gametype: race

  1. FlysterTheFox

    Mysterious Forest (2.2 Port) 1.0

    A 2.2 port of Mysterious Forest, nothing else.. I might make a huge update later in the future (btw fang can't pass act 2)
  2. BenjieTheHedgehog64

    Spring Yard Circuit 2023-02-20

    So this is my first map, it took me a pretty long time to make it, (mainly because of school) and I hope you guys like it! I don’t have much to say here if you couldn’t tell lol.
  3. SporkDaDoorhinge

    [Open Assets] Spork's Trans-themed Racing Hud v3.01

    Originally made for my racing server, a trans themed hud! basically changes most of the hud to match the theme of the trans pride flag, and says "Skill Issue" instead of time over when you get a time over.
  4. JABSphere94

    [Open Assets] Extra Settings for Competition and Race V1.1

    This mod adds console commands, comp_lives, comp_nerfproj, and comp_nerfhoming. comp_lives, sets the number of lives players will start with in Competition, set to 5 by default. comp_nerfproj, makes player projectiles non lethal during game modes like Competition and Race, is left on by...
  5. Jisk

    [Open Assets] Race Replay 1.02.3

    Pretty decent race additions for the race mode REPLAY MODE When you set a record, your replay is recorded for others to beat! A version of uncapped plus is used in GIF. Notice: the "best time" replay file is located in luafiles/RaceReplay/{map number}
  6. Sandwhich Cinema

    Classic Circuit Pack 1.0

    A Circuit pack that has maps based off of the classic games as well as SRB2 Vanilla maps ported into a circuit. Maps: Aquatic Ruin (MapC0) Technohill Circuit (MapC1) Aquatic Ruin has custom textures, you can check out it's original post here...
  7. Sandwhich Cinema

    Aquatic Ruin Circuit 2.2.10

    This is an AquaticRuin circuit based off of the original in Sonic 2. I'll turn this into a pack similarly to what happend to CityEscape. LeonardoTheMutant helped with bug fixing but I did the rest. Circuit Labs Inc. is made from: YellowBlur/Sandwhich Cinema LeonardoTheMutant/LeoTM UrbanPie
  8. Sandwhich Cinema

    Sonic Adventure 2 Race 1.0

    This map is supposed to be a sequel to Leonard The Mutant's map pack SADX race. Me and my friend LeonardoTheMutant (Check out his SADXRACE pack ) have been colaborating on this pack. This is what my other map City Escape has become which...
  9. VentureSonic

    (Circuit) Bemired Citadel Zone v1.1

    Think of this as fulfilling my promise of remaking circuit maps long ago. Bemired Citadel Zone is a murky reimagining of the old Toxic Citadel Zone, with all new depth and variety brought about by its new 2.2-esque makeover. There are many twist and turns along the way on this map, don't fall...
  10. Joe Mewstard

    Electric Avenue Zone [Autumn 2020 OLDC Circuit Map] 1.2

    It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally back! This is my first released SRB2 map, Electric Avenue Zone! I actually finished making changes to this map a long time ago, but I didn't follow some guidelines when uploading it and forgot to try again until now (Sorry, D00D64 and...
  11. Sandwhich Cinema

    City Escape Circuit 2.2.9

    Alright this is my first addon or anything that I made for this game. It's City Escape as a circuit. I did most of the mapping. While my friend LeonardoTheMutant did the the skybox. Anyway have fun with it and notify me of any problems you have with it and I MAY change it if I feel it is a...
  12. Pichus_Play

    EggFabric Act 1 1.0

    This is my "first level" at least my first level well worked, I had to learn a lot to achieve some things, I know that I could have some failures, but for me it is already done and correct :) (The factory really is a bit of several things, not just a box factory alone)
  13. romineblox0

    Sunshine Beach Zone v1 v1

    Hello people from the internet! I present you my first Race, Competition map.. Called Sunshine Beach! I hope you will enjoy it.
  14. Lother

    Retro Racers Pack 5.4

    Hello everybody! I present to you my very first Map pack : Retro Racers Pack. It will feature race maps inspired by old racing games and toys. Content: These tracks do not have an encore mode yet. 8 tracks at least in total are planned for this map pack.
  15. Maddshura

    resort island zone V4

    can you feel the sunshine? no? well this will help! this is a level i made, cause why not? now you can race your friends! in the sunshine ( yet another can you feel the sunshine joke :wow: ) it has its own map lump!
  16. Patafoin

    [Open Assets] Golden Sun : Lighthouse map pack 3.1

    A small Golden Sun map pack with the 4 Elemental lighthouse as race map : Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars. The Sol Sanctum and Lemurian shipas a battle map. And the magma Rock. A lot of toad are missing, can you find them all? Know issue : Mars Lighthouse : You can be softlock if the lava is...
  17. lnferno

    [Open Assets] Demo Quest Zone v1.0c

    Pushing SRB2 to it's very limits, Demo Quest Zone ensures a uniquely torturous experience for all that play it. Originally started because a member of the SRB2 Official Server, FrostedGeulleisia, tried and failed to cram all of Beta Quest into a singular map, this has expanded to be a test of...
  18. flarn2006

    [Open Assets] Electric Circuit Zone 1.0

    NOTICE: While this map and its assets are freely reusable, they are under a "copyleft" license. This means, if you publish an edit of this map, your version must be reusable as well, under this same condition. However, if you included your own original work (e.g. textures) with it, you are not...
  19. HeyImTG

    [Open Assets] The TG Cup - A Track Pack by TG R2

    Hello there! It's been a while, hasn't it? The last time I completed a map for SRB2K was over 2 years ago. After making a name for myself with my first map Coastal Temple Zone then releasing Sunset Canyon Zone, I kinda ended up vanishing into the shadow realm as far as this community was...
  20. Patafoin

    [Open Assets] Space pinball _ Pizza Tower. 2

    This post now won't be updated anymore : Please check Pizza Tower Pack for more Space pinball update : This is a race inspired from the "Space Pinball" level from Pizza Tower. This is a 3 Lap course where the layout of the race change after the...