Spiral Hill Pizza Hangout

Spiral Hill Pizza Hangout 2022-08-15

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It's Spiral Hill Pizza, from OLDC 2022 round 1, 3th place.
Now completely open and even more ridiculously detailed version of the wide open town for Hangout purposes. Without any Pizza delivering missions. Alas. So, welcome to IDW inspired attempt to recreate Spiral Hill Town:

Make sure you play with Open GL mode, because all the textures and sectors and junk on display at once will make Software mode squirm for mercy.

So, what can you do in this upgraded town? Well, not much, it's just a hangout. Perhaps you can knock down some bowling pins at the alley.

Visit the KTBR radio station and ask the DJ to change some tunes.

Hop on people's laundry to get some extra air.
Eh, those clothes were going to get dirty eventually anyway.

Bother Silver in his garden.

Visit the Sonic fanclub abondonned mansion to break some stuff, bother the animals and town's folk on the street.
Go back to the Pizza restaurant and break into the vault as revenge for the Doughmeister never paying you for your services.
And if you feel rightfully guilty of your evil deeds, go back to school and give yourself some detention.

Look for little carpets on the ground for buildings that have an external interior. Couldn't fit all of it in the overworld itself.

But more importantly, let me introduce to you the most important thing: The Chair:

Run into this thing and you'll be send helplessly spinning at mad speed completely at the mercy of The Chair.
Jump from hills, smash stuff, and explore like never before.

Sure, you can do that stuff way more convienent on foot, but it wouldn't be as stylish without you flailing around helplessly while doing it, now would it?

And if you want to be REAL stylish, play the level with my Sonic in a chair mod, so you can have Chair on Chair action.
Thanks Buggie the bug for making the LUA for that one!
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