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This here is a port of the fantastic Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff mod, originally ported to 2.1 by Boincel, for version 2.2. Since I am no good with BBCode, I will spare you the migraine myself and suggest you read the original port's description for an insight onto what this mod entails while I go over some of the changes specific to this port below.


  • The game now has its own save data, allowing you to play the whole campaign in save mode.
  • The bonus levels included in the original mod are now included as bonus unlockables by beating the final level and then playing them in order, with the exception of obama's level, which is unlocked by [REDACTED]
  • The first two levels have been redesigned to reflect the 2.2 version of Greenflower Zone.
  • Special Stages now use blue spheres instead of rings (they should still function as intended).
  • Special Stage 2's parameters have been modified to be far more lenient for how early it is in the lineup.
  • Due to the axing of SRB1 remake and by extension its objects, a new custom Gearless object has been implemented to fill the void in the levels that used them before.
  • salutations bruh now has a short but necessary side path so that it is beatable as Fang and Amy.
  • If, for some unfathomable reason, you would like to play with the mod's multiplayer maps unironically, there is a separate pk3 included which contains these maps and none of the extra fluff for the purpose of dedicated match/race servers.


Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed a softlock with certain no-spin characters in salutations bruh

Version 1.1

  • The walls in GFZ2 are now bouncy again
  • Fixed an issue with the zoom tube in MAP15 not working as intended
Version 1.0

  • Initial Release



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Latest updates

  1. The "oops it's not actually fixed update"

    So my dumb ass missed an entire section of "salutations bruh" that wasn't beatable as certain...

Latest reviews

Would Play Again
Upvote 1
i told you about stairs bro
Upvote 1
Hands down, this is one of the worst level packs I have ever seen, or had to witness, and the key word is witness. It's nothing but loud sounds and bright flashing colors, I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I draw the line at jackass level design, and ear rape. And to make it worse, people are giving it positive reviews, despite not giving an explanation besides "It's good, I promise", it's not good, avoid this mod, play something else, and the only people who like it are lying to themselves, or hate living in general. and to add salt to the wound, we could've had an actual classic ported to 2.2, but instead we have the go deaf for admin with new epilepsy mode. final verdict: this mod is JUST BAD.
Upvote 0
this is truly the mod of all time
Upvote 1
I've played this thing in full more times than any other map pack for this game, not joking. Even if the levels are objectively terrible, I still can't help but laugh at how stupid this is, especially since I love Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff and this is a perfect representation of the comic in SRB2 wad form. Play this expecting eye straining visuals and loud noises.

(he still is curiose about the turkey hole) though
Upvote 3
This pack is one of the few I never get tired of. I revisit it at least 5 times per year, and, it makes me glad it has been ported to the newer versions of the game. A great representation of my favorite webcomic.
Upvote 2
A masterpiece, would recommend
Upvote 2
After stumbling into another nacho and hearing that harsh recorded scream once again, I've had enough; this mapset is so bad it's awful. Most of the player's time is spent wondering how they're supposed to progress a level, or going through copy+pasted sections of pre-existing ones, all the while obnoxious noises and flashing colours assault the senses.
Some of the decisions made in this SRB2 mapset were a bit more excuseable in Doom jokewads, where the player had access to an automap at all times, and could save/load whenever they wanted. But it's just not acceptable here. At one point I had apparently picked the wrong path in a previous level and was booted to the titlescreen (while in no save mode, mind you), meaning if I wanted to get to any of the unlockable secrets legitimately I'd have to start the whole thing over, since cheating to get back to where I was would disable stat progression.
Would not recommend this to anyone, unless they think loud noises, screaming and tediousness are the height of comedy.
I hesitate to even call this a jokewad, as I feel like that's an insult to jokewads. Theres only two "jokes" that make up this mapset: waste the player's time, and be obnoxious.
Upvote 2
I have played thru all of the campaign maps without the Chaos Emeralds (Games) and I got to say, it's a pretty nice port of the classic meme map pack. Three things I hate about this port is:
1. Once you complete a secret level, you get sent all the way back to the start and lose all of your progress, and have to start from square one.
2. Two of the maps are very laggy, The two in particular are "ROBOTS EZSIST????????" and "FINAL FINAL BOOS FIGT." Not even switching between Software and OpenGL helps to increase performance. I was still able to beat these levels with the horrible performance.
3. "IN THE WOUDS" appears to have no goal anywhere, which is a big issue when your doing single player with no cheats whatsoever.
One thing that I find interesting is with the MIDI choices. Some of them were from the game Toontown, which I immediately recognized when I went into some levels, which was nice to hear. Overall, SB&HJ: The Movie is a well-done port of 2.0's classic meme, and I hope that Apollyon Woman makes some more excellent ports in the future ahead!
Rolly Polly Pal
Rolly Polly Pal
How were you accessing the secret levels? I've found that some people get teleported to them during netgames for no discernable reason, I specifically changed them so that they're separate unlockables for beating the main campaign. Please dm me more info on this or elaborate in the discussion tab if you can.

I also can't comment on the lagginess of those two stages as I believe they're most likely meant to be intentional.

IN THE WOUDS also has an exit although I might have improperly included one of the two that are supposed to be there. Trust me, it is beatable, it's just a wee bit trollish. Will be fixed in an update though.
Upvote 2
ahahahahaha just HOW [i]high[/i] do you even have to BE just to PORT something like this.........
Upvote 3