But I've still got some move, ideas for him... uhh that's all lol
  8. H

    Need Help with OpenGL

    So I tried to use RTX software on the game and the frames dropped tremendously. I didn't know what to do so I deleted some files and my SRB2 can't render the game in OpenGL. I need help from anyone who knows. Thanks and have a great night.
  9. SinOrejas293

    Sprites and sound not showing correctly?

    Hello. I am SinOrejas293, and i'm new to SRB2 Modding. i've was trying to make an Add-On that replaced Rings by Chili Dogs. I've made a sprite, and read things about SOCs and Objects. Made an .txt file with the information necessary for this sprite replacing Rings with a proper Meme sound. When...
  10. Icy Needlemouse

    Icy The Fox In Srb2 sprite leak!

    Ok so I've been gone for a while... working on some sprites for a few days now and I've decided to leak it lol.... Anyway, here it is! (Also working on my shading skills to match the srb2 style.)
  11. Sinny33

    MugenHunter Nack 1.1

    MugenHunter Nack has finally arrived to SRB2! After a Year and a Half of Development and an SRB2 Mod Direct segment, He's finally here to meet up with his brother Fang.Why did I refer to him as Fang's brother? Well, He comes from a different continuity. He's from the Fighting Game, Freedom...
  12. C

    How can I turn the camera and run without it resetting?

    Hello everybody, I have been having this problem for quite sometime and I couldn't figure it out, I tried asking others and some of them don't even know. This is something I need help with real quick because soon I am gonna be making my own sonic channel and I need to have everything setup in my...
  13. C

    How to have characters Side by Side on Youtube Thumbnails? (SRB2)

    Hello so I am new on the message board so please correct me if I am wrong posting her but I just wanted to discuss something that I am greatly needed some help with. So soon I am gonna be making my own sonic channel and I wanna start on the game srb2 first but my problem is that Idk how people...
  14. VentureSonic

    (Circuit) Bemired Citadel Zone v1.1

    Think of this as fulfilling my promise of remaking circuit maps long ago. Bemired Citadel Zone is a murky reimagining of the old Toxic Citadel Zone, with all new depth and variety brought about by its new 2.2-esque makeover. There are many twist and turns along the way on this map, don't fall...
  15. PHITHGOD24

    the god works in progress!

    i working on a mod called the god! sonic god and god tails and god knuckles and god amy and? ok here are the shots and can god1 can homing thok and god2 will fly coming soon to srb2 mb!
  16. Voidy2246

    [Reusable] VoidyChars 1.2

    Hey there! It's Voidy! Looks like the time has come to bundle in my colorful cast of characters into this convenient one-stop shop of a pk3. Let's see who on the roster! FL Studio Chan (3, 6): Being the adorable anime mascot of Image-Line's FL Studio, my girl right here started off my whole...
  17. Macholor

    Cman : Work in Progress

    Development has been going on for Cman! Cman has to be the biggest projects I'm working on for SRB2! And I am very excited to show you content for Cman 4.0! With these small sneek peaks! And also great work with @SupaCustardbro for coding! And of course @Latius and more for helping with the...
  18. Shadow Fangame 2322

    Shadow Fangame 2322's WIPs

    Not mod sprites and walk
  19. Suit

    SRB2 uncovered stuff thread

    A friend of mine Vertz1515 Got SRB1.5 files from SSNTails, set them up to run in an .exe, And I was able to play through the entirety of it in this Video, I play through what I can access in a reasonable amount of time. Read the description on the video for more info.
  20. ⭐BrightEmerald⭐

    Speedy's OC Mod.

    Hello! Welcome to My Mod OC Thread! His name is Bolt! Here is a photo. His Abilities: Ground Dash Hold custom 1 to charge. Release it to dash forward super fast! Homing attack It's just the modern homing attack. (Not being worked on YET) That's all for now...