character: sonic the hedgehog


    UltraSonic v1.1

    Mod made by HMSREBORN, Credit Kirb the Korb It's not "GodSonic" anyone! It's ULTRASONIC now!!!
  2. decending coffee

    A Boring Short Stage 1.1

    As the name implies it tries to be sorta like, those template super mario maker 2 levels you usually see, and for some reason i don't know what i did wrong, but the water looks sorta strange:shitsfree:
  3. BuggieTheBug

    Team New.

    Hello, its me. You probably know Sonic New, Latest Edition and waiting for "Tails New". Well good news! He is done but isnt coming yet. Instead of releasing them separetly im gonna a team where theres a a pack of 3. But you might have noticed that knux and tails have an extra button. And because...
  4. Pyrakid Wolfo

    JTE Inspired Afterimage Effect 1

    Ever played JTE and remembered how the Thok trail effect was replaced by afterimages? Well, this isn't the same thing, but it looks better than ever! (In my opinion). You can encounter this new afterimage effect when thokking, when spinning, and when dashing in dash mode. This effect helps to...
  5. Sls64LGamingBro

    Field Sonic

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Field Sonic - Another new Sonic hmmm? Read more about this resource...
  6. Sls64LGamingBro

    Field Sonic v1

    Release Trailer: Field Sonic is a low flow speedster version of Sonic ------------ Let's start with the brand new abilities he gotten to! ------------- Abilities: Up Thok this allows you to go up instead of doing a normal thok in the middle Dropdash (Spindash Styled)...
  7. Frostiikin

    [Reusable] Day/Night Cycle 1.0

    Uhhhh... Happy new years, or something. Huge thanks to Fav for creating this trailer for me. So... Yeah. I took WAY too long to finish this, especially given how all that was really needed to be done after the direct aired was about half an hour's worth of work on my end... But uh, it's here...
  8. Sls64LGamingBro

    Super Sonic lose his float ability?

    When I tested staromentum, it was for some reason that the fact he lost his float ability due to the fact that the change in ability. Here's some proof. __________________ What should happen (Normal): What shouldn't happen (My Addon): I was also pressing the spin button to do it
  9. BlueBlur

    Modern Sonic Version 1

    Sonic's the name, speed's my game! Modern Sonic is here for Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart! Modern Sonic sports his Sonic Speed Star from Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing! Sonic's stats are 9-5, 9 in Speed and 5 in Weight.
  10. M

    Prime Sonic W.i.p

    Hadn't seen anybody get started on this so I decided to, here is the blue blur I just gotten started on it yesterday so bear with me also I tried to mimic the quill texture that they did to Sonic's model as well. give me tips and stuff and this contains 0 spoilers as well.
  11. IDKvolged

    Hog In SRB2Kart! v1

    Hog hogs into SRB2Kart! Hog skin for SRB2Kart, not much to say. Made this one because I love Hog. Might do a Scorched one in the future, IDK honestly. He's pretty hard to draw. Credits: Hog owned by Jack Gore Voice clips recorded by Nae's Snippit
  12. NoNameIdeas

    Roll but no spin dash?

    I want to make a S1 Sonic mod, but the only thing to make him not spin dash also removes his roll, which is exactly what i DONT want, can somebody instruct me on how to remove spindash, but not roll?
  13. Floof

    Nicky The Hedgehog (WIP)

    I'm making it happen. Fully playable, but sprites are only 15% about 20% 48% done at the moment. Recolored Amy sprites are used as placeholders. Special Thanks to Clairebun for VL_DropDash&DoubleJump-v1.3, upon which the first implimentations of what would become the Tumbledash were built. Note...
  14. GamingToday

    Paint 3D Sonic V2.7

    Sonic transforms into a prerendered character made in a kids program! His only abilites are the air drill (which i found on the srb2 wiki) and amy's hammer with a skin, but to be honest i only cared about the sprites because i dont know coding and im the opposite of smart :) Also, this addon is...
  15. Sls64LGamingBro


    Hello everyone, right now the current version is v1. Meaning it will be staying like that if it gets updated, all though it's also gonna be staying like "Voices" from now on. Infact, this is also the first momentum I ever created in my account!
  16. Sls64LGamingBro

    Staromentum v1.1.1

    NOTE: The Abilites are a problem to fixed, so I am going to try my best, * Welcome to Staromentum * This is an another new momentum addon. Let's go start off with the ----------------- * Abilities * Sonic: Multi Down Thok This will allow sonic to multi down thok when using the jump...
  17. ElHaker_2006

    Speedster Sonic 1.01

    Hello, today I am pleased to announce my first srb2 mod (besides my first time programming and I am literally risking my grades by doing this), peedster Sonic (or Sp.Sonic). This character has many abilities that refer to both classic games, adventure games, and modern ones (and even Super Mario...
  18. Zarosguth

    [Reusable] Heroes-style jump animation v2

    This script makes it so that any character jumps similarly to how the characters in Sonic Heroes jump. Click this spoiler for some previews: Reusable, please give proper credit.
  19. L

    Hedgehogs Float v1.3

    Now, when the guys at Sega decided that Sonic couldn't swim, everybody knows they were wrong. Nobody stepped up to stop them, though. Except me. I came up with the greatest idea ever, and I worked hard, day and night, to make sure that I was able to get it out. And what, you ask, did I end up...
  20. Art4LifeGaming

    That... That's not Sonic...

    Weird glitch I encountered when playing with the BuddyEx mod where Sonic would duplicate whenever he respawns. Don't report this bug because I had merged BuddyEx with multiple other mods using SLADE. Only works if you don't play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. The duplicate Sonic will not follow...