1. Kaikygamer1132

    4 Players ?????

    4 Players ????? 1717433257 menu map 4 player!!!
  2. WeegeeKart

    WeegeeKart/Ritz's Illustrious Colour Pak!! v1.0 - The Beginning of an End.

    What's up SRB2 Gang? I have a new sick colour pack just for you and your netgames! We have a small but great collection of colours for you to wear, here they are! Illustrious Red, Green, and Yellow Manga Weezer Blue Thermal Image Snotty Fudge Acai And lastly, Eco-Friendly, My personal...
  3. Mr.gnikcuFBear901

    [Open Assets] Ural Mountains Zone - Match V1

    I'am totally lucky to get my maps evaluated for the first time by such a welcoming community. Feel free to test, modify and reupload. It's a sample after all yet far from mediocre.
  4. PalmTree

    PalmTree's Chat Voice Effects 1.1 bugfix

    Are you bored without soundboards? Well PalmTree's Chat Sounds Effects are here! Only for multiplayer All Chat Voice Commands: *sneeze* Roflcopter we did it! Dun Dun Dun bd *crying* *scream* Yahoo Hurry up Sonic and Knuckles GIF Recorded by SMS Alfredo
  5. Patafoin

    [Open Assets] Kartware _ ultimate mini game map 1

    Kartware is a warioware inspired map where player must compete in microgames in order to be the winner. Do not play this map alone. At each round, 12 microgames are choosed at random, including a "boss" minigame where player can win a lot of point. Sometime you will fight with item againt other...
  6. AtSburbsEnd

    Server does not Show up in List

    I've been trying to host an SRB2 server, and it's driving me up the wall. I have port 5029 forwarded to my router, and I got Ring Racers, which uses the same port, to list. I've also been able to have people join my server. I can open up Ring Racers and start a server, use Task Manager to kill...
  7. GomaTheMascar

    [Open Assets] Lunar Satellite + Moon Nucleus v1

    Hello, I don't have much to say aside from the fact this map has been requested a few times to be released as it's own thing, which I already wanted to do, with a big update and everything... Well, turns out that update is gonna be bigger than I anticipated and that's gonna take a little longer...
  8. Twins'R'Okay

    PPGP - panic's pentaclar grand pee v1

    Due to low turnout in the contest itself, You will now be able to submit new maps here within the available slots. DM me on Discord (twinsrokay) or the Message Board to claim a slot, there are limited slots available so be quick !! panic is back !! and he has a honda civic ! ! ! This was...
  9. Water_Scout

    Destiny Island: Springy Beginnings demo Version 1.1

    This is the first mod i have EVER released to the message board, and since it's a demo things are obviously going to be subject to change, so don't be grumpy when your favorite section in a level is gone Anyways, the story is soon after Sonic and Tails stopped Robotnik from stealing the master...
  10. someone bad

    [Open Assets] someone bad's Unnamed Sonic Robo Smash Stage Pack 1.1

    I've taken a liking to the recently released Sonic Robo Smash alpha, and I've already made like 6 maps for this lol (There's currently only ports in this pack, I have made original maps, but they need a bit more polish before I can release them!!) Contains 4 maps, all from Smash Bros...
  11. Benjitaysu

    [Open Assets] Dragon pack (a battle mod map pack) V1

    a map pack that i've been wanting to release after some time (nearlly half a year lol) all of these maps are for arena and survival a n y w a y here are the maps Battle hall (ignore the people in there, they are just watching the fun) Cloud citadel (assets from the community asset pack)...
  12. pizza2me

    orball 1.0

    This ball is a cool ball called orball (because its orange and a ball). This ball can speed thok: This ball can also spindash: and thats it.
  13. L

    Item API (Items.pk3 v2)

    If you already know Items.pk3, Item API is essentially going to be a remake of it. If you don't, well... you will know eventually, thanks to this thread. I will start with this: 1707561107 1707585078 Very rough inventory UI...
  14. SSNeoMint

    [Open Assets] Chat Voice Effects 1.0

    Chat Voice Effects (CVE) allows custom voice clips using the chat in multiplayer. Here's a list of all of the currently implemented voice clips: "oooooooooo" (Mario) ":O" (A gasp) "XD" (Mutahar laugh) "HA HA!" (The Simpsons) "Are you sure about that?" (John Cena) "EZ" (idk where this is from...
  15. Spectra

    [Open Assets] SRB2Smash - Alpha v1.0.3

    Disclaimer: This is not the final version of Sonic Robo Smash - it is an old version designed around vanilla srb2's multiplayer Sonic Robo Smash has been widely anticipated by many and we thank you so much for your support! To celebrate nearing it's 5th year indev we've decided to release one...
  16. Cotton-Ears-Cat

    Cotton's Enhanced MP Special Stages 0.1.0

    Remember these Special Stages from 15 years ago? Well, you don't exactly need to. They've barely changed! Imagine how fun these things would be if they were updated to fit with 2.2's ambitious level design. ...well, you don't exactly need to imagine it anymore! Cotton's Enhanced MP...
  17. H1251

    StarLight Pools Hotel -Hangout Map- 1.1

    Welcome to the StarLight Hotel! This lovely hangout map was a collaboration between me and Zeno, and was made mostly for fun. This wad includes two versions of the same map, one in day time and the other, at night time. In this hangout map, you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing vacation after...
  18. M1STQ

    THE HUNT... not an emerald hunt I swear

    Hello there my fellow srb2 player... what happens if you gave an SRB2 addict that had been playing the game ever since the Final demo who never made maps before. a chance to make a levelpack, here is the level pack in the works I will not show more pictures then this.. after all I want...
  19. LeanelXD

    LeanelXD colors

    LeanelXD submitted a new resource: LeanelXD colors - First contribution to the message board :D Read more about this resource...
  20. greennick78sh

    RAMPAGE: Christmas Demo

    WARNING: THIS MOD CONTAINS THE USE OF UH OH STINKY WORDS LIKE F(__)K AND SH(__) AND B(__)CH. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT THEN GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! Hey everybody! I'm back (again (again)), for real this time, no taksies backsies this time (sorry for that last time mods!). So what is the RAMPAGE...