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Sonic ditches his kart and goes on foot, showing everybody what he's really capable of!
SRB2 Sonic features physics and abilities from Kart's source game, Sonic Robo Blast 2! With Lua ports of the jump, thok, spin, and spindash from its source code, this mod is made to be as accurate as possible to the source material.*


Press Brake to fling yourself upwards to new heights and discover new areas that weren't accessible before! Just like in SRB2, you can cut your jump short by letting go of the button early.


It's Sonic's signature, and also infamous, ability from SRB2! Press Brake again after jumping to lunge yourself forward in whatever direction you're facing. It's almost like infinite sneakers for free! By default the Thok aims to wherever you input, but this can be changed to where the camera is facing via the srb2style command.


Press Drift to curl up into a ball. You may have less control in this form, but you get extra speed from going down slopes!


Press and hold Drift to start revving up in a ball form, and let go to blast off! How long you hold the button for determines how strong the speed boost will be. You can also charge up a spindash during the race countdown!


Unlike with other characters in this game, SRB2 Sonic allows you to move and control your camera independently! Press Custom 1 to rotate the camera right, and Custom 2 to rotate the camera left. Don't forget to set these buttons, as they're vital to a complete experience!


Press Drift after jumping with a shield to perform its shield ability! You can only use the Lightning Shield's double jump currently, but expect compatibility in the future with SRB2Kart v2's new shields!


Jump or spin into other players to damage them like they're badniks! Cheat not only in races, but in battles as well!


Combine your moves together to take never before possible shortcuts, and demolish the competition!

*As accurate as possible does not mean 100% accurate, as there are still some inaccuracies due to hardcoded behaviors that are impossible to work around. Despite this, I still hope you enjoy this character!


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"How many layers of irony are you on?"

"Like...maybe 5 or 6 now, my dude."

"You are like little baby, watch this."

I haven't tried him yet, I will shortly. But I gotta ask, is he so accurate that he dies upon being hit by any weapons? As he'd have no rings to protect himself from that.
This is super cool (Though a little jank with the thok), but I have one issue... The tank controls. I understand why it's like that, but personally I think it'd be great to have an option to make turning custom 1 and custom 2 instead of just left/right, and have you actually be able to strafe. wouldn't be perfect, but its the best option we have. also... please, just make the turning normal. the "acceleration" has made me fall off so many cliffs its not even funny. just like having turning instantly start turning you at max speed, atleast as an option. it feels really crappy having the speed at which you turn be inconsistent
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Think I made some progress on modeling this by accident, I can go on full detail on how I made this:
got the 3 model files from Sonic in SRB2, copy them to KDLC in mdls of SRB2K, then rename the 3 files to say "SRB2SONIC" instead of "SONIC" and THEN, you go to the mdls.dat file in SRB2K and you can put anywhere this line of text and you save it:
and you get this... thing... it's kinda broken, but it works


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Hands down the best Kart character I've ever seen. I actually love it and will main this anytime it is on a server
Version 1.1 is now out. Here's a list of changes:

- The movement code now properly accounts for scale. This means Sonic will now move at a normal speed in maps that are in a different scale, such as SD Balloon Panic.

- Sonic's speed and acceleration are now decreased when underwater.

- Jumping is now properly affected by platform momentum and slopes. It wasn't like this in the previous version because I tried to brute-force it when Kart already does it automatically.

- You can now smash through bustable walls by spinning. Not that Kart maps really have any.

- You can now break monitors. Although, half of them don't even work properly.

- You can no longer "spin" when squished.

- You can now jump out of water slides, just like in SRB2.
This is so weird and cool at the same time. One thing, though: if accelerate isn't held, Sonic actually constantly slows down, so things like boosts or invincibility and grow don't properly speed up Sonic. Other than that, this is something amazing! SRB2K R, here we come!
Version 1.2 is now out.

This update is actually a bit smaller than the version number implies, but I felt it was worth it for how important this update actually is.

After multiple complaints from multple people...

SRB2 Sonic no longer breaks other SRB2 Sonics after finishing a race!
This makes SRB2 Sonic actually usable online and in other multiplayer settings.
And all I had to do was change a return to a continue in the code.
This is what happens when you get so used to using the PlayerThink hook in Vanilla, and then transition to using players.iterate because Kart doesn't have that hook yet.

Anyways, I hope you guys will now truely be able to experience SRB2 Sonic the way he was meant to be played.
Quite a novelty idea.
Probably the only other character I can remotely see myself playing in Kart.
YES! I can feel it! The freedom in the mod is G R E A T! Absolutely stellar job with this mod, man! I'm having a LOT of fun with this.
This mod is so fun!!! My favorite (vanilla) course to explore so far is Vanilla Hotel. You get SO much freedom to just jump around all the objects. It feels like a giant playground!

I also noticed something in Kart Airlines Zone. In section 2, there are some monitors moving along a belt & you can break them. When breaking the shoes & invincibility monitors, the game tries to load the correct music & fails, resulting in silence for a few seconds. I've included screenshots with the console text. Not a major issue; if anything, fixing this could be a cool easter egg!


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