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This here is a port of the fantastic Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff mod, originally ported to 2.1 by Boincel, for version 2.2. Since I am no good with BBCode, I will spare you the migraine myself and suggest you read the original port's description for an insight onto what this mod entails while I go over some of the changes specific to this port below.

  • The game now has its own save data, allowing you to play the whole campaign in save mode.
  • The bonus levels included in the original mod are now included as bonus unlockables by beating the final level and then playing them in order, with the exception of obama's level, which is unlocked by [REDACTED]
  • The first two levels have been redesigned to reflect the 2.2 version of Greenflower Zone.
  • Special Stages now use blue spheres instead of rings (they should still function as intended).
  • Special Stage 2's parameters have been modified to be far more lenient for how early it is in the lineup.
  • Due to the axing of SRB1 remake and by extension its objects, a new custom Gearless object has been implemented to fill the void in the levels that used them before.
  • salutations bruh now has a short but necessary side path so that it is beatable as Fang and Amy.
  • If, for some unfathomable reason, you would like to play with the mod's multiplayer maps unironically, there is a separate pk3 included which contains these maps and none of the extra fluff for the purpose of dedicated match/race servers.

Version 1.1

  • The walls in GFZ2 are now bouncy again
  • Fixed an issue with the zoom tube in MAP15 not working as intended
Version 1.0

  • Initial Release



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I gotta say, I have no idea what the hell I just saw, heard, and experienced... But... It's good... I guess?

To be honest it's pretty... Good... But it does not run well on my phone to the point to where it actively crashed my phone so I do not recommend this mod for Android users but... It's... Good (look I never played the older versions alright so this is my first reaction to this mod).
port uneecssary the Sonic Robo Blast Version v2.1 version works prefectly ok in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2!!!!!!!!


(Kwiin received an infraction for this post: ur a dope)

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port uneecssary the Sonic Robo Blast Version v2.1 version works prefectly ok in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2!!!!!!!!


(Kwiin received an infraction for this post: ur a dope)

1. Just because the 2.1 version works in 2.2 doesn't mean that the port is pointless because the mod might still need updates.

2. Now you may be thinking that this is wrong but it actually works but some things are different (but I don't know what the difference is when I don't even know what I'm looking at 90% of the time) and here's a screenshot of the 2.1 version on the Android version of srb2 version 2.2


And yes the font changing of the buttons is universal for both the 2.1 and 2.2 versions
I still remember this map... Chaotic as ever. Glad I could play this again.
Also uh you may wanna fix this....
Non spin characters cannot pass through this part