gametype: race

  1. SGNRyan

    GTKart 2 1.0

    GTKart returns! Layouts old and new, simple and complex, all await you! This pack is a work in progress, and there is much more to come! Download today!
  2. Triangularity

    Saturation Pack June 20 Update / V1.20.06

    Hello! Thanks for checking out my mod! This is Saturation Pack - a pack of 4 tracks (plus a special stage) in one big map! (Technically, it's still 4 individual maps, but I can dream.) Also, it features some of my favorite music from Ridge Racer 7. Here's a quick overview of the four tracks...
  3. BladeDash

    Subsonic Cup 1.1.1 - Wave 1

    The Return of SUBSONIC PACK is here! Wave 1 consists of the following: BUBBLEGUM BREEZE A city island overshadowed by the waves of blue and pink! SOLAR STATION An intergalactic space station that travels across the cosmos! More waves coming soon!
  4. D00D64

    [Open Assets] D00DPack Returns! - v1.1

    D00D64 submitted a new resource: D00DPack Returns! - v1 - Race and Battle with Tri-Color, Galf, and more! Read more about this resource...
  5. D00D64

    [Open Assets] D00DPack Returns! - v1.1 1.1

    -= D00D Pack Returns =- You can't keep a good pack down, DPack Returns! This pack currently includes 3 Race maps and 2 Battle maps! The race maps you may remember, and the battle maps... you may also remember. I'm working on getting some new stuff, but how about taking some old stuff and...
  6. haya__

    [Open Assets] MKDS Test Circle v1.1

    It's a circle. This was made as a map to test out what I could try making with my own personal Ultimate Zone Builder config- and to see if you can make a fully functioning level with it. It was. This does mean that this level and all of it was made before any kind of official mapping tools or...
  7. Benjitaysu

    [Open Assets] lizard pack 1.02

    a oc based map pack from some friendos lol ray city (fun fact this is a remake of a map i made in srb2kart but didn't managed to make public) expect more maps as updates go on :wow:
  8. Madotsuki

    Cliffside Caverns 1.0

    A simple, 4 lap, fast paced track set inside a coastal cavern and goes outside to the seaside cliffs. Took about a week's worth of sleepless nights and learning HVR. Feedback is appreciated, even if I may not act on it (I'm tired of working on this rn, sorry) Original Textures taken from Rayman...
  9. klasky

    [Open Assets] Sonic Adventure DX v3.1.1b

    Experience the old 2.0 level pack like never before! This is an update to E123OmegaShow's 10 years old Sonic Adventure DX level pack for SRB2 2.0, now for SRB2 2.2! Note that this is based on the 2.0 version and not on the 2.1 version! The idea of porting it came to my mind during touching...
  10. Julia

    Classic Circuit Version 1

    Hello there! This is one of my first SRB2 map-related things! Welcome to... CLASSIC CIRCUIT! Designed based on a lot of the old "thok-fest" Final Demo Circuit maps, this stage takes its visual design from the pre-Demo 1 / TGF Greenflower Zone, with that ugly rock texture you probably love! I...
  11. Larz T

    Official Level Design Collab 2023: Round 2 1.1

    Welcome to Round 2 of the 2023 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab! The OLDC is a celebration of all of the map creators in our community. This time around marks one of the most jammed packed OLDC’s in the 2.2 era! With participants being more familiar with the UDMF format, unique level designs...
  12. haya__

    [Open Assets] Hellsert Bus

    haya__ submitted a new resource: Hellsert Bus - This is a standalone map for a reason. Read more about this resource...
  13. Cable

    Map Pack W.I.P

    In my past I've may have done somethings that I regret, making a character that was impossible for me to make, and trying to release something that got rejected. However, I'm here to announce that I will be making a level pack. There are only 2 levels so far and I will post more images of...
  14. Pikaspoop

    [Open Assets] Circuit softlock patch 1.2

    Hey, you may remember some early versions of OLDC would soft-lock servers in circuit maps if any players got a DNF. (Or is it circuit plus? Idk.) Welp, not anymore! (Map is Heavens Pass Remake by @glaber, and can be found in the OLDC 2023 R1 pack.) All this does is exit the level 3 seconds...
  15. SGNRyan

    GTKart: one of the map packs of all time 1.3

    Welcome to a map pack so mid, you will forget that you have downloaded it within two seconds! Such an enticing prospect could only be... Self-deprecating humor aside, here are the maps contained within: Also included is a WAD file that puts the hell maps into the normal map rotation if...
  16. Soniku11

    Soniku11 Race Pack v2.2.9

    My own race maps made by myself alone. All of these maps are recommended to be played with speedy or agile characters, as all maps are wide and open, with enough space to freely run around at your max speed!.
  17. Larz T

    Official Level Design Collab 2023: Round 1 1.5

    Welcome to Round 1 of the 2023 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab! The OLDC is a celebration of all the map creators in our community. This time around, it is also the introduction of UDMF to the event, unlocking unique new level creation possibilities. HOW THIS WORKS You download the collab's...
  18. Mosshiine

    Marathon Roll Zone 1.1.2

    Hugely inspired by a part in the SRB2 New years collab 2021 which you can play here! (its cool go play) This map features 7 sections that has the theme of every SRB2 vanilla campaign zone that gets harder overtime. Its around 5 minutes long and if u die u go all the way back! and this map...
  19. JABSphere94

    [Open Assets] Race Comp v1.1

    Its like competition you play through a stage and then are ranked on various categories to determine a winner but with a some changes... - All players start off with a pity shield. - Activating a checkpoint rewards 10 rings. - Flashing invulnerability at the start of a race is extended. -...
  20. JonBaxter

    Tortured Planet v11.6

    "I bet you thought it was gone." Tortured Planet, one of v2.0's most ambitious map packs, is finally back! Thok, fly, climb, hammer, dash and bounce your way through 27 challenging levels and save an alien planet from eggman's tyranical reign! - Major changes - -...