srb2kart v1.x

  1. JugadorXEI

    [Reusable] Juggy's Kart Fixes v1

    Juggy's Kart Fixes Juggy's Kart Fixes are Lua fixes inherited from 1.4's expected changes to the base game. No toggles - just drop in, load it and ready to go! The list of fixes are as follows: Fixed "Bumpcode'd" and "Rubber Landing". Fixed drift charge being removed if a drift is initiated...
  2. realmoc1105

    realMOC1105's Character Pack V1

  3. RetroStation

    Kart VS Rating V1

    KART VS RATING! Kart VS Rating, known from here on as KVR, is a server tool offering a competitive edge to Kart, along with a handful of subsystems aimed at encouraging interaction and socialization between players. There are many commands and subsystems at play, and we'll go into more detail below!
  4. Kyameron

    [Reusable] Dry Bones in SRB2Kart 1.2

    After 2 years of this sitting in a folder I decided to not be lazy and acutally finish it. It's not much but It would of made me 2 years ago happy so I hope others can find joy in this project. Im cool with reusing the sprites in other projects just don't reupload it or anything like that. One...
  5. Benji

    Where in the SRB2Kart source code do mods get loaded in?

    I want to try to fix the map ID system by assigning the IDs as they load instead of using the hard coded IDs. With about 33 map IDs left, I decided doing something is better than nothing. I have very little experience with how SRB2Kart works. Update: New question, where in the source code is...
  6. T

    [Reusable] FlowerRNG (fka XRNG) 1.0

    XRNG (soon to be renamed FlowerRNG) is a revamped version of my old SeedRng project for v2.1 which has more robust random number generation and is also simpler to use in a correct way. It lets you create multiple random number generator states which need to be seeded, can be network...
  7. VaporWave_Studios

    Max [Sam and Max] 1.2

    Max From Sam and Max is in SRB2K Voice lines are from Season 1 of Sam and Max Freelance Police Without fickleheart's kartmaker I probably Would have Never Finished The mod Max's Stats are "9,3" Max's Intended Color Is Slate(for those who care)
  8. cjkittykarter2010

    [Reusable] Cjkitty da boi 1.Cocomall nut

    uhh the og version broke so a remake i guess (9,5)
  9. 「AxeCrusader」

    AxeCrusader's Model Factory 1.0

    This pack features 3D models for kart characters I was interested in making since they felt unique when playing them More models to come in the future..? More likely than you think Special Thanks to: - Fznmeatpopsicle for his amazing tutorial and his Kart Templates for Blender - SuperPhanto...
  10. JakyCracky

    Jakly And Luca 1.2

    NOTE: please give me feedback on bugs and issues and i'll fix it Have some kart racing fun with these two, jakly and luca are now in srb2 kart NOTE: Make sure to check the updates down below
  11. Kirby Swag

    What are considered to be the best mods for SRB2K

    I want to start hosting my own servers and recently I've played in servers that added things like new game modes and new abilities like performing tricks. So what would be some good mods to download?
  12. Kirby Swag

    What is up with this Sad Face?

    I was messing around with one of my mods and when I tried to test out the invincibility this sad face showed up I assumed it had something to do with the audio files I recently changed on my mod character (I used kartmaker). So I got rid of the gloat audio file and the sad face still showed up...
  13. Raivolt

    Voltage Pack 1.0

    Voltage Pack A shockingly fun time! Introducing the Voltage Pack! Here you can find my grab bag of maps both original and inspired! The Tracks: Credits Chaobrother - Community Resources 2.2 springs KCS, Original Server, and many others - Testing, feedback, and release candidate hosting
  14. B

    [Reusable] Brian's Char Pack V1.1

    Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star) ACCELERATION 2.6 Ayano Minegishi (Lucky Star) ACCELERATION 1.5 Harpy (Puyo Puyo) SPEED 8.3 Credits: Evil Sonic for all the Hard Work
  15. Mr.Logan

    The Jam Jar V1.1

    What is the Jam Jar? The Jam Jar is filled with maps that were part of a Mapping Jam hosted by Mariko and Mr.Logan under the Kart Community Server (KCS). Members within the server had 2 months to finish and submit a map for the Jam Jar, and everyone within the server (New Mappers, Experienced...
  16. Pulsie❤

    Bomberman! by Pulsie❤ 1.0

    Bomberman! by Pulsie❤ Bomberman is a great franchise that I hold dear to my heart, and it has a wealth of content from over 100 titles. In this character pack, characters both popular and obscure come together to represent different moments in the series' 30+ year history. With the initial...
  17. SparkWolfHunter

    [Reusable] Bakoura 1.0

    Meet Bakoura, a small and sweet ghost, ready to take on the courses, will he win, lets find out! (Bakoura is made by me and I figured I want to try something, so enjoy, Spark Out and Howl On!) SparkWolfHunter P.S: Sorry if his voice is a bit quiet, I had to use FL Studio for it
  18. M.N.K.

    The AstroPack v1.0.2

    Sup Everyone! Been busy with quite a lot but as the title Implies, I'm here to announce that both my previous character mods (Bass.EXE and Mako) Will now come bundled together as part of my new character pack under the name, The Astropack which I'll be updating periodically as time passes on...
  19. Ne_Perevod

    [Reusable] Ne_Perevod's Kart characters Kart Character pack release (v.1.0)

    1. Simon - Simon joins the race to show everyone who has taste! Credits Simon is from web-animated series called "Книга Кошмаров"/"The Book of Nightmares" (Created by Amir Kusainov). All voicelines for the new version were voiced by his original voice actor/creator/also helped with...
  20. Tarregor

    [Reusable] StopSpam(works for SRB2 & SRB2K) v1.0.2

    This addon will automatically get rid of people from your server for spamming in chat. In SRB2K, this'll be accomplished by banning the offender. In regular SRB2, which is the game that SRB2K is a spinoff of, this'll instead be accomplished by kicking the offender. Offenders will have to spam...