single map

  1. just_a_random_guy

    [Reusable] Minecraft style title screen/template title screen 1.0

    This mod changes the title screen map to gfz1 and deletes the title and the logo(?) it's kinda useless, except if you use it with an autoexec file or you put it in your mod in fact, this is completely reusable, without credits. modification tutorial you can add an image to be displayed on...
  2. Snaker.


    So you like diamonds? Then this map will be for you :D MINE DIAMONDS (MAPOZ) Welcome to MINE DIAMONDS where all there is are DIAMONDS and lava in the middle of the road that can be very cumbersome so be prepared in case they throw you an SPB because it is very likely that you will not survive...
  3. UltimeP

    UltimeP Race - Beach Palace v1.11

    I wanted to try ZoneBuilder and see how it works... And this map is the result! First feed backs said that it's a bit a technical map so... optimize your trajectories! Map name : MAPXU The race starts on a bridge at the beach : Then comes the palace's main entrance : Everything has an end...
  4. SpecPet

    Trophies in SRB2 1.0

    Trophies for SRB2 adds Trophies that resemble the Trophies from Super Smash Bros Brawl. It features the Main Characters of SRB2, but Custom Trophies can be made via a WAD and PK3 Editor. Just a small recolor of Tails as a example. To access the Trophies, you can start a New Game, or...
  5. Bright the Hedgehog YT

    [REDONE] SL_GreenForest1_v.1.2.wad 1.2.1

    I fixed it a little, so now the badniks won't display a warning image. Hope you enjoy the mod! :knuxsmug:
  6. P

    [Reusable] Space pinball _ Pizza Tower. 1.1

    This is a race inspired from the "Space Pinball" level from Pizza Tower. This is a 3 Lap course where the layout of the race change after the first turn. Will you found the secret passage and the secret tower tresor? Map name : MAPSO (Sp wasn't avaible) Race's thumbnail in High Resolution...
  7. jelly

    the jelly cup (no more checkpoint shuffle pls) 1.05

    hii, this is my first go at mapmaking, critiques and advice are greatly appreciated current courses jelly circuit 2 [MAPDN] this one is relatively simple, it's a 5 lap circuit track with some tricky cuts by the end more tracks in the making, shoutouts to the badmilk guys :]
  8. Brainlessdude

    [Reusable] Nico's Smile Zone [v1.2] 1.2

    Hey there! Do you like Nico? I don't. But that didn't stop me from making THIS for some reason! Welcome to Nico's Smile Zone (MAPNI); a track I originally made as a joke for my friends, but then became a more serious effort as my desire to be perfect grew (and my friends lost interest in...
  9. Teyla

    SERAPH Speedway V1

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my first track release! Starting from the end with the last map of my planned Gacha Cup it's the Aquatic Racing Paradise: SE.RA.PH Speedway! A bit of a tough course, with angular turns and multiple hairpins through the digitzed world of a magical sinking oil...
  10. TrailBlazer

    Mandrill Maze 1.1

    Ok so I was playing TF2ware again recently and I got the boss minigame where you had to finish the Mandrill Maze as a banana Heavy before the deathwall kills you. I figured "hey, why not turn it into a hell map?" And so I did. Map number is MAPCL.
  11. VGBoy

    Hype Resort Zone Ver. 2.1

    Welcome to Hype Resort! A beginner track on an island resort. Drive through the main halls and along the lively coastline. Any feedback design-wise or visual-wise is appreciated.
  12. Mustard

    Sunset Park [v1.01]

    Sunset Park In this battle map you will murder eachother while a beautiful sunset engulfs the city and with the small size of this map you will have no time to view the sunset. This is my first ever map and I hope I can make more exciting maps for people to play on. Changelog...
  13. Amethirst

    [Reusable] Hilltop Peaks v1

    My first map, being heavily inspired from the Hilltop Zone in the vanilla kart map, it's Hilltop Peaks. I would like feedback and criticism so I can later improve on this stage and later ones I may make. Thank you to the people that helped me test out this level and encouraged me to keep...
  14. ThatAwesomeGuy173

    Cannon Course Zone 1.0

    Cannon Course Zone (MAPC5) is an SRB2Kart race map with a simple layout and visuals, designed as an experiment to attempt to recreate reflective map geometry.
  15. glaber

    Emerald Lake (KART Track)

    My first release for SRB2 Kart Emerald Lake is based on the Project RoboTower stage of the Same name. This stage is basic, but as my first kart track, I believe Basic is good. The track features a tunnel, a water segment, and a segment of the SP stage as scenery. The whole track can even be...
  16. minenice

    (Battle Plus) MC.Princess Diaries Feat. Hyperbombs and the Princess Cannon!

    The Splatocalypse is upon us! It's Chaos versus Order on this hyperfresh battle arena! "You helped make the stage? That's amazing, Marina!" - Full support for Battle Plus' Ring Runners and Emerald Hunt - Enhanced with alternate music during timed matches (a special performance from Off The...
  17. Revan

    [Reusable] Flying Battery V1

    It's been a while since I've ever submitted something, so here it is. Flying Battery for Kart. ~ Feedback is greatly appreciated but I won't change anything at the moment. Not until I'll gain more Kart mapping experience, but don't worry because I'll take all the tips and feedbacks on the next...
  18. JugadorXEI

    [Reusable] Reality Collapse Zone 1.0.3

    Reality Collapse Zone M7epiCLiWXw Race through SRB2's multiple landscapes in Reality Collapse Zone! No one said it would be easy, however - Dr. Eggman's attempt on merging every stage has gone awry, resulting in a racetrack where not only it is easy to fall off, but there's multiple...
  19. InstableGR

    Cookie Country (Kirby's Return to Dream Land) 1.3

    Welcome to Cookie Country, a lush landscape part of a kingdom famous for peace and quiet. This first "InstableTrack" is based on the colorful first world of Kirby's Return to Dream Land! Take in your surroundings of gorgeous greens, vast cliffs and sparkly waterfalls while racing on a track...
  20. CrayFray

    [Reusable] Mayday Submarine v.1.03.1

    BURNING RANGERS GO! Welcome to the Submarine Pressure test. Please proceed with caution! [MAPSA] Mayday Submarine is a singular level for Kart inspired by Moorhuhn Karts 2 Fabrik & Sonic Racing Transformed - Burning Depths track. Swing your tires around a prototype of a submarine tested for...