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It's Piroli the Butterfly, a new original character created by me, SMS Alfredo!


After finally getting permission from her father to set out on a mission to expand the family tailoring business across the world, Piroli arrives at Greenflower City only to find it overrun by robots! This is going to be alot harder than she first thought. But maybe there's an opportunity here to help out the people here...while also making a name for herself and kickstarting her music career. Armed with her trusty needle, there's only one way to find out.




Those giant wings aren't just for show. Press jump midair to have Piroli flap her wings. You can do this as many times as you want, but be weary that each flap has less power than the last. Space them out correctly for maximum height!

After you stop gaining height, you can mash the button to glide to over the level as well!


Press spin to throw Piroli's trustly needle forward. It can latch onto practically anything, including slopes, walls, enemies, and solid objects! Hold spin to pull yourself towards whatever you latched to, which will grant you a speed boost!


Don't hold in any direction, and you'll also aim at whatever objects are nearby. You can use this to easily attack enemies, or latch onto a high up object you couldn't reach otherwise!


You can also aim at spikes and bustable floors to break them, so you can take both Fang and Amy paths in levels!

Included in the mod are also a few new jingles exclusively for Piroli! Invincibility, Speed Shoes, 1up, and Act Clear Jingles are all replaced when playing as her.
She also uses rollangle while flying, which, due to the size of her sprites, can sometimes lag the game. If this lag is too much for you, you can disable it using the pirolirollangle command.

Sprites and main Lua by SMS Alfredo
Rollangle calculations for running/flying from sloperollangle by Golden
Aiming code from Fang Popgun Modifications by CobaltBW
Diamond sparkle effect edited from DirkTheHusky's Mario's stars with permission​
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Latest reviews

Really fun, grappling hooks are always awesome and this one is no different. Another thing I'll say about this mod is holy cow the art is amazing. hand-drawn, animated, and simply nice to look at. Good job! I somehow expected there to be way more piece of crap mods on this platform but nope. It is not NEARLY as bad as minecraft or terraria. Have an awesome day and play this mod if you haven't.
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Delightfully unique and creative. Gameplay flows pretty nicely and the overall aesthetic here is quite charming.
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Very cool and fun to play, and generally flows very well. My only real complaint is that I wish I could aim the needle up or down manually with third person orbital camera.
SMS Alfredo
SMS Alfredo
I made it so you can't aim the needle up or down manually with the camera on purpose. Otherwise, you'd just be able to re-latch the same wall over and over again, effectively climbing it, and making her jump ability useless. Plus, SRB2 is designed around not being able to vertically move the camera, specifically due to the fact that the default Software renderer can't handle it well. The game even has vertical camera looking with a controller disabled by default in third-person. I wouldn't want to make a major part of her moveset depend on something that just doesn't really work in SRB2.
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Dude, this character is pretty pretty cool, has good flow with the abilities, I can imagine how crazy it can be in bigger maps, only real problem I have is that if you're too close to something and press spin you can't take your finger out of the button quick enough to not shoot yourself.
Also, this is just an idea, but what if shooting yourself with the needle while in air or jumping right when you get launched made you keep the needle's boost, making you fly faster and maybe even higher.
And not to be bad, but what if you get someone to make you better sprites, the desing is pretty good but it's weird to have stick arms and legs.. And also the lack of shadows and "Sonic Style", don't take this like your work is bad, it's really good and I get it's hard to draw 2D sprites for what technically is a 3D model, but there's still room for improvement, maybe even a lot of room.
I'm excited to see an update for this character.. If there's one in the future, goodluck
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This Character is so adorable and looks so much fun to play :)
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Hell yeah, that was quick! Congrats on the release!
Piroli was extremely fun to playtest, the movement was nice and smooth and is a great recommendation for others to try out!
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