1. L

    SF94-Serv 4.0

    This is a port of SF94-Serv, an old popular hangout levelpack made by SonicFreak94, Sik, Penopat and Donnyku. Variables allowresetnpcs: When disabled, only the server and administrator can use the resetnpcs command. Disabled by default. Might get removed from future versions. jumpsphere...
  2. TheGoldenTail

    Snow Breeze v1.0

    Welcome to Snow Breeze! It's my first level in srb2 and I'm pretty happy with it. Hope you enjoy it! Plot The main goal is to get to the top of the mountain and meet up for a nice picnic at the top...
  3. Mr.FondusBroMan

    TD Forest (REMAKE! Official) V1

    Original Used:
  4. whoknows

    [Reusable] Snoopy V1.5

    Snoopy's now in SRB2K! You can play as the comic strip dog from 1951!
  5. Mr.FondusBroMan

    Scarf The Wolf (legacy) V2.6.5b

    Hello. Yes I am the one in the discord server Srb2 Community and I am the creator of the mod Scarf The Wolf/TD Forest and Sonic.exe in youtube. But now when I was banned. I decided to do an update and completely removed everything with non-reusable content, for adding a reusable content. And I'm...
  6. Polyhighway

    How can i get 2.2.10 on androis

    hi tailsss here not polyhighway So i was playing srb2 an a hour ago on the mobile port btw and i wanted to play multiplayer but the game says i need to download the latest version even if i did pls help me guys:dramahog::sadthumbsup:
  7. pedro64m_newacc

    How do i play online co-op?

    I wanna play co-op online with my friend, i wanna make the server, how do i do it?
  8. helphop10

    winding woods 4.0

    this is a zone length experience to have a bit of fun with based on the scrapped zone from sonic 2 called wood zone this will be part of a bigger project called eastside island discord server:
  9. M/C Industries

    Armageddon City Zone Match Map 1.1

    These Screenshots Were Taken In Version 1.0, Which Explains Why There Are No Circles Of Weapon Rings And The Buildings Look Incorrect.
  10. TheLastKitchenGun

    Invalid [2.2.10] Server Browser messes with adding Addons

    first, go to the server browser then try adding an addon, it won't make the sound and the icon changes like if the addon was actually added, but it wasn't seems to work normally if you record a gif, whenever I tried recording a gif it added it normally
  11. squiddo

    [Reusable] Greenflower City 1.0

    I'm planning for this to be a hub for multiplayer, but the current map ID is MAP01. I'll add more detail eventually.
  12. Fairon

    [Reusable] Fairon The Heghehog V1.8

    New hero in studios Fairon The Heghehog Speed Faster Teleport Run is used a mod: Papper Pellout Abilities 1. Electric Thok: This is just a Thok 2. Teleport Homing This is just a homing thok, but he is...
  13. Pikaspoop

    Server Browser doesn't display all servers

    Hello! For the past few weeks, the server browser in SRB2 doesn't seem to be displaying all available servers properly. In the first image, you can see my servers being displayed in the CUSTOM room just fine. I had just set these servers to that room today, where previously they were all tied to...
  14. jayflamestar

    Jay's Colors v2

    Hi! I decided to make some skincolors for fun, and I thought I'd publish them for some people to have if they like them! This pack has 21 normal skincolors, 3 animated skincolors, and 1 special skincolor, totaling up to 25 new skincolors! Credits: SkinColor Effects by Rem - Used as a base...
  15. Twins'R'Okay

    [Reusable] Encore Mode v1.2/1.1h

    Coming straight from Sonic Mania Plus, is Encore Mode. An alternative gametype that aims to recreate the titular mode with a few enhancements and compatibility for mods & level packs. This mod comes in two parts: The script and the level pack. Both must be added if you want the True Encore...
  16. JABSphere94

    JAB's Chaos and Battle Maps V1.1

    hi I noticed a lot of chaos maps are just edited match/battle maps so I decided to do the same with some battle maps I made. Only has two maps as of this post Ancient Fort Zone and Strange Plains Zone. The chaos pack also includes some custom enemies I made/edited, 2 basic enemies, 1...
  17. Dust Sans

    [Reusable] TobyFox V1

    Toby Fox is here... Toby Fox The Annoying Dog History It's an interesting coincidence. This dog appeared in the game srb2((Sonic Robo Blast 2) Or more precisely the world of Sonic Robo Blast 2) he somehow got into the Deep Sea. As a result, he found the Magic Red Ruby. Which gives him...
  18. S

    Zombie Tag 1.1.1

    Out Maneuver your friends in this quick paced game. Will you escape your friends and complete the round alive, or will you be subjected to the infection plaguing the world. Special thanks to my friends who helped this gamemode become a reality. FunnyBlurMan Draco Jona
  19. Hat

    Hat's.. odd Skincolors v1

    I'm not sure if anyone's all too interested in skincolors anymore, but here I am. This is just a pack of a bunch of skincolors, which I definitely plan on updating to add more. Here's a GIF of all the current skincolors: Well, I guess that's pretty much all there is to say? It is just some...
  20. DarkWra1th

    Crossfire 1.0

    This is my first time making a full map. I had no ideas and level design skills so I decided to recreate my favorite map from Half-Life DM. It took me a long time to recreate this map and the various elevators and bunker and I'm so happy that I finally made it. Weapon placement almost identical...