group: meme

  1. King the Memer

    Bruh Sound Effect #2 v1

    so in my character pack, the hedgebois, king has the ability to make memes, and i thought, "why not just release that shit separate lmao" so i did :) to use the meme ability, press any custom button at any time each custom button has a different sound to add more variety lol (shoutouts to...
  2. normal

    Abnormal pack v3

    Just some characters I wanted to see in srb2k, I will probably make a few more in the future. Also, If you have any feedback I'm all ears! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pack!
  3. 「AxeCrusader」

    Gamma... Car? 1.1

    Excellent! All systems-full power! I'm your brilliant creator, Dr. Robotnik! You're the second of my E-100 model machines. E-102! Code name: Gamma... That was not the intended design... Oh well, that will do. INTRODUCING: Gamma Car Stats: Speed 6, Weight 9 Now go and locate that frog...
  4. owee

    Owee's Odd Ones (Character Pack) 1

    Some very odd characters arrive in SRB2Kart! This character pack has a few characters and some might be updated or added soon! IMPORTANT: One character contains a small amount of blood. Please keep that in mind! Mametchi A familiar character from the Tamagotchi series arrives in SRB2Kart...
  5. EricoT

    Come To Brazil Pack 1.1

    They are here! Monica's Gang (and some brazilian memes) are joining the race! A brief explanation of Monica's Gang: Monica's Gang or Monica and Friends (Portuguese: Turma da Mônica, British English: Monica & Friends) is a Brazilian comic book series and media franchise created by Mauricio de...
  6. Altiami

    [Reusable] GFZROCK.pk3 v1.0.5

    SEE BOTTOM FOR CLARIFICATION ON REUSABILITY. Sometimes you look at players on your server and think, "I wanna mess with them. I wanna see them freak out." What better way to make them freak out than to turn the entire map into GFZROCK? All you need do is enter the command GFZROCK in the...
  7. Space Stranger

    RIP BOZO Version 1.0

    What started as a dumb meme that I found on twitter and an inside joke amongst my friends has now turned into a full-fledged SRB2 Kart Racer! In addition to the joy emoji this unique racer is known for, he also wears a blue tinted symbiote suit based on the meme's origins from the Spider-Man...
  8. NerfPlayeR135

    [Reusable] Microsoft Sam Sound Replacement Pack v1

    This mod replaces every sound that has a subtitle with Microsoft Sam, in all his text-to-speech glory, reading out the subtitles. Yeah. This mod comes with a LOUD SOUND WARNING due to sounds stacking together in certain situations. (If you want an example, just use the Armageddon Shield in...
  9. Elliot

    Elliot's Character Pack [ Is Sunny Dreaming? ] V1.2

    Hi, here are 2 Characters for the community Hope you like it. this post will not be focused on just 1 character anymore, now we will have more random characters for the community, my name is Elliot, and I hope you like the change. That's all for now thanks for read up to here! And...
  10. Marioblox

    Marioblox's Character Pack V3.3 (the pokemon update) 3.3

    This is a character mod pack with 20 different characters as of now. More will be released soon so stay tuned if you're interested
  11. thekingdudidly

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 & 3 Quarters: Public Announcement

    Hello there! It's about time publicly announce the new SRB2 mod I have been working on since early February, and also how far I've gotten into it. (I have announced this on Discord). It's inspired by beloved shitpost mods, like Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff The Movie, Panic, Sonic Dumbventure, and...
  12. vaporwaveboi

    [Reusable] Olive Oil 1.1

    Step 1: Obtain some oil. (protip: use magnets for faster obtaining) Step 2: Wait for it to rain. (Might take a bit, and Mother Nature may merely be trolling you) Step 3: Cover yourself in the oil acquired in Step 1 (press Custom 1) Now, press Custom 2 and fly away! Optionally, if Mother...
  13. Patafoin

    [Reusable] Patafoin's Character Pack - New char : Umbr & Dark Suit Absol 15.3

    Here all the characters that me and my friends has made. There are 4 different file to download : - The normal pack who has 30 characters. - The Pokemon Unite Pack , those are character already in the main pack but with an outfit . - The cursed pack who has ... Weird character derived from the...
  14. Chrispy

    [CCCP] Chrispy's Content Creation Pack

    The first mod with every prefix! KRBCL is longer than CCCP! The whole name is alphabet soup! KRBCLCCCP is a content expansion mod that features 15 characters and 11 stages created by 21 members of the community (including myself) This was a lot of fun to put together and everybody did a great...
  15. mitsame

    Mit's Character Pack v12

    25 racers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pack now includes separate PK3s! Simply download the pack and there will be a folder containing each character separately. NOTE: Aerith has exactly *one* swear as one of her hurt quotes. Please keep that in mind when downloading! Now featuring my...
  16. Aaron0000

    [Reusable] Aaron's Char Pack - Latest Update: Donkey Kong barrels in 3.5

    If you're looking to download a single character from the pack, just grab the "AaronPackIndividual" zip file in the Downloads and grab the characters you like from it. A few characters have versions that allow more parts to be recolored with the secondcolor command, they're available in either...
  17. SunkythePootis

    The "Niche Racer Dispenser" Pack v1.2

    This pack of overly niche racers started out as me messing around in Asesprite during a summer heat wave, but after a while it ended up becoming a fun side project from the usual video projects I do. After making 4 characters during the last 4 months of 2020, I've decided to try my hand at a...
  18. RobinE

    Robin E's Character Pack V1.9

    Robin E's Character Pack V1.9 Changelog: Characters:
  19. Aluigi

    Aluigi's Folder [Character Pack] v1.9/v2.4

    This is... my folder! I see you've stumbled upon my files and recently found my folder full of characters. Take a look at what you've found there. Seems like you found ten characters with different seriousness levels. Character info: Also coming individually will be a (technically...
  20. FabulousNinji

    Coldsteel the Hedgeheg

    psssh...nothin personnel...kid... Does he even need an introduction? At long last, the edgiest being in the known universe and all other universes, and top of his class in the Sonic Fighting Academy, Coldsteel the Hedgeheg finally makes his appearance. With a speed stat of 6 and a weight...