1. Mr.FondusBroMan

    TD Forest (REMAKE! Official) V1

    Original Used:
  2. Mr.FondusBroMan

    Scarf The Wolf (legacy) V2.6.5b

    Hello. Yes I am the one in the discord server Srb2 Community and I am the creator of the mod Scarf The Wolf/TD Forest and Sonic.exe in youtube. But now when I was banned. I decided to do an update and completely removed everything with non-reusable content, for adding a reusable content. And I'm...
  3. Fairon

    [Reusable] Fairon The Heghehog V1.8

    New hero in studios Fairon The Heghehog Speed Faster Teleport Run is used a mod: Papper Pellout Abilities 1. Electric Thok: This is just a Thok 2. Teleport Homing This is just a homing thok, but he is...
  4. Katmint

    [Reusable] rphys 4b

    This is rphys, a custom build containing a total overhaul of the game physics. The changes are essentially: Global Physics Momentum is preserved Linear acceleration Slope physics are drastically altered Higher gravity, higher jump heights More maneuverability while jumping or spinning...
  5. Invert_Tails

    SRB2Kart - 3-2-1-Go countdown

    I have been noticing lately that some Kart servers have had actual voiced countdowns for the 3-2-1. Based on the SRB2Wiki I found the default countdown is the same sound (DSS3KAD). My question is, is the implementation of the custom individual sounds for 3-2-1 something that is script based...
  6. Dust Sans

    [Reusable] TobyFox V1

    Toby Fox is here... Toby Fox The Annoying Dog History It's an interesting coincidence. This dog appeared in the game srb2((Sonic Robo Blast 2) Or more precisely the world of Sonic Robo Blast 2) he somehow got into the Deep Sea. As a result, he found the Magic Red Ruby. Which gives him...
  7. Hat

    Hat's.. odd Skincolors v1

    I'm not sure if anyone's all too interested in skincolors anymore, but here I am. This is just a pack of a bunch of skincolors, which I definitely plan on updating to add more. Here's a GIF of all the current skincolors: Well, I guess that's pretty much all there is to say? It is just some...
  8. Klines

    [Reusable] Bleech Bouncer From 2.0! 1.0

    Original Thread: Bleech Bouncer Is A Badnik Created By Fawfulfan. This is a port that has its advantages: Badnik now have 1 HP Changed Purple Color to Blue Color (Goop now is blue, It's 2.2 lol) Have New SOC and Lua...
  9. Sinny33

    MugenHunter Nack 1.1

    MugenHunter Nack has finally arrived to SRB2! After a Year and a Half of Development and an SRB2 Mod Direct segment, He's finally here to meet up with his brother Fang.Why did I refer to him as Fang's brother? Well, He comes from a different continuity. He's from the Fighting Game, Freedom...
  10. X

    Fireworks v1

    Okay so basically, this lua/soc adds a monitor that can spawn fireworks, recommended for new year or any holidays. You can spawn a monitor by pressing CUSTOM 2, It works with all characters. Also make sure to use the fireworks OUTSIDE, these fireworks are almost the same as the real ones...
  11. Sonic blood


    how can i make intro like we started SRB2 then we see sonic team Junior Present's but i want to change it for my level pack mod
  12. Sirexer

    [Reusable] S-19 Space Station 1.3

    👋Welcome to S-19 Space Station👋 In this station, you can have fun with your friends! This map is great for 24/7 servers and Hangout servers. Rooms There are 6 apartments and each has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. You can lock apartment with button nearby the door. Entertainment...
  13. Marcos

    [Reusable] Faraway Fields Zone 1.0

    After a year or so in development hell with myself, I am but proud to share with you Faraway Fields Zone. A reimagination of a certain level. This is by all means the right and best way to experience it. Features: A new (definitely not pointless) collectible scattered all around the map...
  14. Crackers

    [Reusable] Multi and Match SuperRing Boxes v1.0

    Hi to all! This source replaces all the standard SuperRing monitors to new customized ring monitors with a random quantity of rings for all game modes, or adds a new monitors with any random ringslinger weapon with some random quantity too! They can change to a fix monitor or change to a...
  15. X

    [Reusable] Shoot-able Rosy Mod 1

    What does it do? It replaces the object type MT_ROSY with a modified one that can be damaged. Why? I made this for the lulz. At first it started as a joke but then i tried doing this as a challenge to see if i was able to make a script to make this possible only using SOC. This took me 3 hours...
  16. Golden

    [Reusable] SOC++ 1.0.0

    SOC++ implements what could be best described as assembly code encoded into SOC Actions. It has several features, including: Up to 8GB read-write dynamic memory per object (2^31 32-bit numbers) Conditional jumping, unconditional and conditional branching. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication...
  17. ◢◤Garcello◢◤

    hello guys,coming soon to Fleetway Super Sonic V1.5, : )

  18. CloneFighter

    GET BLUE SPHERES! S3K style!

    A lot of things are happening lmoa I can't even keep track of how many projects are still hyped up for. Either way... It is time to go Time Stone graphics not included. That is right, I am planning to make a Blue Spheres special stages mod, replacing 2.0's stages in Multiplayer with good ol'...
  19. ketchupik

    SRB2 Chaos Domain 2.3.3

    Welcome to Chaos Domain port for 2.2! MOD EDIT: By CoatRack's request, Modification of the levels is not authorized, but feel free to use any of the mod's assets, including textures, sprites, enemies, and bosses! Just don't forget your proper credits! Original Chaos Domain from 2.1...
  20. T

    Loot Ring Monitor V2

    Have you ever missed the old 25 ring monitor from earlier SRB2 versions? Well, introducing the Loot Ring monitor! ....Yeah, not that much to it other then that, but it can work with legacy styled maps!