character: sonic the hedgehog

  1. King the Memer

    [Reusable] King's Classic Chars v2

    so uh i was never a fan of the base vanilla characters, especially sonic, as they all feel unbalanced, so one day i thought: 'fuck it, imma just make good characters myself' so i did :) The Mod: Credits: NeonSRB2 - Made the squash and stretch code Tempest/Krimps - Made the original...
  2. Peppermint

    Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models v1.1

    I was working on this for a couple of days now, so ive finally decided to release this! More will be added soon like characters, objects, enemies, and more! Thank you for downloading!
  3. Zarosguth

    Charge Abilities

    Charge Abilities is a work-in-progress addon that gives Sonic a couple of new abilities that depend on holding the Spin button in order to charge them up. The following features have been largely coded already: For a more in-depth explanation, check the spoiler below! To do list: Super...
  4. Fyrid19

    Egg Reverie Flight V1

    So, I was playing as adventure sonic in his super form one day, and I thought "what if I recreated egg reverie flying?" And so I did. It was surprisingly easy actually Jump to fly up and C2 to float down The flying might be a bit slippery, but yeah that's about it. Working on bigger stuff...
  5. VanillaUwU

    Extra Life Resprite

    This is a thread for the upcoming V2 of Extra Life:P which contains new sprite edits! Here they are ... that's it, go home Upscales: They're different sizes for some reason wtf
  6. Kirb

    ClimbDash 1.1 - nerf

    ever felt like Tails and Knuckles were too op, meanwhile Sonic just sucked because he could only thok? i mean, look at this drawing in #devetopment that tells a lot about our current society so, i made a lua that is basically a dropdash, but it works on walls. i suck too much at doodling so i...
  7. Cosmic Emerald

    [Reusable] USB Sonic (sonic usb online) 1.1

    Cosmic Sonic joins the fray! he is the slightly faster, more parkourish, and adventurous the ever! sonic usb online (where the move set came from): here
  8. Expert

    Expert's Amazing (Mediocre) Colors 2

    Expert's Amazing (Mediocre) Colors Expert Blue Expert Orange Expert Red Expert Pink Expert Purple Expert Cobalt Tik-Tok (I Was Bored.....) Instagram YouTube Twitter
  9. NightmareLD

    Best Vanilla Plus Sonic

    In my personal opinion, my definition of Vanilla plus Is a character who uses jump and spin for all their controls and only uses custom buttons for emotes along with extra commands that make them customizable if those characters fill any of these criteria they are Vanilla Plus. In my personal...
  10. PaperMarioTruman

    Working on Mania Sonic.

    This is gonna be the first actual addon I make, and I'm a one man team so this might take a while. Right now I'm getting all of the sprites situated. I plan to include all of the abilities from Mania, including the unlockable ones. That means he'll have Drop Dash, Peelout, and Insta-sheild...
  11. RingHogger

    [Reusable] Mars Sonic 1.1 | Now with better controls!

    Coming straight from the revolutionary 32X addon for the SEGA Genesis, Mars Sonic! Mediocre Horrible sprites and all! Now lets get down to what he can do... Now that thats done, heres some other stuff we need to discuss. LOTS of thanks to [GigglyMan]#5852 on Discord. he helped make...
  12. Giberish4

    Sonic R model for SRB2 V3

    My first ever attempt actually making (well, rigging) models for SRB2. It can look a little drunk odd when doing things like walking/running, but I'm really proud of what I've accomplished, especially for something I thought was impossible about a month ago. Enjoy!
  13. Super hedge

    srb2 2.3 (yes i already know that this is is irrelivant)

    so who thinks what will 2.3 be???
  14. PHITHGOD24

    hyper forms 1

    just a small mod wish give sonic and knux hyper forms! with power share! higher jumps! no air limits! that all enjoy! also it reusable so feel free to use for your mod!
  15. HatsuneZaku

    A Character Pack (Featuring TMNT: Turtles In Time) Pack v1

    While this started as just a single character, now I'm releasing two more- and putting them up in a zip file together. They're being kept as individual wads since I doubt folks would want to run the whole set! The bundle contains: - NEW! Turtle In Time Cowabunga! Inspired by the classic...
  16. Nirby 74

    What do you think of SRB1 Christmas? (just saying srb1 christmas because thats the earliest version I could download)

    I think it's pretty clunky and it's really hard to see anything with the snowflakes. But eh it's Srb1, if you've ever played any version of srb1 you'd know. I was gonna put the Mpeg file in the folder, but I can't attach it in here because srb2 MB only excepts Mp4s.
  17. H

    Need Help with OpenGL

    So I tried to use RTX software on the game and the frames dropped tremendously. I didn't know what to do so I deleted some files and my SRB2 can't render the game in OpenGL. I need help from anyone who knows. Thanks and have a great night.
  18. Peppermint

    Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models v1.10a

    This model pack was originaly a dreamcast only model pack, but then Heroes Sonic dropped and its now renamed to Pepper-Minted models! Heres some of the models i have made! Dreamcast Sonic Dreamcast Tails The first model of the pack...
  19. Sonic 12

    [Reusable] Red Sonic The Hedgehog 1.01

    My first character mod and because of my sprites skills he will use the vanilla ones He is nothing special just sonic with fire abilities Basics abilities and tweaks: Jump: Multi Thok Spin: Double jump Tossflag: A ring Fire immunity fire follow item Super sonic can fly (check the super gif)...
  20. Pudim_Abestado

    [Reusable] Retro Sonic 2.0.0

    Do you want to get Nostalgic? This mod is for you! Retro Sonic is the Sonic of Classic games, more specifically Sonic 1 and Sonic CD Although Classic Sonic doesn't speak in modern games, THIS ONE TALKS! ( Jason Griffith's voices were used to be different from SRB2K's Sonic )