1. Deoxyius

    Galaxy Man 1.0.0

    GALAXY MAN FROM MEGA MAN 9 HAS JOINED THE RACE!!! I never was into making a mod but thanks to some people being supportive to me i changed my mind, anyway... Galaxy Man Stats: Speed 9, Weight 5, UFO form let him to race since he doesn't fit in the kart he prefer to be comfy in the race >.>...
  2. Rob_n_ghost

    Dynamite Anton Kart 1.1

    Dynamite Anton from ANTONBLAST joins to SRB2K!! "Eerm... What the BLAST?" A simple character for SRB2K i wanted to make, it was my first time doing something like this, but was very fun to do. Mario Kart 64's Pipe Frame Kartmaker template by @mitsame from they "Mit's Character pack"
  3. Obsidian4412

    Emma Millstein 1.0

    Note: This character wasn't made by me, it was a commission I sent to the talented Evil Sonic! (@EveyWorlds on Twitter) who gave me the permission to post this here. "I, Emma Millstein, the wandering witch of the Hexen Clan, shall face you!" Speed: 3 weight: 5 color: Pomegrante The...
  4. JimmySonic

    [Open Assets] Elmo 1.0

    Elmo from Sesame Street and Elmo's World has came his way into SRB2Kart! He has a high speed for his kart, but weighs in the middle. This character uses sprites from the Elmo in Grouchland PC game, as well as the GBC version for the Placing & Minimap icons. I also used voice clips from Elmo's...
  5. SuperPokeBros

    Lucky The Eevee V1.1

    Lucky the Eevee joins the world of SRB2Kart. After many attempts, I finally was able to make my first character mod for SRB2K, my OC named Lucky. For my first time making sprites, I think they turned out alright. Currently, he has no voice and I don't know if I will record lines for it but maybe...
  6. Sludesus

    Book BFDIA 5b

    uhh there isnt a bfdi mod for base srb2 soo... i made one :) She controls like she does in bfdia 5b with picking up stuff and throwing. but i dont have any images of that rn so ill add it later might remake bfdia 5b in srb2 dont really have much else to say...
  7. Kirby Mania

    Paper Peach

    Aaaalrighty! After tons of thinking and failed ability ideas, I've cooked up a moveset for Paper Peach that I feel could really work. Which means it's time to create this WIP thread! So, care to explain? Since December of last year, I've been working a lot on Paper Peach! She's a sprite rip...
  8. Spectra

    Blossom v1.0.0

    Blossom the Raccoon joins the race! (Preview Gif temporarily from Imgur as the Message Board is having issues at the moment) Speed: 7 Weight: 4 [CREDITS] Sprite work by Deoxyius!!! Character by Me!!!!!!!
  9. ChispiBlast

    Chispi the not so normal dog (character concept)

    Chispi is a dog I had in 2018, and I decided to turn him into an SRB2 character, here is a comparison between the SRB2 design and the real one Bone launch (Spin): Just like Sans (e e e e e) or like Fang he can launch bones to enemies Bone copy (Custom 1): he can duplicate himself but like an...
  10. Alejo520

    [Open Assets] Pibby in Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart 2

    Yes, what you see is Pibby in Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart I hope you like it
  11. pizza2me

    orball 1.0

    This ball is a cool ball called orball (because its orange and a ball). This ball can speed thok: This ball can also spindash: and thats it.
  12. Cjblaze

    Cream the rabbit mod WIP

    Hey! im currently working on a Cream the rabbit mod for srb2. Please keep in mind there are no sprites done for cream and that cheese is currently being reworked. 1707148562 and if anyone wants to help with the sprites you can just ask
  13. S0nic1983

    [Open Assets] Egorin

    S0nic1983 submitted a new resource: Egorin - A little fan character by my friend Read more about this resource...
  14. S0nic1983

    [Open Assets] Egorin v1

    This is just character created by my friend - Egorin (originally lol) Egorin is just the dog who likes adventures (I think), and he want to be the fastest dog ever. And now he have a race challenge who is fastest on the road. Stats: Speed - 4 Weight - 6 HAVE FUN CREDITS: Egorin - Main Spriter...
  15. Exodus-

    Exodus' Exoding Character Pack v1.1

    I have made myself a Character pack for SRB2Kart! So far this pack contains 7 characters, with more to come... ...eventually. Shortly after I released Kalie, I promised that soon enough I would release a character pack, luckily I got a few more characters up my sleeve, some of them are as it...
  16. Tempmarrow

    Can I use almost all Lua from reusable assets.

    What it says on the tin. Would it be possible if I only just sprite and use Re-usable assets?
  17. Wumbo

    [Open Assets] Steve v2.04

  18. uriel xd

    pizzano (the paisano) in SRB2?!! (WIP)

    hi players, I came to show the progress of my new creation: pizzano (from sugary spire) it has kungfu, taunts, doublejump and the mach (nothing from another world) also scapemusics too here I have just a small WIP and you can try it (and if you're wondering, yes, before pizzano there was...
  19. Exodus-

    Kalie's Plush (OC) V1

    The Marketable Plushie, a.k.a Kalie's Plush is here, yet alongside Kalie herself! They are somewhat of an absolute lightweight speedy, with their ability to surpass any other characters at a high speed. She was sprited by a friend called UnlicensedDoc- - Stats: Speed: 8 Weight: 1 Enjoy!
  20. Maril


    Maril submitted a new resource: specki - supeki specki Read more about this resource... 1705875308 I forgot to add some stuff last submission, it should all be in now!! :P