misc graphics

  1. [credd]

    OpenGL workaround on chromebook

    yeah so whenever i try turning on opengl on my 2gb chromebook (and i have a possibly better computer, i just lost the charger), it gives me some weird error saying "SRB2 has attempted to access a memory location that it shouldn't and needs to close" and since i'm too lazy to fix that (plus...
  2. Muffin kid from Brazil

    PT-BR Hud (Hud Brasileiro) v3

    DISCLAIMER : THIS MOD IS A RE-TRADUTION THAT MIGHT HAVE MORE CONTENT IN A NEAR FUTURE (I THINK) Hello/Ola This mod just do a small re-tradution to the hud,so dont expect to much from this/Esse Mod é uma pequena re-tradução do hud,então não espere muito disso aqui Have Fun :D/Tenha Diversão :D...
  3. CyanKnight

    Community Hats! 1.0

    This addon Contains 50+ Hats made by some of our community members! The File must be loaded AFTER Krabs's Cosmetics mod in order to work and contains Fixed offsets for Various characters to make sure they fit most hats as well as they possibly can. This is an Open project still so if you'd like...
  4. Hyperon_Ion

    A Useful Spindash 1.0

    The Spindash is considered one of the most important and iconic moves in Sonic games. But, do you ever use it in SRB2 except for when you need to get past a required obstacle? Or when you do use it outside of its required moments, it feels like unreliable and not worth your time? Introducing...
  5. BuggieTheBug

    Pizza TV (Pizza Tower TV thingy, Cancelled?)

    I make a silly little thing that is not a character, no idea if it will come out but i have some good progress. Stuff i made: Some simple sprites for the TV. Some crops of player sprites to put in the TV. Background changing color based on the level (Boss and which zone, but can differ on acts)...
  6. Youngod

    Looney Tunes Fade v1

    The classic fade from the cartoons That's all folks!
  7. DirkTheHusky

    [Open Assets] Dynamic Kart HUD v1.1.0

    Dynamic Kart HUD What is Dynamic Kart HUD and what does it do? Dynamic HUD is a simple addon that rewrites Kart's HUD code from source code into lua. Not only that, but it also adds in a few twists into the main HUD to spice it up a notch. You can even customize your interface through the...
  8. RalphJeremy65

    DualShock 4 and Switch Joycon Tutorial Zone Sprites v1/v1.0.1

    These are two sprite replacement mods I made out of boredom that basically replaces the Xbox controller in the Tutorial Zone with either a PS4's DualShock 4 or a Nintendo Switch's Joycon pad, as well as also altering the tutorial dialogue to reflect said controllers. Thought of dropping it to...
  9. Biggy-π

    [Open Assets] Various Sonic 3 Styled Objects v2

    A sprite replacement mod that replaces some sprites to be inspired, or based on Sonic 3! As of now, this replaces: The item monitors, along with their icons, All of the emblems, The Chaos Emeralds, and Master Emerald Shards, The Signpost, and slight recolors to the flame and bubble...
  10. Mari0shi06

    Monitor Shatter from Triple Trouble 16-bit 1

    A simple mod that adds glass shards, a sound effect, and a small screenshake for when you break a Power-up Monitor If you want this mod to apply to custom monitors, load this mod AFTER any Custom Monitors are loaded Credits: GFX32 - Sprites from this Sonic 3 A.I.R mod Noah Copeland - Idea...
  11. C

    [Open Assets] World RPG Alpha a0.0.0_2.0.3

    World RPG is just a topdown 3D map editor at the moment, but a lot of features are planned throughout the many upcoming updates. Keep note that a maximum of 8 players is the recommended max for this mod due to how the world generation system works currently in the latest public recommended alpha...
  12. clairebun

    [Open Assets] HUD Objects system 1.1

    This addon is intended for content creators and contains a script which allows modders to easily create dynamic HUD elements. It also contains an example HUD which demonstrates some of the capabilities of the system. Features Easily create elements by adding them to a global hudobjs table...
  13. Kirb

    Sonic 1 titlecard and HUD 2.1

    INFO: i accidentally swapped this hud (the end of act graphics only) ( https://mb.srb2.org/threads/sonic-1-hud-cd-hud-na-prototype-hud.28270/ ) and the one i was actually supposed to add in, and it wouldn't make sense just replacing the files after months of release a mod that replicates...
  14. Pyrakid Wolfo

    Star Coins over Emblems

    Pyrakid Wolfo submitted a new resource: Star Coins over Emblems - Do an emblem collectathon with Mario flair! Read more about this resource...
  15. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Open Assets] Star Coins over Emblems v2

    Ever wanted to do an Emblem collect-athon with Mario but you wanted a mario-kick to it? Well now you can, it's now Mario-like, just like in Mario odyssey, you collect Power Moons- i mean just like in New Super Mario Bros. you collect Star Coins, even having that nice sound effect accompanied by...
  16. Golden Shine

    [Open Assets] Adventure Styled Explosions v2

    Changes explosion and sound to Sonic Adventure 2's when you defeat robots! Features: Scales automatically with enemy size (height+radius) Causes a minor impact quake that hits a little harder the harder you do! Can be toggled on or off with the SAexplosions command!
  17. Kirb

    Chaos Knuckles v4.2(minor update)

    Chaos Knuckles, original knuckles transfrormation made by Ken Penders, is very fast in this mod, yet easy to use. ______________________________________________ abilities aimed spamdash | a spindash that can be used while running or rolling that has a trail so you can adjust the aim...
  18. Rokotallion Blast

    [Open Assets] you are now blind. 2021-08-05

    Sorry bud, I don't make the rules here. To put it simply, your game is now darkened and liquid planes are flat colored, making it difficult for you to pass the level. Your memorization is key. Mod can only be played on Windows devices as it is a shader.
  19. DarkyBenji

    [Open Assets] NameTags v1

    Sorry to keep you waiting but here it is... NameTags! Nametag is something Kart needed the most, inspired from v2, with some extra feature i added! Customization: Nametags have many custom Commands for clientside user! nametag On/Off (On by Default): The most basic one, Enable or Disable...
  20. SuperPhanto

    [Open Assets] Sonic Heroes Custom Fade 1

    Just a cool custom fade that took a little longer than I would have liked to get finished haha. Use it for whatever you want!