1. Z

    Bubblun in SRB2

    Hey uhh, I'm making a Bubblun PK3 for SRB2. and I was wondering if this looks good for a placeholder standing sprite?
  2. light dasher

    Eggette! (Or Omelette, if you prefer) v1

    Omg....Egg 2??!?!?!11!!! Eggette "Omelette" Robotnik A relatively simple character mod staring the lovable(?) Eggette! If you've played DrStephen's Eggpack(link) you should know more or less how they play! An "echo-fighter" if you will Controlling like a smaller, lighter version of the...
  3. GDRamen

    Kompackt Character Pack 1.0

    My own character pack for SRB2Kart. Currently there are 2 characters in the pack for now.
  4. Mega-I

    [Reusable] Kunio Is Finally Here! 1.0

    Hi, my name is Mega-I, but you can just call me 'Mega'. And today, I present to you, this guy! "Don't mess with me!"- Kunio The hot blooded tough guy himself makes his way to SRB2 Kart at last! Kunio from the Kunio-Kun/River City series is ready to rumble - I mean race through the wacky and...
  5. HajimeEl64

    Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack 4.3

    [This mod is for SRB2 Persona only.] Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack contains 5 characters from the Trails series whic are Lloyd, Estelle , Joshua , Tita and Elie. They don't have Personas during these but they have their trusty combat orbments ARCUS! Lloyd learns Strike, Fire(Earth...
  6. CosmicSRB2

    Alt Tails

    OK so we have Alt Sonic right? Now it is the time for the power of Tails to shine within us! He's almost complete, just need a few suggestions and ideas for final touches and polish.
  7. Bloopsdoob

    The Kid V1.0

    It's his 15th birthday, and in a completely different game, sets out to be The Guy!! Coming with not just one, but two special abilities! DOUBLE JUMP Double jump to Double jump! A criminally simple ability, The Kid gains an extra burst of height to reach those tight areas! This ability...
  8. Joshimations

    Joshimations Character Pack 1.1

    Please check the updates for the character pack! Thank you! <3
  9. Milo

    Raccy The Raccoon 1.1f

    The Raccy was a project of mine when I was creating a game but I decided to bring it on the kart,made it together with my friend Halzenut15 Stats: - Speed: 5 - Weight: 3 Credits: - Audio: Eggman (sonic adventure) Deem Bristow Trailer (pt-br)
  10. V

    Madoka Tagokoro 1.0

    Voice lines are Iris Heart's from Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 3 V Generation Stats: - Speed: 6 - Weight: 8 Credits: - Character by: DANGAN
  11. D-tergent

    [Reusable] Spamton! (DTRG) 1.0

    Now's your chance to be a [[BIG SHOT]] Spamton arrives to kart! (Submission note: fixed filename)
  12. ChargingTurnip

    [Reusable] Warning: Thwabbit At Large! V1

    Huh, what's this? It's a uniquely styled Rabbid inspired abomination of course! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On the run from alien robots, Thwabbit is dangerously avoiding whatever is thrown at him at all...
  13. SuperPhanto

    Pac-Man 1.1

    Pac-Man hungers for a new adventure! After being in development for almost a year in secret (mainly because of procrastination and being busy on my part) me and Mr. McScrewup are proud to finally get this out for you all to enjoy! Jump Ability: Butt Bounce Press Jump in midair to perform a...
  14. Preppion

    Eitling [OC] 1.0

    This racer is of my OC race called the Eitlings, who also serve as my online mascot. I made this to celebrate the milestone of 1000+ followers on Twitter. Speed: 7 Weight: 3 The voice is of a Shyguy, since I don't really have the equipment or expertise to make something original. As always...
  15. Xarles Kaizer

    [Reusable] Castrol Celica v1.0.5

    From Sega Rally Series
  16. Sai Huang (Sydery)

    Sai [OC] 1.0

    Hi, I made my mascot/OC into a Kart. This is my first attempt at making a custom character. Their stat is 7 Speed and 2 Weight. Mainly made them to show off to my friend circle, feel free to give em a try if you want. You can visit me on Twitter @SyderyVuris
  17. Tweechie

    Spamton is here! 1.2

    Your (probably) favourite character from deltarune chapter 2 comes to SRB2K! Ripped straight from his original sprites, he's ready to race and show everyone that HE is the big shot! Brought to kart life not only by me redrawing him into one but also by the beautiful voice-over by Nolan David...
  18. EquinoxDoodles

    Lottie [OC] 1.0

    Lottie, my personal mascot and cute slime girl weeb, joins SRB2K! "I ordered this mod on Amazon, turns out Amazon didn't know what I was talking about and I bought a monster instead. Got the mod anyway because Lottie good c:" - SpriteStar (@SpriteStar0 on Twitter) With a fully custom voice...
  19. EricoT

    Come To Brazil Pack 1.1

    They are here! Monica's Gang (and some brazilian memes) are joining the race! A brief explanation of Monica's Gang: Monica's Gang or Monica and Friends (Portuguese: Turma da Mônica, British English: Monica & Friends) is a Brazilian comic book series and media franchise created by Mauricio de...
  20. cotomili

    Coto Character Pack v1.1 1.1

    Hello racers, introducing my first character pack featuring: Joe Musashi from Shinobi (Speed 7 / Weight 5) Neff from Altered Beast (Speed 8 / Weight 9) Zobiko from Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX (Speed 6 / Weight 3) Download them as a pack or individually now! All three characters...