character: sonic the hedgehog

  1. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Reusable] Run on Water v1

    You remember how in Sonic 3 you could run on top of water in Hydrocity as long as you were running fast enough? Well, now you can do that in SRB2! Along with a S3K styled running on water effect. All you need to do is have a speed equal to or higher than 50, speed shoes or momentum recommended...
  2. Hedgemods_

    Sketch-Hog for SRB2! (Finished) V1.1

    Okay... I am done with this project! Say hello to the sketch-hog from the sonic mania announcement trailer! I originally worked on this in 2020 but got rejected, blah blah blah and stuff like that but hey! I fixed it! His peelout is by MotdSpork and Drop dash by CobaltBW! Big thanks to D00D64...
  3. TheMinero

    Chilli Dogs 2.2

    Now Chili Dogs Is Now Here!
  4. TheMinero

    [Reusable] "OP" Abilities 1.5.1

    Sonic Now Have OP abilities! Its reusable. But my credits Tutorials: SpinDown: spin mid-air Power explotion: C1 Super Thok: Jump Mid-air for the spindown animation is : BNCE
  5. TheMinero

    Sonic But BAD v2

    Sonic BUT BAD Is Now HERE! Inspirated in a FNF mod called ¨FNF BUT BAD¨ is a new sonic with: BAD GRAPHICS BAD SOUNDS BAD SONGS FULL CRINGE AND THE MORE EPIC, IS SUS (nah is a joke)...
  6. RetroAcid

    World Adventure Sonic - Ps3/Xbox360 Sonic (I'm taking a break)

    Hi, i had thinked on make a new thread cuz well... what i'll show is pretty updated than the other thread. anways some time ago i was thinking on cancel this project but as how much of my ideas it was discarded and now it had turned into a vague idea which I am not considering at the moment. for...
  7. JoingDisplay(BR/US)

    (Character) Sonic Adventure in SRB2

    Hi guys, I'm reissuing SA2 Sonic and making it simpler and more fun to use. Thinking about the original Sonic Adventure game, I edited its skin and lump_s and it's almost finished! I just need opinions. What else does this Sonic need? PS: I will add a mod from SA HUD that is not mine, so I...
  8. SilverVortex

    [Reusable] Ball Bounce 1

    this ability simply changes sonic's thok to a height-scaling bounce. bounce once to get going, and keep bouncing in a rhythm to get as high as possible. features: - completely new bounce ability - small visual effects and a new sprite - the ability to bust floors enjoy!
  9. Cutedy

    Sonic Rush Duology Discussion

    What do you think about Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure? Personally, Sonic Rush is a good game. It's fun to boost through the stages and try to get a higher rank! It has pretty graphics aswell. What I like about the game is that it's made for the Nintendo DS. DS games on emulators run fine...
  10. Sussy

    Srb2 2.9.9 android bugs

    1.When you turn on OPENGL it shows a black screen 2.You can't add your addons or save data please fix this
  11. NeonSRB2

    [Reusable] Squash and Stretch in 2.2.9 1.2

    So one day with a 2.2.9 prerelease in hand I checked the wiki, and low and behold there was already some info there. So I used it. :wow: Anyway one of the things i saw was first, splats, of course. And also a few variables controlling sprite scale, so I made it so that if the player jumped, it...
  12. Kirb

    Lua-Sonic (REJECTED)

    yet again, a sonic with some custom sprites and a bunch of cool luas Lua-Sonic it's a Sonic modification that mashes togheter platforming, speed and combat he has three abilities, for now. more abilities will be added in future, also, he doesn't have air walk
  13. The Real Inferno

    [Reusable] Max Control Sonic - Full Power v1.2

    MCSonic is an old mod from my friend group that I revived once which almost became RBSonic... but now, MCSonic shall be released! MCSonic, also known as Max Control Sonic, is basically just a Sonic but with a bunch of moves. So, let's cover them! Momentum Thrust - Jump Button twice. Inspired...
  14. EthanTheStrange

    Mini sonic beta

    Here are some photos. 1617899670 Haven't gotten all the spirited done
  15. Crispy

    [Reusable] Crispy's Models 1.2

    Hello! This is my first release ever, and I'm really proud of these models! As of now, the models included with this release are Sonic, Tails, AltSonic, Modern Sonic, Modern Amy, and Shadow and they all have Xmomentum support. Also, Shadow is an md2 because I forgot to check if I could export to...
  16. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] Weak Homing Thok and Momentum Jump Thok v1.0.1

    Basicly a Homing Thok but weaker its thing is it doesn`t always hit the enemy but... you can use it multiple times. With this Homing you have an ability that you can use if no enemies nearby: Momentum Jump Thok the only thing it does is adds speed and sends you upwards a little. Also you can...
  17. Sussy

    advance Sonic repost NOT CLICK BEAT

    Guys I was only joking around but if you want him you have him Moderator Snip*
  18. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] Red Ring Jump ability for Sonic v1.2

    A Basic mod that changes sonic`s ability here it is in action: An update! v1.1: Now when in super you toss Bomb rings and... now you can damage bosses with Bomb ring An update! v1.2: In super you can toss bomb rings infinidently
  19. SCharged

    SA2 or Sonic Heroes

    This question was based off of the Cybershell and LS Mark debate. In my opinion, I think that both games are good but what do you think?
  20. MatePerrents

    Mate'd Models - A Pack that will be forgotten with the time 1.0

    They are finally here! My new model pack is back, with a new desing and more models! Sonic is almost complete, just the nights anims aren't here. The crewmate model is finished! (You can see it because the file extension is .md3) And The Crawlas are here too! I hope you enjoy this model...