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  1. thesrb2fan12

    Anyone know how i can make a custom command

    i have been wondering how i can do this it could help me with some more config options for my mod
  2. thesrb2fan12

    The SRB2 Workshop Situation just got worse

    So I was just looking up some mods on my school Chromebook when all of a sudden I see some mods on the SRB2 Workshop that their names seem all too familiar and don't sound like they weren't released here turns out THEY ARE NOW POSTING RELEASED MODS ON THE SRB2 WORKSHOP Meaning that their...
  3. metalharbor

    Sonic and the Gunslinger 2023-10-29

    Howdy pardner. I'm Fang...Fang the Sniper. I'm a bounty hunter, and I happen to have found myself in this here book of Wild West frontier myths. Right now, I'm heading into town to meet my least favorite client. It's been a long journey and there's more ahead. Want to come with? Course you...
  4. DolphinCube

    Sonic3K Elemental Shield Spawner Version 1

    This took me a while to make. Even though Its REALLY simple. Mostly because I suck at coding If you ever played any of the Extra Zones in SRB2. You have prob seen the Sonic 3K Elemental Shields. Which they are pretty cool to use. But they are NOT in the campain itself. This mod fixes that Just...
  5. Jaylenwastaken

    [Open Assets] Custom Player Death V1

    Ever wanted to die in style? No? too bad now you can This is a simple death mod that makes it more dynamic happy dying!
  6. TunaTailsRealNoFake

    How to host a Worldwide Server without portforwarding, How to join a SRB2 Worldwide Server that didn't port forward!

    Hey! Do you want to play SRB2 with your friends, but don't know how? I know how, (thank you, SRB2Fan!) but it might be tedious. So, it might be hard. So, here we go! Step 1; Contacting/Inviting. SO: Just contact someone with his social media, in my case, It is easy if you are...
  7. Metal Snick Productions

    W.I.P An Ordinary SRB2 Mod Build.

    A Public build of a mod im working on. This mod is still very wip so thats why not much is here. Credits to Kirb for the OG mod / and also Sonic Retro for even having this exist. Download is in a different place due to it being too large for me to...
  8. Metal Snick Productions

    [Open Assets] Sonic Retro Styled Splash Screen 1.2

    Basically just a (kind of) customizable sonic retro splash screen. Its pretty simple to use. There are 4 Splash Screens you can use in the files, and 3 music tracks you can use. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, you can use this for ANY SRB2 mod, if you want some kind of blank version of this for...
  9. Kromos Ruby

    Kromos & Drakira's Definitive Classic Pack Definitive Classic Pack 5.1.0 !

    Definitive Classic Pack 5.0.0 ! ░░▒▒▓SRB2 Mod▓▒▒░░ ❏md3 file ❏Texture ❏Blend Texture HOW TO INSTALL: ░░▒▒▓PC VERSION▓▒▒░░ 💿PC▶Place content in SRB2 folder ▶Extract ▶Cut "KD_DC_PACK" folder ▶ Paste in "models" folder. ░░▒▒▓Android VERSION▓▒▒░░ 📜We will be keeping...
  10. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Open Assets] Whirlwind Slowfall Passive 1.1

    If you have the Whirlwind Shield, when you are falling, your gravity is decreased.
  11. Dcreator builder

    EGGdoomsday v1.2

  12. Nexus_Furry

    random post thing

    1688842530 the gif didn't load :/ 1688842617 context since gif wasn't there: i was in the srb2 past musem and the bot character started jumping at all the badniks in the area
  13. SanikSpeedyBoi

    Sconey the Hinkhonk WIP Thread

    So... I did another one.
  14. Cheeseboi!

    Cheeseboi's Goofy Server!

    I HAVE A SERVER!!!!1! -How to get onto Cheeseboi's Server (If it's up)- Open the latest version of SRB2. (Duh.) Go to multiplayer. under "Specify IPV4 address" type BOOM! You're on my server!
  15. Cheeseboi!

    [Open Assets] The Power Thok 1

    Ever thought the thok was too simple? No? Too bad. Now it’s not. Here’s the power thok. -How to use the power thok- Press jump twice near an enemy to home onto it. Press jump twice With no enemies near to jumpthok. You can homing thok after a jump thok! This only took like an hour to make...
  16. Mr. Starman

    JojahnRevival/Jonah 1.0.0

    Looks like JojahnRevival is back in another adventure in 3D! Meet the mascot of the scratch account itself, Johan! He can run on water, and run super fast! He can also homing attack!
  17. VanillaSRB2


    wait... how do i make a post again? oh nvm hey guys, hows srb2 been doing? i haven't been active since *checks time* oh shit any big updates?
  18. ~Smokey~

    2.1 Emeralds Reborn v1

    WARNING: This mod will ONLY change the emeralds, and it will trigger the game is modified thing idk what its actually called. (edit: you can now play with mods from 2.2.12+, enjoy!) anyways, have a good day. Stuff that changed More colorful version??!? Thats right, there is a colorful...
  19. R

    Have you made fake leaks using SRB2?

    This also applies to fake commercials from 1994-2006 and trailers using SRB2.
  20. R

    Srb2 Glitch mod

    How do I make and SRB2 Glitch mod similar to Sonic 06 or Sonic Boom? (and what are your thoughts on the idea?)