character: sonic the hedgehog

  1. C

    Sonic the Hedgehog MVD: releasing in fall '23!

    we are proud to present our newest entry to the Message Board and as a tribute to Sonic CD's 30th anniversary (coming soon in fall '23), developed and yet to be published by Cosmix Productions – a 14-member devteam, and 3 years of developing, conceptualizing, and executing... Sonic the Hedgehog...
  2. isaquecst01

    Somebody is working on a another modern character?

    The two only is Modern Sonic V6 and Modern Knuckles V1
  3. Srb2 Guy (Call Me Bit.)

    Pocket Sonic Problems

    Okay Sure I Made Atleast, 5 mistakes. :dramahog: (im still learning ok?) but im STILL having problems With Pocket Sonic. The Transparent Sprites STILL Can't Work And I Am Working My FACE Off After Lots Of Minutes. In Other Words. HELP
  4. TheLastKitchenGun

    STC Super Sonic (Fleetway) v1

    so sonic the comic super sonic/fleetway abilities: press c1 to fire a laser Hover/Float Hold Spin and you'll start floating upwards for a second, then you'll start hovering Thok/MultiThok It's a thok. wow. if you have 30+ rings you gain multiability and a small stat boost the color also...
  5. V wont say

    What would Sonic be like if Mighty was the main character ?

    Just curious I mean it sounds quite obvious Mighty= Sonic Ray = Tails But it be nice if we change it up a bit lol Like instead of green hill zone It would be green city zone (Also here some art for the idea,yes I went off the design from FNF d sides )
  6. artloc1

    Marble Zone Remake

    Work is underway to recreate the classic marble zone map in 3D. The design of the map will change by the end of development. 1661917194 Do you think which type of bricks is better, left or right?
  7. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    Early Super Sonic idea

    I have thought about making a mod with full sprites of the super sonic from srb2 Xmas based on the unscaled drawings from SSNTails. Right now I have the RUN sprites and the Nights sprites complete. My problem would be that I could add to the character so that it is not a super sonic reskin:/
  8. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] Sonic New v1.1a - Dashmode Effect Fix and Secret Fix.

    Oh hey! Another Sonic character. This one is a little bit more with mobility by using the map. Small info about this mod: Sonic New was an old project on mine that was made out of reusable and non-reusable stuff and never seen the mb, there was a remake in form of a lua and some sprites. And...
  9. TrCnr24

    In my country.........

    In my country, I dont buy Sonic Frontiers cause if I add 50 TL's (Turkish Liras) above I can buy a Nintendo DS. (A good working DS lite is 750TL's.But Sonic Frontiers' pre-order is 700TL's).What do youthink about it?
  10. TrCnr24


    I think Sonic Forces is a GOOD video game. What is your feelings about Sonic Forces?
  11. antiago029102

    Antiago029102Color's 1.0

    New colors for sonic tails and knuckes!! MasterOfSpeed color for sonic ExpertFlyer color for tailsExperiencedGlyder color for knuckles HOPE YOU ENJOY!! :D
  12. Fyrid19

    [Reusable] Fyromentum V1

    So I decided to try and make a momentum mod I think its pretty decent (mod characters might break with this tho) Passive: Speedash Spindashing speeds you up It's the only form of speed in this mod that has a limit in this mod Sonic: Momentum Thok Sonic's thok is replaced with a thok that...

    sonkick 1.0

    i think i made the spindash too powerful.
  14. DankCyanic

    Who else is hyped for frontiers

    Bro, I'm pretty hyped for frontiers (Sonic frontiers). The gameplay looks a lot better then from first and I'm pretty hyped to play the green hill zone map
  15. Nirby 74

    It's Sonic's 31st Anniversary!

    What do you think about Sonic Origins? Or just his anniversary in general?
  16. H

    Hilda In SRB2!

    One of the characters i would love to see as a addon in this game, is Hilda from the netflix show known as "Hilda" She's one of my favorite cartoon characters from netflix, and i want to see a pretty interesting addon where you play as her. These are the things that i would like to see on her...
  17. Cosmic Emerald

    [Reusable] cosmic emerald's character tweaks (CECT) 1.1

    this is Cosmic Emerald's tweaks, each of the vanilla character's have some tweaks that make them, 1. have their normal speed and acceleration different 2. have different skin flags 3. their jump factor will be different based off the usability or general use of the character. (normal speed is...
  18. Cosmic Emerald

    Cosmic Chars (new pre-release)

    this is a side project im working on, which i will do many of so that i can get better at lua and spriting this character will consist of a momentum based homing thok, a drop dash, ledge clinging, dash mode, a crouch, spindash/roll, a dash, a stomp, and compatibility for battle and xmomentum...
  19. Glineo

    New Project!!!!

    I'm working on a character called STSonic (SpamThok Sonic) Features so far: - No Super Sonic :( (It may change :D) - Saturn inspired Hang sprites. (GIF below) - SpamThok (to be added of course) - Sonic Generations Classic Sonic sound effects. - A combined HUD of S1, S2, and S3. (to be added)...
  20. King the Memer

    [Reusable] King's Cancelled Chars v2

    so uh i was never a fan of the base vanilla characters, especially sonic, as they all feel unbalanced, so one day i thought: 'fuck it, imma just make good characters myself' so i did :) The Mod: Credits: NeonSRB2 - Made the squash and stretch code Tempest/Krimps - Made the original...