srb2kart v1.x

  1. Titou

    [Reusable] Powerlap v1

    This is a Kart mod that gives a powerup every lap you pass The concept is simple, each lap you cross will roll a second roulette under your item slot and gives you a variety of powerups. The powerups are splitted into 3 categories: With yellow borders (manual): those ones can be used with the...
  2. Cherrysan

    MK64 Mario Raceway 1.0

    MK64 Mario Raceway The classic track from Mario Kart 64 rushes into SRB2Kart! Though it's changed a bit since the N64 era-a couple flowers blooming, some more trees-it's still the same raceway many have come to know and love. A highlight of this course is our good friend Lakitu supervising...
  3. Evil Sonic

    Evey's Character Pak! v1.0

    A majority of these characters are commissions, WARNING: Some of them have vulgar language In order of the image from left to right, starting from the top:
  4. NuclearBoi

    Clobbo The Squid 1.2

    My first SRB2K character mod. OC by NuclearBoi Since I learned to use Blender I also gave him the 3D treatment. Voice acting is done by my friend Aiden G. Please credit when modding or reusing.
  5. Miguelius256

    Tee from Puyo Puyo Tetris 1.1

    Tee from Puyo Puyo Tetris spins into victory!! Tee, a character that I took long to make, finally joins the day at the races. This is also my first character to make and I had a lot of fun making it. Character stats: Speed: 7 Weight: 4

    Windows 98 hud v1.0

    A basic client side mod that I made for fun, meant to look like the explorer windows from win 98. Bottom left hud changes color depending on your palette in battle mode ----------------------------------------- Please keep note that this hud is meant to be more for vanilla battles and racing...
  7. Whispfest

    [Reusable] Avery the Slimy Person 1.0

    Avery finally debuts as a Kart character, and she's sure ready to get out on the track! Sporting the stats of 6 speed and 3 weight, her trusty beanie and glasses, she's gonna teach the other racers a thing or two! Due to not having any arms (she's literally made of slime), she uses her hair to...
  8. Snomvish

    [Reusable] Snomvish Characters(Chicken in a Minecart+Mr.NeedleMouse) 2.1

    I hope i did this right anyways enjoy edit:whoops ignore the pngs
  9. A

    [Reusable] Ashnal's Utilities/Fixes r2

    Very simple set of fixes/enhancements. Mobjscale Thrown Items Fix: Most who play Kart v1.3 regularly know that on certain maps, that use the map object scale feature (like SD2 Balloon Panic pictured above), forward item throw arcs are not properly set. This gif above shows the fixed arc. Note...
  10. PizzaDarius25

    Darius' Character Pack - RELEASE 1 [Senran Kagura] Release 01

    The new and improved!! Updated this time with my own freehand drawn character sprites! Featuring 2 amazing characters. Packed and Separate. Enjoy! :) MORE CHARACTERS TO COME SOON...
  11. scooterdoops

    [Reusable] Seaman 1.0

    The curious cryptid Seaman from the cult classic 1999 Dreamcast game of the same name is here! I've had this idea for like two years and I finally got around to making it. note: does not feature 3D model. I would love to make one but I have next to knowledge on 3D modeling so for now, he's only...
  12. Honestyi

    Sunset City Speedway [Small Hotfix] V1.1

    MAPCS: Sunset City Speedway Welcome to Sunset City the main merchant hub of the continent! Come race by in our annual racing event, enjoy the view as you go full speed across our commercial bay area, into the high merchant hub and back to the city's central all while you avoid getting...
  13. Hallan

    [OC] Atoll Summers 1.2

    People seemed to really like her in Original Server (Do Not Steal) so I figured there wasn't much harm in uploading her to the forums. Might expand into a pack or something later on? Jury's still out on that one. You're free to host my characters on your own server (I'd love if you let me...
  14. Boi Rocket

    Sundae Rakieta v1

    Here she is! Sundae Rakieta, is a bunny driver that was sprited by @deloadrenxi (also heavily inspired by me playing cream so much) Character: Sundae Rakieta a rabbit ready to become a fierce driver on the track
  15. Rueven

    N64 Promo Mario Trio V1

    Here's a holiday sampler: 3 N64 characters right from the promotional magazines you've come to know and love (or not, we can't blame you). They're here--customized karts and all--to race for first in the world of SRB2Kart! So get your Nintendo 64 controllers ready for some classic N64 fun...
  16. T

    Tsuper Character Pack V1.2

    Presenting the Tsuper Character Pack, a compilation of various characters I've worked on over the past year. Permissions Characters may be separated and repacked individually as needed Separate character wads available in zip if repacking is not an option Sprite/graphics modification is not...
  17. Royal Devil

    [Reusable] Devil's pack V2

    Adds three characters to the game. Characters: -Lord X -Bendy -Jack's Logo
  18. Cyan Later!

    Daytona USA Announcer V2

    Having been inspired by both the Sonic All Stars Racing and FZero GX announcers, I decided to try my hand on this with credit going out to DarkyBenji for making his mod reuseable found here, to bring the Daytona Announcer not only from the...
  19. HunnyBon

    [Reusable] Nyoom Launcher 1.0.1

    NYOOM LAUNCHER Hello! SRB2Kart is really fun, wouldn't it be cool, though, if you could configure your game before running it, though? That's right, I've made a launcher for SRB2Kart, and it's capable of lots of things, here and there. Currently, it can: Start the game, directly connecting...
  20. Axelcior

    Yosuke Hanamura, the Prince of Junes V2

    Arriving fashionably late as always, I present Captain Ressentiment, the Prince of Junes, the crasher of bikes and driving hazard to one and all, Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4! STATS: Yosuke's a lightweight speedster, clocking in with 8 SPEED and 3 WEIGHT. This is my first release, and god...