srb2kart v1.x

  1. Super Space Hero

    [Reusable] Park Guest (RollerCoaster Tycoon) 1.0

    The guests/peeps from RollerCoaster Tycoons 1 and 2 are now at your disposal for all your racing/drowning needs. Renders were done using a tweaked version of the Go-Kart model from the OpenGraphics project, which aims to "create a set of freely-useable graphics that can be used with OpenRCT2...
  2. AmeixaRoxa

    [Reusable] Sonic Underground Pack [v1.0] 1.0

    So I decided to make some of the more obscure Sonic characters into custom racers for SRB2 Kart. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters included in the pack so far...
  3. IcyShrooms

    Shrooms' Funny Characters 1.1

    SRB2K could use some funnier characters right? Well, I have decided it has, so here are some of the "highest quality" characters who are bound to give you a good chuckle. So strap in folks, and prepare your diaphragm for some of the funniest things you will ever see! (I'm sorry if my intros are...
  4. Lightspeed_

    Lightspeed's SRB2K Character Pack! (LightPacK) V1.1

    Another mod? Seriously???? Yeah, I'm serious! This is my OC, Bolt the masked hedgehog, It took 2 hours to make him, so enjoy!! He was originally going to be on normal srb2 but I got tired. I used Kartmaker to make this, anyways on to his stats! STATS: Speed: 7 Weight: 4 I hope you enjoy him as...
  5. K

    [Reusable] Drawing Layne 1.1

    Layne (me) in my original artstyle! Layne is a 6, 4 character, focusing on top speed, requiring you drifting a good bit before corners, but if that's too much... may I recommend tails? also if you cant download him at the top...Layne
  6. HeyImTG

    [Reusable] The TG Cup - A Track Pack by TG R1

    Hello there! It's been a while, hasn't it? The last time I completed a map for SRB2K was over 2 years ago. After making a name for myself with my first map Coastal Temple Zone then releasing Sunset Canyon Zone, I kinda ended up vanishing into the shadow realm as far as this community was...
  7. SmythTheCrow

    Doodlebob is on the loose in SRB2K 1

    Doodlebob's on the loose again, this time he decides to draw himself a go-kart and go out racing, while also giving Sonic and friends a very bad day. With the (7,1) stats, he is fast, albeit light, so he should be able to handle fine. I was intending on holding off on releasing him because of...
  8. MikoLotte

    Sanzou (Mahjong) Character 1.0

    One of my favorite games to play, other than Kart of course, is Riichi Mahjong. Recently, a Mahjong streamer I follow, AirinTV, started watching a Kart streamer I follow, vote4waifus, and they thought it would be cool if there were a Mahjong-themed character in Kart. So, I've decided to make it...
  9. SlamGrene

    [Reusable] 80s Garfield 1

    Garfield, much like a certain blue blur, is no stranger to having several different designs over the course of his more than 40 year existence. This is where this Garfield steps in, representing the incarnation of Garfield seen from the mid to late 1980s. Specifically, this version of him is...
  10. MaxTheMurdererV2

    [Reusable] Pizza Tower Horns! - A script for Horn Mod. 1

    This mod is an extension to HORNMOD, which can be found here: This mod adds 12 new horns, all from the in-development indie game, Pizza Tower! The horns are all the voice lines currently in the game, from the random enemy death...
  11. Comodore

    Comodore's Pack 1.1

    New remixed pack with this time 3 new characters ! I might update this pack with either new characters or updates graphic to some characters. In the mean time enjoy ! From League of Legends, the grandmaster at arms, Jax, joins the race to prove that he is the champ on the rift and on the...
  12. Dee

    [Reusable] Dee's Doodle Character Pack! 1.0

    Dee (now basically a kart character maker) presents: Dee's Doodle Pack! These well known characters were remade in my "doodle" artstyle! plus i'm not very good at pixel art so Here are the racers! Link: Very light and slow character with great acceleration and handing. Uses Toon Link's voice...
  13. Luray

    The Dirty Bubble 1.0

    The Dirty Bubble from "Spongebob Squarepants" joins SRB2K as a new challenger! with the stats of [2, 4], this formidable foe is speedy but slippery, so be careful! All sprite work was done by myself, with voice clips taken from various SpongeBob episodes. This was my first attempt at a...
  14. pablitoreal

    SRB2Kart Beetle Character Mod (Repost) v1

    (Reposting) Beetle's channel : Remember that funky OC of the youtuber nobody talks about and im here to promote him? Well, he's finally in SRB2Kart. Race as your favorite screeching ball that makes good content like few times a week. I...
  15. FrostBrush

    Frostbrush's Bonus MD3 character models (NEW: Kat from Gravity Rush) 2.0

    Here you can find 3D models for kart characters, that aren't part of my own "Frostbrush character pack". You can also see the links for the addons pages, where you can download the original character wads. (If you're intrested in my own character pack, you can find it here: Link) Characters...
  16. WTDrown

    [Reusable] Gold Ship(Umamusume Pretty Derby) v1.01

    Peace-Peace! Gold Ship a.k.a Golshi, The Eccentric Horse girl is Now on Kart Race! S:9 W:6 My Second mod. First time, i think if Ride her on segway that was fun But my dot skill is not very well.... So, Golshi on the kart. Why not? All voices recorded from original Game.
  17. Supa

    Circly (Custom Character) 2021-05-30

    It's Circly! The character I made up in five seconds.... again! The voice clips, which don't make sense or fit the character, are Toadette's from double dash! (I hope this one makes it into releases)
  18. Chromatian

    Nepgear 1.0

    Nepgear from Hyperdemension Neptunia has joined her sister in the race! Faster and Lighter than Neptune, can Nepgear show her sister how strong she's become? -All sprite credit belongs to Fabulous Ninji
  19. Gens

    Chie Satonaka 1.0

    Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 joins SRB2Kart! Stats: Weight: 5 Speed: 7 This is my first SRB2Kart character and I'll probably make more characters in the future.
  20. Patafoin

    [Reusable] Baguette pack! More Race and BOTTLE 2.1

    In this pack, you will find 4 race map (one of them is Hell only) and 4 Battle map. Feedbacks are welcome. You can also dowload the map individualy. So you don't have to do random soc for your server if you find a map DISGUSTING. (OOPS I forgot for the V2, so you have to DM me in discord)...