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Hi there, welcome back to Island Sol Sestancia.

Update 1.6:
Cutscenes levels, new bonus level: Uptown. Some minor fixes.
Update 1.5:
Emblem radar. Also a bonus file: Download SonTV.pk3 for a AOSTH based circuit race


I gave you a brief tour a while ago:

Now it's time for the main event. Well, chapter 1. More's coming in the future.

-Who're you?
Hi, I'm Youtube's Rogerregorroger, maker of cartoons and discussion video's. I noticed I got increasingly cynical and bitter when thinking of Sonic's future, so figured making my own level mod within my favorite Sonic fangame would be a nice therapy.

Screen 3.png

-What's this?
It's kind of an homage to the 3d platformer and RPG hybrids you got in the late 90's and early 2000's like Megaman Legends, Mystical Ninja starring Goemon and Sonic Adventure.
Also these games that relied more on texture work rather then complex 3d modeling for their graphics, creating this effect you were walking inside of a cartoon. Like in Fur Fighters, Red The Hunter, Wild Riders.
So, very story/ context driven, so much it feels more like you're bouncing around one giant island rather then merely going trough disconnected levels.


-So what do we get?
There's 17 levels. 3 RPG ish explore area's, 7 "normal" platform levels, 2 hidden levels. 4 Cutscene levels And one level where you just run like mad.


-50 mb?
Jup. It contains over 1600 new textures.

-What's the story?
The island of Sol Sestancia is nearing it's 100th anniversary and is organizing many events to celebrate. The Catering is organized by..Eggman enterprises. That can't be good. Time to figure out what's really going on.

There's technically supposed to be cutscenes between every level to push the story forward but I gave up on getting that to work.
I'l include the cutscenes in a let's play I'll do of this level pack later on.

Screen 1.png

- Content can be re-used and repurposed?
Yeah, sure, knock yourself out. It's messy, tough.

So uhh, yeah. Hope it's fun to play.
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Latest updates

  1. Sol Sestancia 1.6, now with Cutscene levels.

    (Now 1.7, fixed up a few problems in the new levels and packed the old AOSH racetrack in as...

Latest reviews

This is the best srb2 addon EVER
Upvote 0
This is the most enjoyable map pack I've played through so far, but RUN is almost rage-inducing with how fast the characters are going and the bonus stages are too easy.
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I love it the story is pretty good i cant wait for part 2
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This level pack relies extremely heavily on early 2000s nostalgia. As the description suggests, it's based heavily on platformers from that era, and I think especially the Sonic Adventure influence comes through, but in my opinion the overreliance on story and heavily linear gameplay that the Adventure series features is exacerbated here.
Almost every level is almost entirely a long hallway, and death pits abound if you fall off of them in the later ones. Enemy placement seems to be done based more on dramatic timing than anything else. Platforms are cramped and tight against walls. Springs aren't very well aligned and clumps seem to have been placed to make up for that.
That said, it's obvious a lot of love went into this, the textures are fun, and the soundtrack is overall pretty good. It just often feels like it was meant to be an animated cartoon rather than a game.
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Should add the swamp boss dude! Game ends so suddenly, although super fun.
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Decent and fun mappack, but I have several pros and cons about chapter one:
Pros: The voice acting is very decent and I love that you got someone who can do a perfect impression of SatAM Eggman (and let's not forget the fact that he sang win the race as well).
Each level has a different feel, and makes sense with the story and what's going on in the moment.
the Green Hills stage surprised me and i like how you did an entirely abridged version of the first movie in a sigle stage.

Con: While I love the stages, the case doesn't go the same for the songs used; I'm not a big fan of the songs used, mostly the ones used in Jungle Crash Site and Boot camp, as they seem unfitting with the theme.
RUN needs a little adjustment with characters without speed caps (like Pointy Sonic for example), as the characters go at high speeds and become uncontrollable.
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Definitely one of the more unique level packs for SRB2, there's no denying this has a bunch of charm and effort put into it.

While my preferences for aesthetics & style do lie elsewhere, the many custom textures are brimming with style and personality, and really make the levels feel like interactive 3D versions of the author's Flash animations. Bonus points for the many animated character "textures", which are an especially neat touch, and of course the many easter eggs and references everywhere.

The skyboxes definitely have neat ideas, but feel somewhat too rectangular. For example, the island cliff face texture used in several skyboxes is often one perfectly flat wall, which could really benefit from some bumps and curves.

The levels are at their best when exploring the many nooks and crannies, finding all the neat details, aforementioned textures and even voice acting, which I've never seen done so well in SRB2 before! However, the actual gameplay didn't feel all that great to me. Most of the time, the level design felt either too small, with cramped corridors and small platforms, or too open, having many sections where there's not much to do besides running for extended periods of time. The directioning was mostly fine, even if the way forward was a little unclear in spots. There were also a few too many invisible walls for my liking, although I can understand it's a necessary evil in parts.

Still, I did enjoy going through this level pack, and thought it was pretty good!
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I think this may be my favorite level pack, besides maybe Equinox. It's filled with charm and has the level design to back it up. And it was a very pleasant surprise hearing "AINT NOTHIN LIKE A FLAT BEAT" in the level called "Run". I won't say more as to not spoil it though.
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There is a tonne of detail packed into this mod. The city is gorgeous and full of little bits and pieces to check out, the levels are great fun, there's amusing voice acting and lots of funny scenery. Whenever I come across someone in the wild who plays SRB2, I will always suggest that they check out Sol Sestancia. Love it!
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Definitely feels like an Adventure-era game. And even without the intended cutscenes, the levels have enough context clues built into them to get a solid sense of what Eggman's soda-scheme here is all about. Keeping an eye out for Part 2, trust me on that!
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