1. CryoGX

    [Reusable] Neon & Maxed Neon (Advent NEON) 1

    Hey everyone! I play SRB2Kart with my friends pretty regularly, and decided to make a mod of my own character! I've been playing it personally for a while, but I figured I'd go ahead and release it publicly too, along with this new art I made for the occasion. If you've never heard of them...
  2. Shammah

    Cosmo the Seedrian (Work in Progress)

    I could have sworn I made a thread here about Cosmo, but sadly, I was wrong. Well, Cosmo. She's cool, right? Personally, I think she's great, but SEGA disagrees. Anyway, I'm making a Cosmo mod for SRB2, cause she's just that cool and deserves it. Most of the sprites are done, just need a few...
  3. Mari0shi06

    Custom Plushie Mod 1.2

    Bored and want to do something low-effort yet fun? Using this mod, you can create your very own Plushie Skin! Each plushie is stored in one skin, and can be changes using the plushie command. Example Link: L_SonicPlush-v1.wad Some Notes: The main PK3 file for this mod is not reusable, load...
  4. FAVman33

    FaDChars - Frank & Dummie 1.2

    (Check out the trailer here!) The Dimension Duo finally make a comeback, ready for adventure! [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Credits Frostiikin - HUGE Help with partner swapping SMS Alfredo - Allowing me to use some snippets of code he made before The CSCS - For motivation...
  5. Well Tell

    Remastered Sonic.exe

    This is Ability to Battle Mode
  6. Kirchu

    Yumemi Riamu (Idolm@ster) 2021-07-26

    I recently commissioned (with help from a friend) Riamu for srb2k by @Dimpsuu on twitter and because they're no longer active on the message boards they gave me their blessing to post it here on their behalf! They were super great to work with and I'm really glad with how she came out so I hope...
  7. Sydoh

    [Reusable] Sydoh's Melty Blood Pack (Warachia, Akiha) 1.4

    Sydoh's Super Melty Kart Pack Based on sprites and sounds from Melty Blood. WAD built with kartmaker. Converted to pk3 with convertpk3.
  8. BuggieTheBug

    Henry Fail Messages

    So we need help with Henry. We dont have much ideas for Henry`s Fail Messages so post you fail message ideas here like: When you get killed by a lanceabot you get: "Watch where you`re going!" You can use Messages from Original Henry games or make your own.
  9. HatSquid

    Slime (Slime Rancher) V1

    This mod adds the basic pink slime from the game: Slime Rancher.
  10. Sebo2205

    [Reusable] SK Bean v1.0

    The blue bean from Sanic Kolours (broken sonic fangame thing i made where i didn't bother to add a sonic model, and yes, it's called "Sanic Kolours") somehow ends up in SRB2 i wanted to submit this but i wasn't sure if it'll actually get through, and i finally decided to do it Abilities (if...
  11. BuggieTheBug

    Among Us Impostor v1.2.4

    Hi there. So you saw the title and yes this is the Impostor from Among Us. It has some memes, but only in "dance". So anyways to the abilities. Double Jump: Vent Jump Press Jump again mid-air to try vent(but fail) and gain some height. Spin: Kill Press Spin to Slice Enemies in half...
  12. Icezer

    [Reusable] Rose Gold Amy 1

    From out of nowhere, Rose Gold Amy is here! She may look like Amy, but she certainly doesn't play the same! Let's talk about her abilities, starting with: Double Jump Doing right what it says on the tin, pressing jump twice will let RGA effectively double her jump height to reach those extra...
  13. BuggieTheBug

    Imposter in SRB2 (Out)

    yes the Sus, The Amogus is here in SRB2 and it`s W.I.P... he can do shit like: Crouching: Reporting And Killing:
  14. VAdaPEGA

    VAda's Indie Pack for Kart v1

    It's a character pack Characters: Fech the Ferret Teabat! Download : Version 1 Full Pack Individual PK3s
  15. ImoTube

    [Reusable] Imo Character Pack 1.0

    Hi, and welcome to the Imo Character Pack. I present my first SRB2 Kart Mod, In which it's a Character Pack with Various Types of Characters. (for example, Okabe from Steins;Gate) I made this because there's some missing Characters for the Addons section and I decide to making them myself...
  16. M

    [Reusable] Bec Noir 1.1

    Bec Noir from Homestuck is here! A 7 speed, 4 weight character from everyone's [favorite / least favorite] webcomic! Also included is a 3D model of the character. This is my first serious foray into spriting, and my first time doing anything related to 3D modelling at all. Apologies if...
  17. etsii

    Shoebill - Kemono Friends 1.5

    Shoebill Startles the Competition! Color : Grey Speed : 5 Weight : 7 Staring into the souls of the competition is Shoebill, from Sega's Kemono Friends 3. A silent detective-esque friend with a glare so scary, it freezes all of the racers in her path. She has a balanced speed of 5, and a...
  18. Space Stranger

    RIP BOZO Version 1.0

    What started as a dumb meme that I found on twitter and an inside joke amongst my friends has now turned into a full-fledged SRB2 Kart Racer! In addition to the joy emoji this unique racer is known for, he also wears a blue tinted symbiote suit based on the meme's origins from the Spider-Man...
  19. Pure

    Pure's OC Pack [ V5 ]

    Hi, here's my character pack! It's got 7 characters, and maybe some of them might interest you? With OCs ranging from really small to really tall, hopefully some of these characters might get your attention!
  20. TheMinero

    Sonic But BAD v2

    Sonic BUT BAD Is Now HERE! Inspirated in a FNF mod called ¨FNF BUT BAD¨ is a new sonic with: BAD GRAPHICS BAD SOUNDS BAD SONGS FULL CRINGE AND THE MORE EPIC, IS SUS (nah is a joke)...