1. P

    First Person Sniper v1.2

    Credit to @clairebun for the Fang Popgun Modifications addon this was based on. Credit @Dry_Ny for the hand sprites and the GIF at the end of this post. Have you ever been playing as Fang and noticed that the auto-aim was a bit off? That it couldn't seem to hit anything moving with significant...
  2. Blast the fox

    How do I change sprites in someones mod?

    Is there any way to edit sprites of mod characters? I want to give Soap shoes to Modern Sonic. And the same question about vanilla characters. I dislike their sprites....
  3. Blacknide

    S3 Sonic v1.2

    S3 Sonic has made his way to Sonic Robo Blast 2 to help Sonic and co. to defeat Eggman once more. DISCLAIMER: Use the command "s3_menu" to easily modify the mod's options instead of manually typing out the other commands.
  4. Voidy2246

    Voidy the Alien Succubus (A Progress Report)

    Hello, it is me once again. Now that I've found a bit more motivation, I shall now begin progress on my final character for vanilla SRB2! This time it's my own OC, Voidy. If you're familiar with the Kart version of my character pack, then you've probably already seen her. And like I said there...
  5. KirbyAnniv

    Sonic Frontiers Work Help

    Hello, so uh, we're currently hiring for the Sonic Frontiers mod because: 1. It's just me and TGTLS (with a little help of claire) 2. Our current spriter is someone who's really busy right now So, if you want to join our team, just send me a DM I guess, we're looking for programmers and spriters...
  6. AdSab

    How to make bigger sprite?

    Hey i'm new to the modding community and it's my first time making a character I wanted it to be big as this T-pose Luigi But somehow my character is big as hell and Luigi stays normal Does anyone know what to do?
  7. Gabriel.lua

    snick plush that's also a pet 1.0

    Hello, Coder of that one Snick the Porcupine mod by KaiyoLazr!! Yes, we are still alive and kicking, but I've decided to publish this plushie as some sort of sneak peek, specifically for the Pets: Personal Follower mod. "Yo, the plush is not appearing when I use the "Pet Skin" command, what...
  8. Muffin kid from Brazil

    [Open Assets] S3 Knuckles (Patch for Knuckles) 2023-10-04

    Hello.i'm MKFB This is a small mod that adds a custom color for Knuckles,Add custom STND sprites,and change his shoes to look more like S3 Knuckles But yeah! Take theses screenshots! The color name is StrawberryGelato,as when i was showing progess in the SRB2 Discord,a guy said that this...
  9. csean07 ☆Kori☆

    [Open Assets] Starpost Plus v1.1

    Starpost Plus Mod Information Starpost Plus adds in 7 unique starpost types from previous sonic games, recreated with their SRB2 styled designs. Starpost Types Issues Credits/Supporters
  10. Cinos4778

    Can I have the sprites plz?

    Bassicly I like to animate on my chromebook so I just thought if I would use Sonic Robo Blast 2 Vanalia Sprites. So if there's a file that shows all the sprites plz send them here. I would really appreciate if you guys can do that. Also its 2.2...
  11. Muffin kid from Brazil

    Thread about Sprites Animations

    You can post your sprites animations there! This one is a test that i made today
  12. soup]

    funny racing knuckles peelout 1

    gives knuckles a peelout and dash mode credit to the 2.1 knuckles sprite for donating his head and superphanto for the dash mode script https://mb.srb2.org/addons/intro-inspired-paper-sprite-peelout-animation.3201/
  13. Jonloo1

    [Open Assets] LowTierShield - A silly reskin of the Thunder Shield item 1.1

    WARNING THIS MOD CONTAINS HARSH LANGUAGE BECAUSE I FIND IT FUNNY IF YOU DO NOT FIND HARSH LANGUAGE FUNNY PLEASE DO NOT LOAD THIS ADD-ON WARNING Many moons ago, my friends and I were playing this game and kept quoting the now iconic LowTierGod rant whenever any of us got the Thunder Shield...
  14. Mr. Melon

    Do you guys think 3D models belong/look good in SRB2?

    Ive been playing SRB2 for a good bit (Since 2.2.9) and i always tend to use sprites however, recently i started to try out some 3D models and i cant help but think they look a little.... improper..? But what do you guys think?
  15. indev

    [Open Assets] Appearance 1.1

    Important notice: sprite for sonic 3 in KL_Sonic3Appearance is taken from Tweechie's character pack (see https://mb.srb2.org/addons/tweechies-unrelated-characters-pack-newcomers-s3-k-sonic-2-0.3884/), i received permission to use it. So, while KL_Appearance is reusable, KL_Sonic3Appearance is...
  16. LeoTheHedgehog12

    How I make my SRB2 sprites.

  17. A_3TO_GAS_MAN*(RUS)*

    Sprites or models?

    So. Already all know what sonic robo blast 2 use doom engine (thanks john carmack) And therefore He use 2d sprites But not original doom engine A doom legacy (thanks NOT john carmack) Not everyone likes when 3D game use 2D sprites Else in doom legacy can было was models But Custom models...
  18. JABSphere94

    Hyudoro V1.2.1

    Hyudoro has less weaknesses then the others, but it comes at price... Jump Ability - Hover Stops Hyudoro from falling as long as Jump is held. Spin Ability 1 - Ghost Portal Press Spin when standing still to place a shadow, press Spin and Jump in the air to warp to it. The shadow placement is...
  19. Voidy2246

    Motobug (A Progress Report)

    Hey there, it's Voidy! With a new year comes a new character, this time being the infamous Motobug! While my New Years resolution includes not using my laptop as much as I did last year, he's fairly simplistic gameplay-wise. Thus, he shouldn't take too long even when alternating between laptop...
  20. Cheeseboi!

    Cheeseboi V2

    GO TO THE LATEST POSTS TO SEE GOOD SPRITES AND/OR DEMOS! Nothing much to say. edit: added a higher quality image for the new STNDA1 sprite