1. ketchupik

    [Reusable] SRB2 Chaos Domain 2.3.2

    Welcome to Chaos Domain port for 2.2! Original Chaos Domain from 2.1: Port feature: Most bugs was fixed All emblems now obtainable Also special thanks for port contributors:
  2. Night_Steel_Wolf

    [Reusable] Fleetway Sonic is Release This is 1 vesrion

    It finally happened, I finished this mod, I'm glad it happened, HERE
  3. thekingdudidly

    TKD's Loot Ring Monitor V2

    Have you ever missed the old 25 ring monitor from earlier SRB2 versions? Well, introducing the Loot Ring monitor! ....Yeah, not that much to it other then that, but it can work with legacy styled maps!
  4. S0nic1983

    [Reusable] Pac-Man Minigame!

    PACMAN MINIGAME NOW IN SRB2!!! Pacman is an arcade game created by Namco in 1980. A standard game where you move around the maze, collect points, eat fruit, etc. This mod was created in almost 2 weeks, as a project for development. It was inspired by Subarashii and Kimokawaii (Puyo Puyo...
  5. TelosTurntable

    [Reusable] A Mod That Ruins SRB2

    [I'd advise CAUTION if you're easily embarrassed by people behind you -- it gets kiiinda suggestive] Welcome to hell - this is a Mod That Ruins SRB2, also known as RuinsSRB2. It adds stupid dumb jokes to the game, and happened entirely because I can't post screenshots of Bumblebore in GFZ1...
  6. FuriousFox

    [Reusable] Custom gamedata - Allows you to create save files with addons v1

    This is a very simple SOC script that creates a custom gamedata, which therefore allows you to create save files while using addons. If what I said is too confusing, maybe this will make more sense to you: HOW TO USE: 1. Load all the addons that you want to use. 2. Load v_customsave-v1.soc as...
  7. Twins'R'Okay

    [Reusable] Twins Alt HUD v1

    Be warned: This HUD is not clientsided, you'll need custom game data in order to save your progress. This is a simple HUD inspired by Sonic 3 and Chaotix. Nothing much else to say other than it replaces: - Score-Time-Rings - NiGHTS HUD - Some main menu stuff - The title cards at the...
  8. SuperPhanto

    [Reusable] The Gadd Science Inc. Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (FLUDD)

    That's right, FLUDD is back, and mostly unchanged from its 2.1 iteration. Regardless, this was listed as re-usable, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. I do plan on redoing the sprites, but for now I'll just leave it as is. Basically, pressing Fire or Fire Normal will use the selected nozzle...
  9. BlueZero4

    [Reusable] Minimal HUD

    A heads-up display that gets out of your way. Because the life count is hidden, I've included a script to prevent the player from running out of lives (courtesy Kaysakado).
  10. Frostiikin

    [Reusable] 2.1 Spindash Power

    A very simple set of SOCs that restore the spindash on Sonic, Tails, Knux, and Metal sonic (even though metal wasn't in 2.1) to it's former power, for people who prefer having the old spindash's utility.
  11. Zippy_Zolton

    [Reusable] Everyone Likes Tails

    A simple mod that gives everyone a combo with Tails. I wasn't expecting this to be my first submission, but the idea came into my head while working on something else, so I whipped this up in under an hour. EDIT: Fixed a small color error in the descriptions for the Knuckles and Metal combos.
  12. Radicalicious

    [Reusable] Alternate Player Names

    In this .zip file you will get four mods, which change the player names based on the name of the wad file, for example, Fang becomes Nack, Tails becomes Miles, etc.
  13. Zippy_Zolton

    [Reusable] Amy & Metal CD Sounds

    An extremely minor tweak, but one I haven't seen surface. I got the idea while talking about the characters in my server and someone brought up that it would be cool if Metal Sonic used sounds from SCD. just pretend the gif has sound v1.1 now removes everything in the P_SKIN that isn't sound...
  14. Princess Draykon

    [Reusable] [Tweak] Juicier Popgun 1.0

    Have you ever gotten so frustrated with a conversation that you stay up until 6AM making a minor tweak WAD to prove some kind of vague point about gamefeel? This WAD adds a few small visual effects to Fang's popgun to increase juiciness. There's now a small shockwave as you shoot, and the...
  15. Spectra

    [Reusable] vl_srb2xl.wad

    Don't let them tempt you It's not as it seems. Exercise is key Too much... and... The SRB2 Discord server helped alot with any scripting i didn't know, so some credit goes to them. Also thank you for those who joined "Spectra's XL Server" during testing
  16. Halatnikov

    [Reusable] Play NiGHTS Special Stages in Co-op

    Allows you to play NiGHTS Special Stages in Co-op instead of MP Special Stages
  17. Z

    [Reusable] V_NeoJamHud-v2.wad

    This is the Neo Jam Hud.... kinda self explanitory. Basically an authentic mod of the Heads Up Display (HUD) in Sonic Jam. "Isn't there already a Sonic Jam HUD?" Yes, that's in Cyron's "Jammin" thread in releases, but this one is different. This one looks completely different from the one in...
  18. Z

    [Reusable] Transparent Life HUD Icons

    Transparent Life Icons changes the life icons to be transparent, removing that ugly white box! It also mirrors the life icons, because I found the original ones facing left to be unappreciative, or to a disliking. It has support for the following modded characters: - Silver - Cream (not on mb...
  19. toaster

    [Reusable] Score-multiplier sphere flashing (v_maniaspheres-v1.soc) 1

    NiGHTS mode was changed during 2.2's development to be more accurate to the source material, including things like having the chips become yellow when Bonus Time is entered. I noticed this had a similarity to the feature in Sonic Mania where the blue spheres in the special stage would start...
  20. birbhorse

    [Reusable] Play Multiplayer Special Stages in Singleplayer

    Shocked that this wasn't a thing yet! This is a similar take on Play NiGHTS Special Stages in Co-op, except now you play the Multiplayer Stages in Singleplayer, just like the pre-v2.1 days in a way.