group: sonic robo blast

  1. SuperPhanto

    The Games Factory Sonic (AKA Earless HD) Version 1

    The Games Factory Sonic is back, hailing from the distant past of the late 90s! He should play just like you remember him playing way back then! -Situational Higher Gravity- TGF Sonic has higher gravity when he jumps, but ONLY when he jumps. If he walks off a ledge, or uses a spring, his...
  2. Basic Bronze Sonic

    How to change game save data for Android

    Alright well it's not like anyone will dig deep for the original thread so might as well repost it here. alright so let's acknowledge something first. cheating may not be okay but there is no way anyone can 100% srb2 on Android, but still don't do stuff like hack the master server because that...
  3. Tyonic

    Community Models + [V2] 2

    This is more so a side project from my main two kart mods and something i've had recent fun in doing so. Community Models + is a model expansion pack that aims to give support to various Community made kart characters mdl support over time. it is not expected every character will get a model...
  4. ThatAzazelFire

    Azazel's New SRB2Kart Models v2.1

    AZAZEL'S MODEL COLLECTION I am now creating Models for various things that lack Models. the obvious one being Advendure characters and my own content, but the other Models could be possibly anything that isn't modeled by Jeck* *If it's not in KDLC it's fair game** **Other Kart Model packs such...
  5. Pyro & Sunky

    Knothole Base Zone (SRB1)

    Hello, this is my second public wad! It's a battle map inspired in Knothole Base from SRB1. I gotta say, the map is pretty small and there's still some errors. So if you find any bugs in the map be sure to write a comment and I'll try to fix it.
  6. SMS Alfredo

    [Reusable] SRB2 Chars v2

    Sonic, Tails, and Metal Sonic ditch their karts and go on foot, showing everybody else what they're really capable of! SRB2 Chars features physics and abilities from Kart's source game, Sonic Robo Blast 2! With Lua ports of the jump, thok, flight, dashmode, float, spin, and spindash from its...
  7. DaJumpJump

    EarlessR v1.3f

    After taking on after the RingSattalite (and getting a drivers license), he's come back for a race! Stats
  8. Superjustinbros

    [Reusable] SJBCP 2.5 - Droll Scenario 2.5

    Since more character packs have been releasing lately for SRB2kart thanks to the increased character limit in servers, I figured I’d publish mine that I’ve been using for quite some time. Track source: Chengi's Track Attack Pack by Chengi This is every (usable) character that I’ve created...
  9. D00D64

    [Reusable] Espibee the SPB! v1

    Chasing people in a T-Pose just ain't as satisfying as a standard race sometimes, so feeling the need to stoop to the other racers' level, Espibee joins the race herself! As she drives, she also has her self-propelled ring around her. It has no effect on gameplay (as it would be quite unfair if...
  10. MatePerrents

    Mate's Deformed Pack PLUS! Cartoon R Pack (Only Sonic) 2021-03-23

    Hello bois Uhh...I am remading the entire pack, only sonic for now.
  11. sonc

    Could you look at that, another model pack! -- Sonc's model pack

    ---Hello!--- ---Welcome to my SRB2 model pack!--- Here we will see several characters of several sizes all together in a 3D fashion, made by yours truly. As of right now there isn't a lot, but hopefully there will be more and more later on. ---How to set up the models--- The instructions...
  12. SuperPhanto

    SuperPhanto's Models of varying originality (v1.4)

    I have decided to merge all the models that I have already released into one pack, and add to it instead of releasing a ton of these things. The old threads will be kept for archival purposes, but they will not be updated. To install, drag and drop the PHANTO folder into the models...
  13. Cd_

    Cd's Mixed Models

    Hello I made a Mixed Model Pack The Character's Included are: Junio Sonic Neo Sonic Skip Earless Ray Sonic (2 models) To have them work add or replace: SONIC LOW/UT.md3 6.5 0.0 (or SONIC LOW/CLASSIC.md3 3.0 0.0) JUNIOSONIC LOW/JUNIO.md3 6.5 0.0 EARLESS LOW/EAR.md3 7.0 0.0 EARLESSREDO...
  14. Sz_

    Feet Sonic v1.7

    One day, Sonic thought to himself: Why would I race driving a kart while i can run with my feet instead? And that brings us to this character mod! In this mod, we feature Sonic, which runs on his feet! He has standing, walking, running, jumping and dying expressions all based on what's he...
  15. frozenLake

    [Reusable] Offroad Crawla

    Some Crawla may be "OK" with having their precious treads removed, replacing them with "Regulation Wheels". This Crawla, however, goes against all regulations, driving proud with his incredibly heavy tank treads intact, allowing him to drive over Grass, Dirt, Sand, or Snow, without being...
  16. Icezer

    [Reusable] 2.2 Crawla

    This all started when I wanted to make my own kart stuff. I thought "Let's start with something simple!" This took a week. I present: 2.2 Kart Crawla! Let's get right to what he's got. - Inspired by the original Kart Crawla, this badnik has got some beefy wheels. They've also got a new...
  17. FAVman33

    Deton [Kart] 1.1

    We had to strip Deton of his limbs while racing, don't ask why. However, we here at DetonInc™ have repurposed this Deton model to hover indefinitely, to accommodate for the removal of his limbs. Explosions not included. not really much else to say. enjoy.
  18. sonc

    SRB1 Sonic

    Is the one who started it all... our favorite Sonic desing, he don't even need ears to hear! The only, and one: SRB1 SONIC!!! Speed: 6 Weight: 9 Since he is from SRB1, he has Good speed, but his handling is very bad well, i have nothing else to say, is just SRB1 Sonic in a Car. Enjoy!
  19. DeltaSanic

    [Reusable] SRB1 Crawla Returns!

    Coming all the way from Knothole Base Zone.... Appears Crawla-1S, The first Era 1 Crawla to be produced in over 20 years! Nicknamed "Red" and with a slight temper, he's on the spot to get Sonic, like any other Crawla, but for him, it's in a kart race. with a Speed: 8 and a Weight: 6 He's...
  20. Dimpsuu

    Dimpsuu's Kart Pack (RC.9 PRIME/MISFITS UPDATE)

    The Dimpsuu- Kart Pack Now that v1.0.2 is out, and .pk3 file types are supported I figured this would be a good opportunity to just re-release a bunch of my standard kart wads under a pack which should make it easier to load them for servers. This includes 7 characters that were already...