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    • Micro reviewed the resource Sonic's Schoolhouse HUD.
      5.00 star(s) The bouncing numbers are a great touch. For best results use the arrow keys to move your character.
    • Micro replied to the thread Sonic's Schoolhouse.
      Oops, sorry bout that.
    • Micro replied to the thread Sonic's Schoolhouse.
      How can you prevent this from being reusable if you didn't even make the map? Pretty sure that's against the rules.
    • Micro posted the thread Peckles in Works in Progress.
      funny bird That's right! I'm making ANOTHER character. This is more of a simple thing i made while i was bored. It's not ready just...
      • peckles and sonic.png
      • srb20212.gif
    • Micro replied to the thread 25 Years of SRB2.
      I'm not sure how I stumbled upon SRB2, But I remember the first mods I ever used were stuff like SRB2Hub, SUGOI, And the 2.1 versions of...
    • Micro replied to the thread hijolindos models.
      Not sure about the colored guys, But that Tails model appears to be Xinus22's Tails model.
    • Micro replied to the thread Taz Mode.
      Am i supposed to fight a green Metal Sonic at the end of ERZ act 2? I think that might be a bug.
    • Micro replied to the thread Pizza Tower-Styled Afterimages.
      funny pizza time mode. I like it. It would be cool if there was an option to add Pizza Tower's droning running sound too.
    • To fix the sprites, Have you tried using the SF_HIRES flag in the S_SKIN?
    • Micro replied to the thread Trouble loading into netgames..
      Pretty much. And if it does get past that screen, It get's stuck on the snake minigame. This is recent too, As this never happened until...
    • Whenever I try to play a netgame, It hangs on the addon list scanning screen and sometimes it even crashes. Is there any way to fix this?
    • Micro replied to the thread Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 2.2 Port.
      Found a bug. Once you get to Prison Lane, It switches you to Sonic, Forcing you to play the rest of the mod as him.
    • I wanted to update my Kart mod with hi-res sprites, But I'm not sure if that's possible.
    • Crash Twinsanity. That game was full of glitches, And felt more unfinished as it went on.
    • Micro replied to the thread Name some bootlegs..
      I remember there being a bootleg that was just Sparkster on the SNES, but you play as Sonic.
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