1. sotzac5769

    Jump glitch in local co-op

    Hello so I was testing srb2 local multiplayer and noticed something every few times I jump the other character jumps at the same time. I don't know what this is but here is what I think may be happening I put the game into steam and I am running it through steam for right stick support and i...
  2. epicchris

    Srb2 multiplayer problem (for me at least)

    .2.13 it always seems to crash when I open multiplayer. I'd like someone to help me please I'm also on android
  3. Tarregor

    [Open Assets] No Online Multiplayer Emblems v1.0.1

    When using this addon, players won't be able to see Emblems in Netgames, and they won't be able to get them. They might be able to seemingly get Record Attack Emblems, but they won't keep those Emblems after they quit the game. This is mainly accomplished through the usage of the new function...
  4. ARC-FOX

    CavernZoneMap v1

    I don't know what I should put for the description... So I'm just gonna show you a couple of images, and hope you can trust that I made this good.
  5. ManicAdrenaline

    Problem with Ring Slinger modes

    I just updated to 2.2.11 to start playing Ring Slinger servers, but now my character randomly fires rings whenever I look around. I don't know if it's my general control setup or if it has to do with my gamepad. If anyone knows what it could be, please let me know.
  6. nicholas rickys

    Nick's Pizza Time / Pizza Time v2 1.3

    After so many servers, Jisk Edition being a thing (shoutout to my homeboy jisk 🔥), and a bunch of fans, is only right i give this mode the love it deserves, and here I present to you... The official continuation to Pizza Time, seen in PTOPP/NTOPP. Which features... CUSTOM MUSIC: () CUSTOM...
  7. Nasii06

    Stupidly Random Colors 1.3

    Ever wanted to see 30 40 of the most (semi)uncategorized player colors in SRB2? No? Too bad, because here they are, being used! [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  8. GiveAmyMoreLuvPls

    Pizza Tower Colors! v1

    Clothes are secret unlockables in Pizza Tower that apply certain colors or patterns to the outfits worn by Peppino, Gustavo, and Fake Peppino throughout the game. There are 19 clothes in total. The game only lists the amount of them unlocked, but the unlock methods are never mentioned until they...
  9. Mirdite

    FunkyInkling's Color Calamity (Wave 1) v1.0

    A brand new color pack for SRB2! Using a brand new wave system Here are our colors for this wave! Green Screen Cinnamon Manga Sage Blue Vanilla Grimace (Beloved Birthday Boy!) Bisexual 2.0 Beach Uranium (Not in line with the rest of the colors, you'll find it where the mostly green colors are...
  10. Soashivito

    [Open Assets] More Blue Balls! V1.1

    Are you tired of the default special stages?! Do your friends finish the levels very fast?! Do you want to suffer even more on the seventh special stage?! Well look no further!! Introducing More Blue Balls!! This Addon adds some (a lot) of blue balls to the multiplayer special stages All...
  11. dashdahog

    Green Flower From The intro But Hangout map 1.3.3

    So once upon a time i was playing srb2 and i realized that nobody has remade the GFZ from the intro Cutscene Basically i turned it into a canopy So the whole point of the map is that um you can explore. since you only see the map from a single camera angle i decided to ad lib and turn it into...
  12. dashdahog

    Blasted Plains Zone V1

    So um uhhh once upon a time i wanted to make a map pack but uhh umm hmm err uh i decided to make a few zones a lil diorama area. but the other zones other than this one SUCKED!!!!!!. So i am deciding to upload the most linear thing of all time yay IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED!?!?! So uhh err at the...
  13. TheLastKitchenGun

    Changeable chat text colors v1.2a

    the textcolor command changes your chat's text color input nothing into the command and you get a list
  14. A_3TO_GAS_MAN*(RUS)*

    I'll not know what say to him

    I have one friend And he wanna play in Online But he doesn't have a computer. We can plays split screen mode But we wanna play in Online And i think its no use but friend think its use.. sound a stupid idea but.... Can we play in split screen mode in Online game??? Im know it's dumb...
  15. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] [Chaos/match] Polygon Plains Zone still v1

    I finally decided to finish it after it was sitting in my W.I.P maps folder for like, idk a year it's old, not as good as what I could do now
  16. TailsXHeeroes

    Star Light Zone [Match] (ok, it's already in release)

    Star Light Zone. Yep. I started doing this since yesterday... But, personally, I like how it turned out. (Given my mapping skills) Most likely (or maybe not), I will make a version for CTF, or for KotH. Will there be a big map ... I don’t even know, most likely it will not be big. So-as (as I...
  17. GreenKnight9000

    [Open Assets] Lake Rumble (Match) 1.0 - Premiere Release

    Lake Rumble: My first map I actually finished amidt all the procrastination and anxiety, hooray! It's a large open map that started out as an extension to Meadow Match that grew an identity of its own! Work on this had finished nearly a full year ago, but I put off releasing it because I kept...
  18. C̶a̶m̶p̶e̶r☻

    Camper's Chaos Map Pack

    The Idea: Welcome to my first set of maps that I started on a whim about 3 months ago. I had decided on 5 maps total so lets see if I can stick true to that. I'm very new to Slade & ZoneBuilder but wanted to give map creation a try especially since me and a friend have been playing Chaos mode...
  19. tedvin11

    Lives with name 1.1

    Now, you know who you are in netgames! Lives With Names, is self-explanatory. It replaces the the skinname on the life counter with your multiplayer name. Obviously it is intended for netgame hosts. Note that it does work on Singleplayer but there's no reason to use it as it disables your...
  20. Mr.FondusBroMan

    Scarf The Wolf V3.6b

    Well...You've waited. History(Legacy): The character used to be human. But in the end his reality changed. His soul was inhabited by a computer. And that's how he got into the world. Changing himself in code and ended up trapped. He is now 28,000 years old. Abilities 3.0 Also updated...