single map

  1. Triant

    My Works In Progress *Steel the wolf (again) and Quartz Quadrant Bad Future*

    weeeeell, after my last work in progress first i wanted to say sorry,i didnt tried to copy dirk,and until you wait for new sprites here are the designs for steel also,admins,if you have some problems with the sprites,tell me but please dont block this post i dont have bad intentions, and yes...
  2. romineblox0

    Sunshine Beach Zone v1 v1

    Hello people from the internet! I present you my first Race, Competition map.. Called Sunshine Beach! I hope you will enjoy it.

    resort island zone 2

    can you feel the sunshine? no? well this will help! this is a level i made, cause why not? now you can race your friends! in the sunshine ( yet another can you feel the sunshine joke :wow: ) it has its own map lump!
  4. Mahier

    [Reusable] Reunited. V4

    this is my first time uploading a thing on the mb lol since it wont let me post the update here is one: i was gonna put the tag #srb2 v2.2 but they didnt let me this level is bad and im a bad level maker v2...
  5. Radsla

    [Reusable] Blue Hill v.1.7

    Hello people, this is blue hill, one of my first maps that I think I made the decision to take again because it really gave visual cancer but hey that doesn't matter what matters is that you enjoy it and leave me your opinion
  6. The Shadow

    The Shadow's first map.

    Hello there! I'm currently making my first map and wanted to show my progress so far. I started making this map around two months ago and learned everything while making this map. This is my progress so far. It's by no means finished and will probably still take a while to be completed, but...
  7. SleepyManiac

    [Reusable] Midori Valley Zone Demo 1

    Hello! First time publishing a mod here! So this is basically a Level mod I created with 2 stages included, Midori Valley Zone and a boss battle for it. There's not much else for me to say about it honestly. Just a really small and simple level pack. :P This is one of my first attemps on...
  8. cotomili

    Cotopack v1 [New track: Puyo Puyo Gardens] 1.0

    Hello racers! I am honored to present you my pack: Cotopack! It will feature multiple Cups, one being inspired by classic SEGA franchises such as Super Monkey Ball and Puyo Puyo [NEW!] Enjoy the colorful hand-drawn scenery with tons of unique sprites specifically made for these tracks...
  9. Triant

    i want to do a metal sonic race but i cant (read post for details)

    ye, as the title says, i want to do a metal sonic race for my map,but i tried the "outdated" wiki solution and didnt worked, my question is, is the wiki actually outdated or i am doing just things bad, and if i am can anyone please help me?
  10. Sirexer

    [Reusable] S-19 Space Station 1.2

    👋Welcome to S-19 Space Station👋 In this station, you can have fun with your friends! This map is great for 24/7 servers and Hangout servers. Rooms There are 6 apartments and each has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. You can lock apartment with button nearby the door. Entertainment...
  11. The Real Inferno

    [Reusable] Demo Quest Zone v1.0b

    Pushing SRB2 to it's very limits, Demo Quest Zone ensures a uniquely torturous experience for all that play it. Originally started because a member of the SRB2 Official Server, FrostedGeulleisia, tried and failed to cram all of Beta Quest into a singular map, this has expanded to be a test of...
  12. X

    [Reusable] Zero's Vaporwave Track v1

    This was my first and only map for Kart. It started as a server exclusive map from my server, but i ended up shutting down the server because of the lack of players. So i decided it would be a better idea to post it here. This map has these features: - Vaporwave style. - A few surprises. - The...
  13. Twins'R'Okay

    [Reusable] Ante-Station Zone - Enhanced Edition v1

    NOTICE ABOUT REUSABLE CONTENT: You may reuse textures, graphics, socs, lua, and sprites so long as I receive credit for my work. If you want to reuse or repackage the map itself, you must ask permission first. Do not under any circumstance edit the map itself, don't disrespect my work like this...
  14. flarn2006

    [Reusable] Electric Circuit Zone 1.0

    NOTICE: While this map and its assets are freely reusable, they are under a "copyleft" license. This means, if you publish an edit of this map, your version must be reusable as well, under this same condition. However, if you included your own original work (e.g. textures) with it, you are not...
  15. Chengi

    the house from the americ anfootball album cover -- a terrible hangout map for you and your friends 1.0

    featuring a sick never meant cover by swimmingfailure The best I can do at recreating the meme house from this album cover in Zone Builder. Repurposed into a hangout map for your enjoyment(...?). Not much else to say. It's what it says on the tin.
  16. D00D64

    [Reusable] Scaledflower Zone 1.2

    It's Greenflower Zone Act 1, but... smaller. 1/4th its original size, to be exact. All objects are scripted to be smaller too. If you wanted to know how weird it is to control yourself at 1/4th your size, here you go. Physics are a bit odd at this size. Also, since this mod is reusable, it's...

    [Reusable] at least its not GHZ 3

    i made you regret green flower zone existing? well here you go! more green flower, go to no save mode, choose character, and BOOM play the level i made! there are rings, enemies and SECRETS! also don't ask about the icon, its just there oh now it has S L O P E S ! cause i was bored, i also...
  18. Lemin

    [Golf] Desert Eagle Zone 1.0

    Here is a quick map I made for the Golf gamemode recently made by JonBaxter. This is my first custom map so feedback is appreciated! Desert Eagle features 6 holes (maybe more in the future), increasing in difficulty with each one.
  19. Dr Pants

    Green Paradise Zone 1.0

    After much time spent experimenting with Zone Builder and following Seventh Sentinel's helpful tutorial playlist, I've finally made the first level that I'm happy with uploading! Green Paradise Zone features multiple paths, secret areas and more. My personal best time for this level is 0:37...
  20. snoc the head

    [Reusable] Techno Speedway Zone v1

    obligatory "this is my first level" A level based on Modern Sonic's abilities, like Greenflower X. Features : Techno Hill Textures Snazzy Sonic R music in the second section ..thats about it.