srb2kart v1.x

  1. DirkTheHusky

    [Reusable] Dynamic Kart HUD v1.1.0

    Dynamic Kart HUD What is Dynamic Kart HUD and what does it do? Dynamic HUD is a simple addon that rewrites Kart's HUD code from source code into lua. Not only that, but it also adds in a few twists into the main HUD to spice it up a notch. You can even customize your interface through the...
  2. Saturn Ross

    Saturn's Kart Pack v1: Initial Release

    Hey, glad to see you here! This character pack has been a long time coming for me, and contains a nice variety of characters from various artists, all of whom I am very thankful for! I wish to not only show off these wonderful characters, but also the work of the artists behind them! At the...
  3. PaperDawN

    Periwinkle! 1

    Periwinkle! A very cute little robot girl is ready to race! Periwinkle is the main character of my webcomic, Platinum Dreams! In my on-going mission to mod her in as many games as I can, she is now in SRBK2! She's got good handling and acceleration because uhh, that's my favorite stat type...
  4. TimeChamber

    Kirby Baddie Pack (KBP) v1.0

    It's exactly what it sounds like! Multiple waves of Kirby enemies across various mainline games! From Kirby's Dreamland 2 to Kirby and the Forgotten Land! More characters will be added later on in the future! HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO SEE IN THIS PACK: WAVE 1 - KIRBY'S DREAMLAND 2 WAVE...
  5. Mushsect

    Glint The Moth v1.0

    After I found out about srb2 and it's kart equivalent a while back I wanted to make a mod but didn't get around to doing so until now. So I decided to put my own little gremlin into one, I might add more and make this a character pack but for now its just moth boy. Glint the Moth A...
  6. Togen

    Open Tricks

    Togen submitted a new resource: Open Tricks - why do they call it showboating if I'm in a go-kart? Read more about this resource...
  7. Togen

    Open Tricks v1.1.2

    Open Tricks is an extensible addon for introducing tricking mechanics into SRB2Kart. Gameplay During the start of each race, you will be presented a chance to select your trick style for the course. Press BRAKE (or your configured button) while rising in the air to begin a trick. When your...
  8. Obsidian4412

    Meltryllis, the Mysterious Alter Ego Λ 1.1

  9. commanderkappa

    Yuyuko Saigyouji 1

    Yuyuko Saigyouji, the Ghost Lead of the Netherworld and final boss of Touhou Project 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom makes her way into SRB2Kart! I actually made this mod back in April but never released it publicly until now for some reason but I finally got around to it. I made her design based on...
  10. RosyPie

    Grav's Kart Character Pack v1.1

    First mod I'm uploading, not really experienced with pixel art so it may be a lil wonky but I've wanted to see someone make Mad Mew Mew in kart for a while now, so I did it myself >:) sprites are heavily based off of the official sprites from the Switch version of Undertale, though she only has...
  11. Fleskhjerta

    Hong Meiling 1.1

    Here's a little side project I had sitting around for quite a long while now, and only now decided to finish up. My first character, Hong Meiling from Touhou Project enters SRB2Kart! Specifically her depiction from the Life of Maid webcomics done by Colonel Aki. For those who knows the Life of...
  12. superpombo

    convert kart tracks to normal game

    i wanted to know if theres any way that i can convert kart tracks to the normal srb2
  13. Icezer

    Winnie! v1

    My main OC isn't Bite the Snapper? Shocking to some of you, I know. From out of nowhere, Winnie's here to race in Kart 1.x! She sports a stat set of Speed 3, Weight 9, she's a big girl so even if she's not the fastest she'll definitely bump around any racers on the lighter side. I hope you...
  14. GegaTheFox

    [Reusable] Nichi And Geg 1.0

    Nichi And Geg were just chilling out at the park when suddenly they see a blimp advertising a kart race, they immediately came to the kart race place and signed up for the race
  15. Togen

    [Reusable] Togen Tech R1.1 (SRB2 Amy, Simple AnimaL v1.1)

    A (single-)character pack made to demonstrate Simple AnimaL. At this time, the sole entry in this character pack is Amy Rose (4 Speed/1 Weight) from SRB2. Plans for future updates include original characters released under the same Reusable permissions who use special animations for certain...
  16. Togen

    [Reusable] Simple AnimaL v1.1

    Simple AnimaL (simple animation Lua) is a reusable script made to give everybody easy but powerful control over how characters animate. Characters have Sequences defined which lists which frames to use in which order, and additional Hooks that run every tick influence the character's animation...
  17. Galacticen

    SRB2Kart-Galaxy v1.0

    SRB2Kart-Galaxy A Moe-Mansion like Build for people that are missing some of its features Since 1.6 came out and there was no Moe Mansion or Moe Mansion like build at this moment, I decided to make one myself and merge most of the stuff I could from other branches that Moe had to 1.6, the...
  18. Ellite

    [Utility] Kart Containerized

    Ellite submitted a new resource: Kart Containerized - Containerized Kart Dedicated Server Read more about this resource...
  19. Ellite

    Kart Containerized

    Kart Containerized This is an up to date Docker image based on rwanyoikes Dockerfile. I plan to keep this image actually up to date with the most recent version of Kart. The image currently has tags for 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6. More information on how to use this on the GitHub repo.
  20. daibutsu

    Mauro Mania 1.1 - tons of fixes and tweaks! 1.1

    Welcome to Mauro Mania, a level pack with currently 4 cool and good levels. All tracks include an encore palette with custom encore music, and some extra things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Digital Dimension Straight from Sonic Riders, it's Digital Dimension! This track has it all: Grindrails, paraglider...