1. A

    [Reusable] Companion Cube v1.0

    Play as the Companion Cube from the Portal videogame series by Valve as a playable character complete with audio.
  2. ValidUsername

    Sketchy The Stickhog 1

    Ability: Bomb Drop Press jump mid-air after having jumped already to dispense a small bomb that also flips your gravity! Ability: Quick-Dash Stay still and tap or hold Spin to get a quick burst of momentum! It isn't based on length, you just need to tap it and go! Credits...
  3. Shrub64

    Yo-kai Watch Character Pack V1.0

    Ever the one willing to prove his worth, at least when there's chocobars on the line, Jibanyan rolls in to win! Jibanyan Stats: Speed 4, Weight 3 Next up is everyone's favorite bumpkin Komasan! This may not be the place he was expecting to end up when riding his vacuum friend, but he is...
  4. S

    [Reusable] Mona (WarioWare) 1

    I've been working on this since before WarioWare: Get It Together came out, the reason it took so long is because Mona had a voice line in that game that I wanted for this mod. This is my first time making a kart character, I think it came together well.
  5. metalhydra273

    metalhydra273's channel mascot, Metl, makes her debut! 1.0

    As seen on my twitch/youtube and on CG's Smugbox, it's my channel mascot, Metl! Metl is a fusion between a hydra and a girl smelted together as metal through magical means. Once separate, the two are now essentially the same entity, but can still default to the forms of what they used to be...
  6. Query

    Belle the Tinkerer! (IDW) 1.0

    Gears and starters! It's Belle the Tinkerer from the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW comics! With 3 speed and 6 weight, she's got average control but can catch up quick. I initially finished this addon around May of 2022, but forgot to include voicelines in my first submission and never got around to...
  7. SilentManJoe

    Joe's TF2 Character Pack™ 1.1

    WARNING: THIS MOD INCLUDES STRONG LANGUAGE/EXCESSIVE SWEARING Scout (Team Fortress 2) from the hit video "Scout Kart 2"; STATS (9,1): Spy (Team Fortress 2) with a Fedora aka SilentManJoe; STATS (6,3): Both fully voiced and primed for Kart shenanigans These characters are being uploaded...
  8. isaquecst01

    Metal Sonic 3.0 v1

    Credits: RubyTheMii: Scripter, XMomentum support, and the abilities Mr.FondusBroMan: Effects and CSS art CloneFighter: Player test and wait animation
  9. TCCodds

    Extra Character Abilities

    Basically extra abilities for the vanilla cast also this is my first mod
  10. thesrb2fan12

    Adding some polish to a mod i made

    lemme know what i should add
  11. thesrb2fan12

    So im working on a new character

    the name is a placeholder and so is the sprites im looking for someone who wants to make sprites the character is going to be a wolf 1673023243 Also, yes this is a beta build it is not finished I'm going to add more abilities 1673027876 oops that one had the homming thok not work oof
  12. JABSphere94

    Hyudoro V1.0

    Hyudoro has less weaknesses then the others, but it comes at price... Jump Ability - Hover Stops Hyudoro from falling as long as Jump is held. Spin Ability 1 - Ghost Portal Press Spin when standing still to place a shadow, press Spin and Jump in the air to warp to it. The shadow placement is...
  13. thesrb2fan12

    So i encountered this while working on a boost script

    I noticed that when boosting while standing still it only uses one frame for the running animation I don't know why it does this but I think it might have something to do with Player flags I don't know if there is a flag to check if the player is standing still but if there is maybe removing it...
  14. Shutter

    Characters by Shutter 2023.01.05

    Characters I've made for SRB2Kart. There are only a few at the moment, but I plan on making more in the coming weeks. I'm not open to requests at the moment. OK to redistribute. CHANGELOG: 2023 01 05: Kass minimap icon fix. Chara added (friend request). 2023 01 03: Kass added.
  15. thesrb2fan12

    How do i make my character not use the waiting animations

    so how do i make my character not use the waiting animations (what animations sonic plays for tapping his foot
  16. thesrb2fan12

    So I notice this when working on uncurl scripts

    So when making a uncurl script that does not use the custom buttons i noticed that the game plays the fall animation but landing on enemys still damages the enemies even though i did not add the flag for it to do that meaning the game still thinks im spinning im using the =...
  17. Icekong

    [Reusable] Pine (Bombergirl) 1.0

    Pine from the hit Japanese Arcade and PC game Bombergirl is now in SRB2kart. This was a collab between me and TheTrueHello and is our first time working on a character. We have two versions, one that has the original color scheme for Pine (you change the kart color) and the Color Scheme version...
  18. YairKirby

    [Reusable] Toree the bird 1.0

    My first kart character! Special thanks: Diggle - Ripping voice lines for Toree
  19. Mr.FondusBroMan

    [Reusable] Serpentine V1

    Serpentine (サーペンティン Sāpentin?) is a powerful mercenary who serves as a loyal General to Lord Brevon. Unable to resist Brevon's gift of robotic arms, he was infected with a virus that forever enslaved him to Brevon's will. Since then, Serpentine became a member of Brevon's army, rising through...
  20. thesrb2fan12

    How do i fix this uncurl lua script i made for my addon

    so i was wondering how do i fix this lua script local function Uncurl() for p in players.iterate if = "spedsonic" if p.cmd.buttons & BT_CUSTOM2 if mo.state = S_PLAY_SPIN then mo.state = S_PLAY_FALL else if...