srb2kart v1.x

  1. Diggle

    Drill Knight 1

    Drill Knight, from Shovel Knight: Dig, drills into action. Guy's just been sitting finished in my files for months now so I figured I'd go ahead and plop him on the mb. Maybe I'll make some more Shovel Knight knights and turn this into a pack at some point. Stats are 4/8, internal gfx_prefix...
  2. JugadorXEI

    Time Travel 1

    The script that powers ChronoShift Zone. Time Travel is a mechanic that allows players to move between two different versions of your level, labeled as Past and Future respectively. ! READ THIS PLEASE ! ! READ THIS PLEASE ! The requirements for Time Travel to work are: Two copies of the same...
  3. ✪ GegaTheFox ✪

    How can i make a .wad srb2kart addon compatible with the md3 that i made

    Help, im new
  4. RoniCTz

    Ausmerth joins the race - SRB2K (OC / DE:Codec) v1

    The friendly and kind yet an all-time powerful weapon from another galaxy, Ausmerth. After the main events of DE:Codec, Ausmerth accepts an invitation from another planet, invinting for a friendly ultimate racing through worlds and many challenges! And so upon reaching Ausmerth is gifted a...
  5. StrawTheReaper

    Jack Kennedy v1

    Warning: this character addon includes offensive & rude language, play at your own risk! If you’ve played DSaF, then this should be really obvious. Jack Kennedy joins the race! be quick tho, he is running a business and has a "Happiest Day" to catch! STATS: SPEED: 7 WEIGHT: 4 This is my...
  6. Mylo T.

    [Open Assets] Hurry Up! v1

    Hurry Up is a small gameplay mod for Kart that aims to make the DNF timer a bit more interesting. Gameplay showcase: (Dino asked me to make this the showcase footage :knuxsmug:) Server Commands: hu_enable <ON or OFF> Turns Hurry Up on or off. If disabled, the mod won't do anything...
  7. L

    [Open Assets] Flo (Diner Dash) 1.0

    Didn't see this coming, huh? Voice clips taken from Avenue Flo. Voiceless version is also included. Credit to SaffRox7650 for the base used for the character.
  8. haya__

    [Open Assets] Hellsert Bus

    haya__ submitted a new resource: Hellsert Bus - This is a standalone map for a reason. Read more about this resource...
  9. haya__

    [Open Assets] Hellsert Bus v1.1

    It's Desert Bus. Drive through basically an almost endless route from Point A to Point B with nothing but sand, road, and cacti. Uses map slot VR. Available in MAP HELL. 4 laps, for each general "trip", each lasting 2 minutes. This includes the joy of driving a real bus, such as: 0...
  10. Mayo.

    Colab pack with no name yet :robincry:

    Currently it's only one map in dev rn, but I'm happy to say it will be out in a few months! or when it's done ™️:worry:
  11. JohnSmokesII

    Mario Kart 64 Style Waluigi 1.0

    From an alternate dimension comes Waluigi from Mario Kart 64?! Built off of the Mario Kart 64 Cast addon comes a custom made MK64 style Waluigi with sprites, renders, and N64 era Waluigi render model recreation model by me! This addon comes with the same quirks and commands as the base addon...
  12. SuperChrim

    Rin Kaenbyou v1

    Orin the hell cat joins the race riding on her cat cart! What's causing it to move? Who knows haha! Voice clips taken from Touhou Lost Word.
  13. Chuckles troll

    [Open Assets] Chuckles's 3d models v2

    3D models made by yours trulys Chuckles_troll Bocchi-chan from shipak Daroach from kelchars more may come soon if i'm feeling motivated
  14. M

    Fumo Pack 1.0

    Includes two maps! Several hidden fumos! At least some possible level of fun! Gensou Skydrift Human Village (MAPIK) A track through a small, traditional Japanese village. A port from one of my favorite Touhou fangames, that I made back in 2021. Better late than never, right? Sewer...
  15. ReddySoop_

    Minecraft Steve 1.2

    A small addon that adds Steve to the game. One of the frames took a bit to make because his arm just wouldn't look right, but I believe it's good to go! Enjoy hearing an echoed Oof every time someone grows or becomes invicible! Stats: Speed: 5 Weight: 3 Extra info: Preferred color: Cerulean...
  16. Sazu_Kazu

    Count Bleck! (Super Paper Mario) v1

    Title gives as much as you'd expect it to be. Count Bleck is now ready to show up, and race in SRB2Kart along with the rest of the others! With enough testings to make sure, hopefully he works just as intended. Enjoy the character!
  17. Xantho

    How to get opengl renderer on srb2k

    so i just decided to get srb2k cause why not, downloaded some mods and i tried to change my render and i just cant find it. dont know if its a problem with the app or the mac im using cause srb2 allowed me to change the renderer sorry if this is the wrong discussion, pretty new to this
  18. SuperChrim

    Nue Houjuu v1

    Nue Houjuu from Touhou Project. She rides on top one of her UFOs. My first time making a kart character. It's been fun learning how this all works. Voice clips taken from Touhou Lost Word.
  19. ItStarLux

    Girlfriend (FNF Lullaby) 1.0

    Girlfriend from Friday Night Funkin' finally gets in a kart and readies up to run over Hypno with it, donning her appearance from the Hypno's Lullaby mod. I admit I have, almost no experience in pixel art whatsoever. I ended up using a method where I actually model the character themself...
  20. GDRamen

    Kompackt Track Pack v1.0.1d

    My Map pack for SRB2Kart. It currently contains 3 tracks each with an encore variation.