1. Dee

    Bubble and Squeak [Kart Character] 1.0

    ...not that anybody cared..? Bubble and Squeak are forgotten buddies from the '94 Genesis (and Amiga) game, Bubble and Squeak. Bubble is the human, and Squeaks is the blue alien from the planet Grool. And after over 25 years of disappearing, they're suddenly here! Not for an adventure this...
  2. EevZ

    [Hololive EN] Smol Ame [v1.0] 1.0

    Hic Smol Ame coming to ground pound some fools, and by fools I mean your MOM! hehehehehehh Original Character design by @Walfie Based on Amelia Watson on Hololive EN
  3. The Real Inferno

    [Reusable] Max Control Sonic - Full Power v1.1

    MCSonic is an old mod from my friend group that I revived once which almost became RBSonic... but now, MCSonic shall be released! MCSonic, also known as Max Control Sonic, is basically just a Sonic but with a bunch of moves. So, let's cover them! Momentum Thrust - Jump Button twice. Inspired...
  4. VinceX

    A Big Fish is nearby! (A Bass from Sega Bass Fishing joins the fray) v.1 (for both pk3)

    A gigantic bass is running swimming amok the race tracks. Hook it and guide the swift but sturdy Bass to victory! Statistics Speed : 3 Weight : 7 Prefered color : Green This thread includes two pk3 files : One including the Bass and my previous character (Shyna), and one with the Bass only
  5. Sirus

    Sirus's Character Pack [ Added Sheriff and ROMP.FLA ]

    Sirus submitted a new resource: Madness Combat L33T Agent - The agent from the Madness Combat series! What joy! Read more about this resource...
  6. Sirus

    Sirus's Character Pack [ Added Sheriff and ROMP.FLA ] v3.6

    BIG NOTE : THERE'S A MILD AMOUNT OF BLOOD Cleaning up and some editing done by Notme_ on the forum! Go check him out!! B) ( Also provided the grunt as a base to me, rad friend ) Sirus's radical madness combat character pack, what fun! So far these are the characters in! V The stats for this...
  7. Harrazel

    Ash from The End is Nigh in SRB2K 1.0

    the end is nigh is a really cool game so i made the protagonist of it a character in the funny sonic kart racer, have fun stats are speed 4 and weight 4 previews:
  8. owee

    Amogus V3.0

    After a while of thinking, I have finally decided to put this silly character to the message boards. Introducing, one of the most annoying characters ever, Amogus. Stats: Speed 5 Weight 4
  9. SuperPhanto

    The Games Factory Sonic (AKA Earless HD) Version 1

    The Games Factory Sonic is back, hailing from the distant past of the late 90s! He should play just like you remember him playing way back then! -Situational Higher Gravity- TGF Sonic has higher gravity when he jumps, but ONLY when he jumps. If he walks off a ledge, or uses a spring, his...
  10. Logan8r

    Flame The Dragon v1

    Flame the Dragon! A warrior and champion of dragons, she guards her people with fiery determination, stubbornness, and her fists. A collab between me, my sister and our friends, to remake our first character mod to be much higher quality, we hope you enjoy! ABILITIES: Flame Crash! Press...
  11. MazesAhoy

    [Reusable] Speedy the Ringhogger 1.0

    oh hey! ya see this kid here? he's new in town. new to this whole "saving the world from an asteroid" thing. but he's here! [/SPOILER] hope you enjoy this mod! may not seem like it, but an honest amount of work went into this!
  12. Cyen

    Shino the Lesser Panda 1.1

    Shino the Lesser Panda Shino is a coop character that uses star boost rings to maneuver in the air and bring his friends with him. While in the air Shino has three charges of star boost. He can use these charges to get a vertical boost with jump or a horizontal one with spin. Once out of...
  13. Night_Steel_Wolf

    [Reusable] Fleetway Sonic is Release This is 1 vesrion

    It finally happened, I finished this mod, I'm glad it happened, HERE
  14. SpeedKeed

    YICKADEE!! Low Tier God (Mature Warning - Swearing) v1.1

    Infamous member of the FGC, Low Tier God (aka Dalauan Sparrow), is back from the DMV. Speed: 6 Weight: 6 WARNING: This character mod includes harsh language and insults Go green.
  15. Boxic

    K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing Series) v1.0

    Quite an unorthodox choice for a racer, but K.K. Slider from the Animal Crossing games is now playable in SRB2 Kart! Full asymmetrical sprite work and also contains some custom audio (made by yours truly) Stats: Speed: 4 Weight: 3 K.K.'s fur will always stay white, but his kart and guitar...
  16. Visorcat

    Bic Mascot joins the race! 1.0

    Apparently people thought that bic would be a funny audition in this game so i made that thought to reality.
  17. light dasher

    Tangle the Lemur 1.0.1

    Tangle the Lemur! Well well well, here we are, finally, after all this time, did you know this was the first mod I started working on coming back to SRB2? Because of that the sprite quality is a little poorer compared to my others, but I'm sure you can overlook that c; Tangle the Lemur is an...
  18. Golden Shine

    [Reusable] = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.1] v1.1

    Metroid Vanguard is the story campaign's name for Samus Aran, a character mod originating from much excitement upon seeing Metroid Dreadnought! Whether you play Samus' story which comes with unique dialogue, stages, events and bosses...or play Hunters to fight other players, looking for...
  19. Kwiin

    [Reusable] [v1.1] PANIC 1.1

    Now with egregious and crude content removed. This won't get rejected this time, hopefully! Although it's April 2nd now 😔 Still, the pack isn't entirely clean, so a CONTENT WARNING is necessary (I mean hell, if Improper Technique got a content warning flag added by judges, then this is needed)...
  20. Just Your Average Jay

    Just An Average Character Pack 1.1

    Hello People! This is my first character pack! here I was show the recent wave, templates( my custom templates) and the chars in the wave. This is all shown down below. - Recent Wave - ------------------------ - Wave 1 - ------------------------ Pico - Pico's School (Recent Appearance -...