(Now 1.7, fixed up a few problems in the new levels and packed the old AOSH racetrack in as bonus stage too)

So I've been struggling to get the cutscenes in this pack, until someone requested if they could have their own custom character represented in the cutscenes too.
This would be impossible unless I draw in every possible custom character out there, so I suddenly figured out an entirely different solution: interactive cutscene levels:


Inbetween main levels, you'll get mini levels you can explore where the story or atmosphere get a moment of focus before you get back to the action. Just follow the rings if you want to speed trough.
So there will be brand new locations for you to explore.


Other updates include some minor updates to the 9 main levels, some visual touches, and an attempt to make the more claustrophobic area's more spacious whenever possible.

The level with the most changes is RUN, now I can finally program my own custom enemies, the turrets themselves are shooting at you, and there's actual traffic coming at the player this time.
I had to recreate a few rooms from scratch because of some severe glitches.
This level remained glitchy till the bitter end...


One final surprise, as apology that Sol Sestancia 2 is taking forever, I included a bonus level, which is actually one of the main stages from Sol Sestancia 2 already completed: Uptown, jumping trough the buildings at night.


Hope you enjoy.

( Thanks to Turret 49, Vanillaaawoaaah, Mikhael Blur for helping out point some flaws or lending some coding)