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  1. Altiami

    OOPS, All Tumble!

    DISCLAIMER "OOPS, All Tumble!" is an exaggerated parody of the tumble damage effect in Ring Racers (as shown in preview videos and GIFs). The idea of the tumble is directly based upon Kart Krew's, which must be respected. WELCOME TO THE TUMBLE ZONE. NICE TO YEET YOU. Slipped on a banana...
  2. Sludesus

    [Open Assets] SpongeBob Squarepants 1.5.1

    Are you ready, kids? SpongeBob is finally here! "errm but how can he breath if he's on land?" idk how could he breath on land during the first movie? mmhm we love 16 angle mods Join the Discord!
  3. Bandder

    Talez The Fex v1.0.1

    Well Well Well, if it isn't Sonki's "best friend" Talez Ya'll remember her right? I hope ya do, because she is back to tormenting Sonki and now she's got some new tricks up her non-existent sleeves. With that being said be sure to report any bugs, and yall have a good day!
  4. Unfunnyio

    Unfunnyio Unfunny Character Pack!!!(Olimar and more dumbasses added) 4.0 (I dont have an actual name for this)

    Welcome to the Unfunnyio character pack! the only pack of all time. Im not good at spriting so expect a bit of bullshit here. :wow: For now there are 15 characters but expect more in the future. Wallnuts(Plants Vs Zombies) Speed: 6 Weight: 9 The wallnuts from Plants vs Zombies arrive to...
  5. haya__

    [Open Assets] Hellsert Bus v1.2

    It's Desert Bus. Drive through basically an almost endless route from Point A to Point B with nothing but sand, road, and cacti. Uses map slot VR. Available in MAP HELL. 4 laps, for each general "trip", each lasting 2 minutes. This includes the joy of driving a real bus, such as: 0...
  6. Bandder

    [Open Assets] Vreen Hill Zone v1

    Wow guys! A level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well well well, if it isn't another Green Hill Zone!! This is a rather quick level that I made for the heck of it. anyways thats it i got nothing for ya
  7. Bandder

    Jelly Sonki v1

    What is this Jelly Sonki! Thats what! Jelly Sonki plays like the original Sonki, with a few differences. Sonki can still be as fast as always, but he is a bit slower and gains more height instead. Sadly Jelly Sonki lacks a tv. *shrugs* With that, happy birthday to me! Credits: Sonki's...
  8. Bandder

    NOT TALEZ!!! (Crowle Pack)

    It'sSonki! submitted a new resource: NOT TALEZ!!! (Crowle Pack) - bet you didnt see this shithole coming Read more about this resource...
  9. Bandder

    [Open Assets] NOT TALEZ!!! (Crowle Pack) v1

    Wow, what the heck? It's Both crowlas have the same moves. The red one is just more based obviously!! Moves: Double Jump Due to being a little crawla they have a crap jump! But in order to make the game remotely beatable the crowla has a doubl jump! Speed boost!!! (It's just a spindash)...
  10. haya__

    [Open Assets] DeltaTracks v3

    INTRODUCING: DeltaTracks, formerly known as New Super Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart Race Courses Remasters Deluxe Edition Kart of the Year Edition & Knuckles, the theoretical sequel to FuckPak, by yours truly. This includes some pretty sub-par maps i guess???? cool ok [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  11. Sludesus


    Hi im spongebob squarepants and this evil guy (no not plankton) has taken the secret 7 Krabby Patty ingredients and Mr Krabs will fire me if i don't get back to work soon but i can't do anything until i get them back so will you help me on my (hopefully short) adventure thru green meadows...
  12. Bandder

    Sonki The Hedgehawg v1.5 - Soda Version Prerelease

    Kept you waiting, huh? But hey, it's time. He's back! Sorry for the wait guys! But here is Thanks for coming back for the remake! I hope the remake is worth the wait of a few months! A Talez remake is in the works now, though I wont be focusing on it as much due to other...
  13. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Funny Meme

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Funny Meme - What a nightmare you're face to! Read more about this resource...
  14. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Funny Meme v2

    WARNING: This addon contains extreme gore and a lot of violence and is rated M for Merely Immature, I advise you to ask your mom before downloading this. -- Original Warning Post by Lat' (Again removed and Modified it) This is a enhanced version of MotorRoach's funny meme thing. This is...
  15. Bandder

    SonkColors v1

    oh no guys! it has been a while since i have posted something due to me being busy all the time, and having no time to work on anything! but that changes today! with this small color collection. these colors are refrences to either media, or things that i have made! sorry for being very...
  16. RitzyJuice885

    [Open Assets] Cattino V1

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A MEME/YTP MOD. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW COMPLAINING THAT IT IS A JOKE MOD. YOUR REVIEW WILL MEAN NOTHING. (To clarify, you can still criticize; just don't whine about it being a joke mod. That's literally what it's meant to be. Remember, humor is subjective!)...
  17. dashdahog

    Spleenik & Taileels 1.0000003.7.1

    text thing by RitzyJuice885 iirc Spleenik Taileels After a Darn long time spleenik and taileels are finally coming out because they are pretty much done!!!!!! Spleenik is a bootleg lookin...
  18. WegaBlaster1738

    Kirby Voice Acting V2

    Kirby but with LEGENDARY VOICE ACTING provided by the wonderful lotsaspaghettiman and sprites drawn by me
  19. Bandder

    [Open Assets] McDonalds Rush - (ft. Sonki and Talez) v1.2

    WARNING!!!!! this mod is not suitable for those who don't want to lose brain cells. hello. welcome to this mappack!!!!! you are sonki. and you're hungery. so you must go to the local mcdonalds and get a whopper sandwhich from there. follow sonki on his adventure!!! what this mappack features...
  20. RobinE

    [Open Assets] Robin E's Character Pack V2.0 v.2.0