1. Glineo

    New Project!!!!

    I'm working on a character called STSonic (SpamThok Sonic) Features so far: - No Super Sonic :( (It may change :D) - Saturn inspired Hang sprites. (GIF below) - SpamThok (to be added of course) - Sonic Generations Classic Sonic sound effects. - A combined HUD of S1, S2, and S3. (to be added)...
  2. Elvis eats boats

    Karate Man is here! v1.4.3

    Better watch your back, cause Karate Joe from rhythm heaven is pulling up! Think it's about time he joins the roster. With a speed of 6 and a weight of 7, you better know how to handle a character with finesse (and/or rhythm) to pull out a victory! This is also my first character, and im also...
  3. Crackhead_chris

    Joe Biden V1.0

    This is my first time making a character for SRB2Kart. It Joe Biden on a stand. Kinda silly if you ask me and says some funny things too. If there is a issue feel free to dm me on discord. Chriz5#6852 Have fun ;)
  4. Kirb

    [Reusable] Thokko v1 - initial release

    The thok is cool, why not making a character out of it? Introducing: Thokko abilities: midjump + jump = thok/homing thok the thok and homing thok you know and love, with a twist, it keeps momentum once on ground, so you can use it to gain speed easily by just thokking midjump + spin =...
  5. Fairon

    Fairon The Heghehog V1.2 (Battle Mode)

    New hero in studios Fairon The Heghehog Character from speedfaster ringer. Abilities: 1. Ability: Electric Thok - It's just Thok. But stronger than Sonic's and it has Electric Particles. 2. Ability Teleport Thok - 3. Ability DashMode - 4. Ability Homing Teleporthk - This is...
  6. zero_destiny

    How do I make big asymmetrical sprites?

    I wanted to make a sprite like shown below but it keeps being inverted along with the character sprites, how do I make the bar on the top left corner not invert in-game?
  7. CloneFighter

    Clone Fighter's Wacky & Gimmicky Racer Pack v0.1 <20%>

    After a couple days in development, here it is. Clone Fighter's Wacky & Gimmicky Racer Pack NOTICE: This add-on is incomplete. All features are subject to change in the future, and more will be added. For now, though, I can at least present one racer that will definitely be in the pack...
  8. baphalopod

    Cuphead Characters V1

    The main protagonists of the Cuphead game dash their way into SRB2Kart! All three characters have a speed of 2 and a weight of 2, to be faithful to the characters in the original game. The sound effects are taken from the game, while the designs are based on The Cuphead Show's designs for the...
  9. fork

    Chandelure, the Luring Pokémon, jumps into the racetrack! 1.1

    The sentient and mischievous lamp itself, Chandelure, debuts into Kart straight from the Pokémon series! Although it feels a bit uncomfortable in the kart, and would much rather float, just know that it's trying its best to win (without cheating, that is...). Chandelure sports the brilliant...
  10. BuggieTheBug

    Tails... The Engineer? v1.0.1

    Hello! Another mod, i hope it`s a good one. It`s basically TF2 Engineer but adapted to SRB2. I do think i posted this too early for some reason. Anyway the abilities and cool stuff. Fly Dash: Press and hold jump to fly for a very limited time. (if you just press it will not be that high)...
  11. Dust Sans

    [Reusable] TobyFox V1

    Toby Fox is here... Toby Fox The Annoying Dog History It's an interesting coincidence. This dog appeared in the game srb2((Sonic Robo Blast 2) Or more precisely the world of Sonic Robo Blast 2) he somehow got into the Deep Sea. As a result, he found the Magic Red Ruby. Which gives him...
  12. Dust Sans

    Scarf The Wolf 2.0c

    This is my first full-fledged project created from scratch. I tried very hard making this mod, in particular I was battered by sprites that I made for a very long time. No more stolen characters, .exe, and creepypasta! Of course, the basic for the sprites was Sonic and Tails, but otherwise I...
  13. ralseimom

    Somomentum - A silly little momentum mod that goes crazy when something speedy happens 1 - The Little File Rename

    Somomentum is a little momentum mod I whipped up in a few minutes. It essentially takes the friction unit when you thok or hit a spring to insane speeds. Here's some examples!
  14. ManaPesto

    ManaPesto Pack 1.1

    Here's some characters I have made, feel free to use them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  15. zero_destiny

    [Reusable] Vergil from Devil May Cry 1.5

    BURY THE LIGHT DEEP WITHIIIIINNNNNNN CAST ASIDE THERE'S NO COMING HOMEEEEEEE My first character mod, I hope you enjoy Stats - 7,7 Startcolor - 208 Prefcolor - blue Credits: zero_destiny Vergil belongs to Capcom Voicelines are from the Devil May Cry games
  16. Voidy2246

    [Reusable] A Character That Ruins SRB2 (Ember) 1.1B

    Hey there! It's Voidy! Today, I have a real treat for you all! Inspired by Telos Turntables' A Mod That Ruins SRB2, now comes the more popular star of the show, Ember! With her abilities, you can do almost anything your heart desires! But that's not all! Along with ruining vanilla, she can...
  17. Averybird

    Avery 1.0

    Whoa, where am I? Seems like karting's the deal around here... Gotta take those curves tight and throw up some sparks! I'll show the kart scene what I'm made of! INTRODUCING... Stats: 1 2 (Dark Chao) Traveling from a far-off lab between dimensions, this artificial griffoness has one job to...
  18. Nitrojsn

    AM2 Palm Tree v1

    The famous world renowned Palm Tree from the AM2 Logo as well as the fighting game Fighters Megamix finally joins the race! Color: Swamp Stats: Speed - 5 Weight - 7 His gloat line is from the announcer for Fighters Megamix. Any feedback or criticism is welcome! Have fun in the races!
  19. Meta_Hedge

    First time learning Lua scripting, need help or guidance.

    I plan on adding the next character for my Creepy Quillers Char' Pack with Lua scripting, but I'm struggling to learn it. My goal is to make a character follow another from behind, kind of like the Caterkiller character mod with his segments. I want to achieve something similar with my...
  20. U

    Tails Cyclone! (Demo out!)

    A great machine built by tails to assist him in sa2! (Sonic adventure 2) The great machine tho had been ignored to alot of fans. But i wanted to make it a character! (The following sprite will have tails in it. So don't think im gonna release a empty mech) Since theres not many refrences to go...