srb2kart v1.x

  1. Tyron

    Juicebox Apricot

    This addon is under active development. Check the History tab for version history, and the Updates tab for changelogs! uD3yoLYwsD8 Requires Lat's KartMP. Juicebox is a far-reaching, highly opinionated gameplay mod, aimed at reducing common frustrations and keeping players in close...
  2. SpeedKeed

    YICKADEE!! Low Tier God (Mature Warning - Swearing) v1.1

    Infamous member of the FGC, Low Tier God (aka Dalauan Sparrow), is back from the DMV. Speed: 6 Weight: 6 WARNING: This character mod includes harsh language and insults Go green.
  3. mocha

    The Coffee Cup! V1.1

    hey all! this is my first map, first post, and first actual interaction with the kart community! after playing the game for a year and getting a bit of a following, i figured i'd give back and put some work in learning Zone Builder. here's the results of about two weeks of trial and error -...
  4. Boxic

    K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing Series) v1.0

    Quite an unorthodox choice for a racer, but K.K. Slider from the Animal Crossing games is now playable in SRB2 Kart! Full asymmetrical sprite work and also contains some custom audio (made by yours truly) Stats: Speed: 4 Weight: 3 K.K.'s fur will always stay white, but his kart and guitar...
  5. someguyinthecorner

    [Reusable] Ada (Original Character) 1.0

    Ada is an original character who looks pretty eager to ride, I think. With her stats being [8, 6], she is bound to zoom past the competition like the cool (computer) cat she is. I hope you all have fun, give her lots of love, and I can't wait to see her on the tarmac. Credits: Voice clips -...
  6. Visorcat

    Bic Mascot joins the race! 1.0

    Apparently people thought that bic would be a funny audition in this game so i made that thought to reality.
  7. Just Your Average Jay

    Just An Average Character Pack 1.1

    Hello People! This is my first character pack! here I was show the recent wave, templates( my custom templates) and the chars in the wave. This is all shown down below. - Recent Wave - ------------------------ - Wave 1 - ------------------------ Pico - Pico's School (Recent Appearance -...
  8. hydrochlorination

    Dream Minecraft 1.0

    It's a blob. look at him go! With a stat block of [9,3], this speedrunner aims to blow past the competition- legitimately, this time... if only because I decided to not use lua scripting to give him better item rolls. Have fun using one of the most infamous/beloved minecrafters to (hopefully)...
  9. Puncle

    Puncle's Player's Pack 1.0

    I'll clean up the presentation of this on a later update. Day late on getting the shitpost character out, but oh well. I am open to my work being reused, modified, or ported, but please contact me to get permission first and credits. Characters: BLJ Mario (TerminalMontage) Complete with YAHOO...
  10. Snu

    Symbol Arts from PSO2 1

    A brand new way to emote, Symbol Arts are here from PSO2! Find the perfect way to express how you're feeling in a certain situation with the new command sa_display. There are 42 symbol arts to use, 21 themed around both SRB2 and SRB2Kart, find a favourite with the command sa_list! And that's...
  11. Giberish4

    [Reusable] Spawnobject in SRB2Kart Beta 1.3 (Probably will work with later versions)

    Spawnobject from vanilla SRB2 makes an apperance in it's Kart counterpart! I figured since no one would make this, I'd do it myself. It works like the one from SRB2, just do SPAWNOBJECT MT_XX and the object name you typed in should spawn. In order to find these object names, use the text...
  12. Snaker.


    So you like diamonds? Then this map will be for you :D MINE DIAMONDS (MAPOZ) Welcome to MINE DIAMONDS where all there is are DIAMONDS and lava in the middle of the road that can be very cumbersome so be prepared in case they throw you an SPB because it is very likely that you will not survive...
  13. RobTheIII

    Wave Race 64 Announcer! (Also Music) V1

    This mod is built upon the F-Zero GX Announcer mod made by DarkyBenji which you can find here: Anyways this mod does the same-thing however it is the very cheery and loud announcer from wave race from the N64, This mod also includes a Music...
  14. UltimeP

    UltimeP Race - Beach Palace v1.11

    I wanted to try ZoneBuilder and see how it works... And this map is the result! First feed backs said that it's a bit a technical map so... optimize your trajectories! Map name : MAPXU The race starts on a bridge at the beach : Then comes the palace's main entrance : Everything has an end...
  15. Spazcakes

    [Reusable] BEEMER (Speed Freaks) 1.1

    Powersliding into the roster, BEEMER has come from the PS1 title, Speed Freaks/Punks and is here to prove that he is still a worthy opponent! INFO Speed: 6 Weight: 8 Prefcolor: Cerulean BEEMER has an optional lua version that gives his kart its own engine sound replacement. This version...

    Station Zero Pack 2021-03-21

    Welcome! The Mango Crew is here! Grin - Mischievous rebel who grew up on a floating city, loves mangos. Jazz - Taken away from her home as a child, she seeks refuge in her new enviroment. Nala - Young photographer, usually gets herself into trouble. Kovu - Lost his sister in an accident...
  17. NotMe_

    NotMe's Character Pack [Added Whitty]

    NotMe_ submitted a new resource: [CHARACTER] TankMen mod from the TankMen series - Both Steve and Captain are now playable characters! Read more about this resource...
  18. NotMe_

    NotMe's Character Pack [Added Whitty] Version 4

    . Criticism and Ratings appreciated ^^ Captain: Speed 7/Weight 5 Steve: Speed 3/Weight 5 Grunt: Speed 3/ Weight 4 Hank: Speed 6/ weight 7 Tricky: Speed 8/...
  19. W

    [Reusable] Vin the Witch - OC Character V1.1

    Hey there everyone! First time poster here, but I'd like to introduce you to my OC Driver, Vin The Witch! Speed 7, Weight 3, she go zip zoom Background She's a witch who lives in the woods with her talking hat Algoes, and they are always seeking adventure. When she heard she could race with a...
  20. F

    Week 6 Boyfriend joins the race. Version 1.1

    Boyfriend.xml Joins the race with his week 6 appearance! Boyfriend is an easy to handle character that brings along Girlfriend to cheer him up Alt Colors Not only that, he also comes with two alternative costumes in reference to other FnF mods. -B Sides (Pastel) -FnF Neo (Lavender) Lua...