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because of the dab......not much you can really do ( besides change the key maping)
Actually, I'm pretty sure it's because the LookForPOI function is running its code for every MT_NIGHTSPARKLE produced by the nearby grenade rings and explosion rings
Adding "or obj.type == MT_NIGHTSPARKLE" before the first return of that function helps a lot with it.
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Does anybody know how to turn tricks off? It's screwing with another Lua I use (yes i went in the chrispy menu and set it to "off" and still failed)


I don't know if anyone else is getting this, but recently, when I try to play srb2, with this addon loaded (even by itself!), I always encounter an error, such as "Z_checkheap [number]: block [number] doesn't have linkback from allocated memory"
Sometimes if I play in software mode, I can play a level, but as soon as I try to exit it, such as by selecting "return to title screen", it then gets the error.

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