character: sonic the hedgehog

  1. M

    Overlord the Metallix 1.0

    Overlord the Metallix has long since conquered the world. However, keeping the world oppressed can be a bit taxing. So now, Overlord is stepping onto the track to prove his dominance! Using his trusty (and too small) Eggmobile, Overlord is ready to leave all the weaklings in his dust! Overlord...
  2. SonicjrFan

    [Open Assets] Sonic Superstars Colors v1

    (This Mod Has A Spoiler for the new Character!) Hello i am back with another Mod, this time its Skincolors Based on Sonic Superstars There is also a version That replaces The P_Skin For every Character To have these Colors. The Skincolors : Sonic : Tails : Knuckles : Amy : Fang...
  3. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Spring Jump

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Spring Jump - Gain more Height by using it! Read more about this resource...
  4. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Spring Jump 1.0

    Spring Jump This brings out a spring just like in Brawl up to Ultimate, as it's sonic up special move. This can happend with underwater, as a blue spring will come when in midair. And a Yellow Spring will be in the ground as if you are in underwater. You can also recurl, which can...
  5. narufan202

    [Open Assets] SRBII/Pine tree V1

    Only one person can save mobius from being destroyed One hedgehog namely... Sonic Robo Blast II From The year of 1998/TGF Era Its SRBII/Pine Tree Sonic! rendered and recreated by me in paint 3D! and wall hang coded by Kirbo I introduce SRBII! Heres the moveset since its pretty short (i may or...
  6. thesrb2fan12

    [Open Assets] Re- Curl For sonic 1.0

    How this works is if you went on a spring and are descending or do anything triggering the fall animation you can curl back into a ball
  7. Cherribun

    Cherribun's Stylized Sonic Model 1.0

    ✦Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL✦ This is a Sonic model based on the AU designs from my LOCK-ON: AIF concept!! (All the current designs I've shown off) -LET'S BLAST THROUGH WITH SONIC SPEED!! Sonic speeds in with a dashing new fit, ready to pick a fight with anyone who gets in his way...
  8. metalharbor

    Sonic and the Gunslinger 2023-10-29

    Howdy pardner. I'm Fang...Fang the Sniper. I'm a bounty hunter, and I happen to have found myself in this here book of Wild West frontier myths. Right now, I'm heading into town to meet my least favorite client. It's been a long journey and there's more ahead. Want to come with? Course you...
  9. Orbid

    Running Characters 1.6

    Speed through tracks as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles without their karts! This is modification of Feet Sonic by Seezee, so you can expect most features present in their mod. Update plans: Metal Sonic at some point Issues: None ...yet Running Sonic ME: For RetroStation's Master Emerald...
  10. It'sSonki!

    Jelly Sonki v1

    What is this Jelly Sonki! Thats what! Jelly Sonki plays like the original Sonki, with a few differences. Sonki can still be as fast as always, but he is a bit slower and gains more height instead. Sadly Jelly Sonki lacks a tv. *shrugs* With that, happy birthday to me! Credits: Sonki's...
  11. marievpyre

    [Open Assets] Momentum+ 2.0

    This mod is an edit to the controls of every character with the main design philosophy of "If pressing a button in a situation does nothing, something should be added!" The changes are listed below. 1. Every Character DashMode - Any character can now enter DashMode, but very little is changed...
  12. justasquare

    The Sketchog Process

    For my first and (probably) only addon I'm ever going to make, it's a Sonic the Sketchog character. Moveset ideas consist of a double jump (his second being less powerful than his first, and also both his jumps being pretty floaty), a wallkick (literally, there will be no wallslide meaning it...
  13. narufan202

    Giant Sonic! 2.2.13 and above

    WARNING THIS IS MY FIRST CHAR Now With That Out The Way Heres Giant Sonics Ability's The Ground Shaker! Once Sonic Lands On The Ground He Makes a Small Splash Of Debris That Can Kill Near By Enemy's! Collision! By Walking Or Touching And Enemy Giant Sonic Will Crush Them! Including Cracked Walls...
  14. Banjo268

    Frontiers Update 3 Thoughts and Opinions

    Spoilers are welcome, but I'll write how I feel later just wanna get this thread out for now. Is it good? Mid? Bad? Share it all!
  15. GamingJoe

    I am working on adding Sonic and Caliburn because nobody else will!

    I currently have no in-game images due to not having any sprites for them yet, so you'll only get to look at the abilities/description for now!
  16. cube

    Sonic the Hedgehog MVD: October 1st Demo 2.2

    Our newest entry to the Message Board is here, however please check the editing thread for more information, a summary of the game is posted here for newcomers. Keep in mind, however, that this is only a demonstration of what is to become a large singleplayer campaign mod in the far future...
  17. KitKatiscool

    anyone got ideas???

    so im making a srb2 mod called gumhog its one of my other projects other than secret rings sonic anyways i need some ideas for moves sense gumhog is just what if sonic ate the gumo gumo no mi aka (human human fruit) i need ideas for moves for all for all 4 GEARS!!! and if your ideas i cant do i...
  18. srb2fan341

    Past trio 1.2

    Thanks to ssn tails for letting me use the sprites and lua by wolfs Also thanks to gaming today for the idea
  19. Sonic Palace

    Hand drawn pre 2.2 sonic!

    So I'm making a pre 2.2 sonic but... I have no experience in modding srb2/doom I can only make the sprites. So I need help! Update 1: made a sprite, but its incomplete. Update 2: 1 complete sprite. Here.
  20. Sunnythemagnificent

    Thoughts On Sonic Crossovers. The Thread.

    This thread is all about sonic crossovers. Please be civil and respect others opinions.