gametype: race

  1. VentureSonic

    (Circuit) Bemired Citadel Zone v1.1

    Think of this as fulfilling my promise of remaking circuit maps long ago. Bemired Citadel Zone is a murky reimagining of the old Toxic Citadel Zone, with all new depth and variety brought about by its new 2.2-esque makeover. There are many twist and turns along the way on this map, don't fall...
  2. Joe Mewstard

    Electric Avenue Zone [Autumn 2020 OLDC Circuit Map] 1.2

    It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally back! This is my first released SRB2 map, Electric Avenue Zone! I actually finished making changes to this map a long time ago, but I didn't follow some guidelines when uploading it and forgot to try again until now (Sorry, D00D64 and...
  3. Sandwhich Cinema

    City Escape Circuit 2.2.9

    Alright this is my first addon or anything that I made for this game. It's City Escape as a circuit. I did most of the mapping. While my friend LeonardoTheMutant did the the skybox. Anyway have fun with it and notify me of any problems you have with it and I MAY change it if I feel it is a...
  4. Pichus_Play

    EggFabric Act 1 1.0

    This is my "first level" at least my first level well worked, I had to learn a lot to achieve some things, I know that I could have some failures, but for me it is already done and correct :) (The factory really is a bit of several things, not just a box factory alone)
  5. romineblox0

    Sunshine Beach Zone v1 v1

    Hello people from the internet! I present you my first Race, Competition map.. Called Sunshine Beach! I hope you will enjoy it.
  6. Lother

    Retro Racers Pack V4.2

    Hello everybody! I present to you my very first Map pack : Retro Racers Pack. It will feature race maps inspired by old racing games and toys. Content: These tracks do not have an encore mode yet. I'm planning to do more tracks inspired by at least another racing game.

    resort island zone V4

    can you feel the sunshine? no? well this will help! this is a level i made, cause why not? now you can race your friends! in the sunshine ( yet another can you feel the sunshine joke :wow: ) it has its own map lump!
  8. Patafoin

    [Reusable] Golden Sun : Lighthouse map pack 2.1

    A small Golden Sun map pack with the 4 Elemental lighthouse as race map : Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars. And the Sol Sanctum as a battle map. It is very possible that the map will receive visual update in the future ; as for now, the map are pretty simple. A lot of toad are missing, can you...
  9. lnferno

    [Reusable] Demo Quest Zone v1.0b

    Pushing SRB2 to it's very limits, Demo Quest Zone ensures a uniquely torturous experience for all that play it. Originally started because a member of the SRB2 Official Server, FrostedGeulleisia, tried and failed to cram all of Beta Quest into a singular map, this has expanded to be a test of...
  10. flarn2006

    [Reusable] Electric Circuit Zone 1.0

    NOTICE: While this map and its assets are freely reusable, they are under a "copyleft" license. This means, if you publish an edit of this map, your version must be reusable as well, under this same condition. However, if you included your own original work (e.g. textures) with it, you are not...
  11. HeyImTG

    [Reusable] The TG Cup - A Track Pack by TG R2

    Hello there! It's been a while, hasn't it? The last time I completed a map for SRB2K was over 2 years ago. After making a name for myself with my first map Coastal Temple Zone then releasing Sunset Canyon Zone, I kinda ended up vanishing into the shadow realm as far as this community was...
  12. Patafoin

    [Reusable] Space pinball _ Pizza Tower. 2

    This post now won't be updated anymore : Please check Baguette pack for more Space pinball update : This is a race inspired from the "Space Pinball" level from Pizza Tower. This is a 3 Lap course where the layout of the race change after the first...
  13. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Contest: Autumn 2020 1.2

    Welcome to the Autumn 2020 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest discussion topic! We've got another great round of maps for you all to play. As mentioned in the rules, the actual voting process will be done in the Contest Voting subforum, where you will create a thread to list your votes. To vote...
  14. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Contest: Summer 2020 1.1

    Welcome to the Summer 2020 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest discussion topic! We're back online, better than ever! As mentioned in the rules, the actual voting process will be done in the Contest Voting subforum, where you will create a thread to list your votes. To vote on a division: Play...
  15. Boinciel

    Kodachrome Void - A Feast for the Eyes 2021-03-04

    Sonic finds himself in a strange land. Is it a special stage? Or is it something more devious? Whatever the case, he has to escape quickly, before the mysterious patterns turn his brain into mush. Returning from SUGOI 1, now with new colour effects and less filesize. This map is sort of...
  16. MarioFreak2001

    [Reusable] Emerald Valley Zone (V6)

    I decided to dip my toes in the level creating waters and made this little level. It's a short and easy level with not many hazards. Now with a second act! Update v1.1: You can now play this level from a fresh save. Update v2: The water now has colormaps and I've tweaked the level design a...
  17. Marcos

    [Reusable] NeoGreenflower Act 1 (Revamp)

    Hey, are you all tired of repeating Green Hill Zone in official Sonic games? Well I'm here to make you hate Greenflower for making you repeat it! (really?) Where do I start... First of all, more than a revamp it's more like a "What happens after the game's story finishes?". Everything is back...
  18. Marcos

    [Reusable] Rainy Walk Zone

    Hey everyone! It's my first time posting and I decided that I would post a short map i was working on. Rainy Walk Zone It's a short, simple, level. It won't take you more than 10 mins. I mostly put attention into scenery and I tried to make it like a cold, shady rainy day. Don't expect to...
  19. M

    Woody Torture Zone v1.5

    This is the first map I decided to finish, a one-act zone featuring original brown textures and music. Changelog
  20. Bugzy

    (Race Map) Mystic Marsh Zone

    My first finished circuit map, Mystic Marsh Zone! This map contains split paths at every turn and is designed to make keeping speed consistent feel very satisfying and rewarding in true Sonic fashion. This stage has been tested in multiplayer on multiple occasions to make sure each path can be...