single map

  1. CosmicMan08

    [Reusable] Bob-Omb Battlefield 1

    "Bob-Omb Battlefield's looking a lot more like Red Buzz Battlefield right now!" - Sonic The Hedgehog, 2022 The iconic Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 recreated for Sonic Robo Blast 2. Explore the vast polygonal landscape in a brand new way! (Note: Our legal team will not be held...
  2. Marcos

    [Reusable] Restored Multiplayer CEZ1 Bridge Sequence 1

    This addon returns the behavior of the CEZ1 bridge sequence the early versions of 2.2 had. TL,DR: The bridge sequence once worked in multiplayer but now it doesn't. This addon changes this. You may be wondering how did players who die during the run finish the stage. After the bridge is done...
  3. L3M44n

    Baldi's Schoolhouse 1.1

    Just an random idea that popped into my head when i was bored. Textures and the music by: Micah McGonigal
  4. IZXOSRails


    THIS IS A VERY KEWL LEVEL!!! Not really, its mostly just custom textures and alot of "good" level design, i dont really know. I put atleast some effort into it. DM ME IF THERES BUGS. (made some of the levels! : dashdahog) VIDEOS :
  5. IZXOSRails

    ROBLOX : Template Obby V1

    Yeah it's literally just the ROBLOX Obby template, you can reuse this for anything, i dont care that much.
  6. TheGoldenTail

    Snow Breeze v1.0

    Welcome to Snow Breeze! It's my first level in srb2 and I'm pretty happy with it. Hope you enjoy it! Plot The main goal is to get to the top of the mountain and meet up for a nice picnic at the top...
  7. ShihoAJoke

    [Reusable] Meadow Match Revamped v1.1

    A very simple revamped of Meadow Match that I've done quickly last year as a joke and never thought of it till now. I decided to just release as is with some minor few changes and not leave it rot on my disk... Obviously, this replace over MAPMB (Meadow Match lol) I decided to make this...
  8. Mr.FondusBroMan

    TD Forest (REMAKE! Official) V1

    Original Used:
  9. Tempmarrow

    Good maps/mappacks?

    I'm pretty bored on playing maps I played time and time again, any good maps or mappacks I can play to honestly have more fun.
  10. helphop10

    retro zone 1.0

    at the moment there is only 1-1 but there may be more in the future credit to Jadoinka for helping with this
  11. artloc1

    Marble Zone Remake

    Work is underway to recreate the classic marble zone map in 3D. The design of the map will change by the end of development. 1661917194 Do you think which type of bricks is better, left or right?
  12. FrostBrush

    FrostbrushMapPak (NEW: Hot Crater Zone) 1.0

    Hello, Frostbrush here! This map pack includes map's made by me. Right now the pack only includes one cup with 2 tracks: Ice Paradise Zone and Hot Crater Zone from Sonic Advance 2. Also i want to thank Aqua's Karthouse discord server for helping in testing maps and giving feedback! MAPS...
  13. squiddo

    [Reusable] Greenflower City 1.0

    I'm planning for this to be a hub for multiplayer, but the current map ID is MAP01. I'll add more detail eventually.
  14. someoneontheinternet

    [Reusable] Grassy Plains Zone ( remake ) 2

    this is grassy plains zone (its a remake) cuz the last one was boring.
  15. csean07 (Sega-tendo

    [Reusable] Phosphor Haze Parkway v1.3.0

    Welcome to Phosphor Haze Parkway. This is a map created by: _Astral & csean07 Information about Phosphor Haze Parkway: This map contains many areas you can visit such as the Emerald Alter, Giant Tree Island, Azure Woods, and much more to explore. There are plenty of secrets hiding...
  16. LaDrux

    Volcanic Planet 1.0

    Made this level a while back and decided to upload it now, mainly for feedback for my next level I would work on. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Enjoy I guess! Music: Resource used for the level: Also credit to my friend Nuhu64...
  17. Darthkitten

    Taker's Hell Zone 1.1

    This is my first track, but I hope you like it regardless! I may make this into a full map pack in the future as I have some ideas for other tracks, but for now, it's only a single track. This is a fairly challenging, longer track with two laps. Taker's Hell is a track filled with tight turns...
  18. someoneontheinternet

    [Reusable] GreenFlower Zone but its a hangout VERSION 2 2

    i remade greenflower zone but its a hangout. this is the proper version.
  19. PMR

    Major And Minor (M&M) Tweaks v1.3

    This tweak mod is very straight-to-the-point with everything, so I won't ramble on too long. So I've always thought SRB2 kinda cuts a few corners, like only having a subtitle in Dream Hill Zone and nowhere else, Red Volcano Zone having only one act yet still displays the act number (yes, I know...
  20. I

    Super Mario Bros. World 1 - 1 (2.1 Port) 1.0

    The World 1 - 1 from the classic Nintendo game, comes back to SRB2 in this port from 2.1 to 2.2! this is the first thing i do with Zone Builder, so it would be great if you support me