1. Hendrix

    Riddle Jungle remake for 2.2?

    Heya~ Working on a new level pack inspired on my old and frustrared mod Riddle Jungle. It's kind of a remake, but better and original. I mean, some parts are really similar, but not equal. Places names are different and the theme too. Trying to make wide open maps without lag. Probably gonna...
  2. Twins'R'Okay

    Adding bot support to your SRB2Kart Map.

    Hey kids :threat: If you're reading this guide, you've probably heard about an addon that allows you to race against bots. If you haven't then, go check it out already! You're probably also a mapper that wants to add such support to your maps. Well, this guide will quickly teach you how to...
  3. Stardust Dragon

    [Reusable] [Match Map Pack] Brazilian Community Map Jam (November 2020 edition) 1.1

    Ok… Where do I start from? Hi, the name is Dragon, Stardust Dragon, I'm an admin on SRB2 Brazilian Community Server, and that's all you need to know about me. Basically. In November 2020, I organized our second Match Map JAM (Yeah! Second). Why posting this here just now? Well, we have lots of...
  4. Twins'R'Okay

    Some SRB2Kart Tips

    A quick and detailed guide on a few tricks in SRB2Kart Due to the influx of new players ever since Lythero's SRB2Kartastrophe video & ScottFalco's Side of Salt was published, I decided to make this guide to explain a few tricks and tips on how to git gud at SRB2Kart. Keep in mind some of these...
  5. Twins'R'Okay

    Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer

    DISCLAIMER: This method is not guaranteed to work on every router. Consider it an alternative to this guide. Hey kiddies. Are you confused about port forwarding? Can you not get access to your router's wifi page? Did your router, for some reason or another, remove the port forward dialog? If...
  6. VelocitOni

    SRB2Kart v1.3 (Final Beta)

    Kart Krew™ Discord: -------------------------------------------- SeventhSentinel--err I mean, Sonic explains the v1.1 patch update gAqQ68-Cx0wNGAj9YjaV2M -------------------------------------------- Now without further ado, in Sryder's own...
  7. K

    [Reusable] Battle2D + Meadow 2D - A New Form of Ringslinger and BattleMod

    The primary feature of this script is adding a mouse-controllable crosshair to 2D Ringslinger and Match - when enabled, your character will aim and act in the direction of the crosshair, regardless of your movement direction. By default, it is enabled when ringslinger is enabled, or when a...
  8. CobaltBW

    [Reusable] Multiplayer Radar 1.0

    Adds a radar to the top-right of the player's HUD during multiplayer. In Co-op, Race, and Competition, the radar will track the location of each player in the HUD, relative to the end-user. In ringslinger game modes (Match/CTF/Tag/H&S), the radar will track players and important pickup items...
  9. Michael The Neonvali

    [Reusable] Freeplay - A SRB2 Server Mod - 2.2 release V2.9

    Freeplay will be known as Online+ after the V3 update In addition to the V3 Update, the Sandbox gametype will be removed and made into its own mod as it will require a lot of work to stop it from crashing servers and to make it simpler to use. Also V3 is currently in alpha so there may be a test...
  10. Speedy Da Doge

    De_Dust2: The CS map but in SRB2

    This is my first time making a full map so I thought, "instead of making an all original map, I could recreate an existing map from a different game to learn the software", and here we are. De_dust_2 is the popular map from Counter Strike. This remake features the map in it's entirety...
  11. E

    Canyon CTF Zone

    Way back in 2.0 I made a map that was considered "a little bad" and people didn't seem to like it, so 10 years later I decided to remake it and update it to better fit the current design standard of SRB2. ------------- I welcome you to Canyon CTF Zone Act 2! It's a large map with a few...
  12. Radicalicious

    Meadow Match but with 2.2 textures

    This mod updates Meadow Match Zone to use the newer textures instead of those old Final Demo textures. It's really just for those who prefer a modernized look for the level, instead of the nostalgic look it aims for.
  13. Radicalicious

    [Reusable] Cut Multiplayer Stages (Cut levels from 2.1)

    Here it is, my first public WAD and a WAD literally nobody asked for. I was scrolling along the wiki when I found out that a bunch of 2.1 multiplayer maps were cut. Now, by no means are these maps actually good, but I figured why not. I had a lot of memories with these zones, and I can't let...
  14. Hendrix

    Ray's Freefly - Match/Tag/Fun CO-OP for Ray!

    Hey, guys! I am working on some projects for SRB2 and this idea just popped into my mind "Why not making a wide open map for Ray?". And then "Why not a match/tag map for Ray?". And finally "Why not a match and hangout CO-OP map for Ray?". I will certainly make more of this. A future pack for...
  15. Paps the Echidna

    Triangular Hole Zone - Battle Map 2.4

    A fourth v2 patch update is now added for Triangular Hole Zone (v2.4) Changelog: v1 - Inital Release v2 - Bigger map and a lot of other things that I can't even list all of them v2.1 - Triangular Hole is now used for BattleMod only, little changes to map, and filetype is now .pk3 instead of...
  16. FuriousFox

    Cavernous Meadow Zone - Scrapped 2.2 MP Special Stage

    Back in June 2018, I made a concept for how I thought mulitplayer special stages should work. The idea was for them to work similarly to how they did in v2.0, but have different paths that incentivize using different characters. This way, players would be rewarded for having a diverse team...
  17. Bugzy

    (Match Map) Prismatic Match Zone

    You thought you could escape the pits of Prismatic Angel? FOOL! Now it's a match map! Let the masses fall into the pit with you! With warm welcoming pits, wide airspace, and a whole lot of rings, this map makes sure there's never a dull moment. It has a very simple layout to keep things as...
  18. Bugzy

    (Race Map) Mystic Marsh Zone

    My first finished circuit map, Mystic Marsh Zone! This map contains split paths at every turn and is designed to make keeping speed consistent feel very satisfying and rewarding in true Sonic fashion. This stage has been tested in multiplayer on multiple occasions to make sure each path can be...
  19. Raze C

    [Reusable] [TRON] Virtual Stadium

    I just recently played the Tron mod by Flame and I really liked it so I thought of making a map for this gamemode. Sadly Tron has a pretty low amount of weapons, but hopefully I'll have more to work with in the future. It's a pretty simple map themed after a singleplayer level that I was making...
  20. RafaelXFire

    Green Match Zones

    It is a pack of matchmaps made by me with a similar theme between them, I hope you like it. In case of bugs please explain them in the comments.