large map pack

  1. M1STQ

    The Newbie Level Design Collab [ NLDC ]

    Say Hello To The Brand New Newbie Level Design Collab :- (this will be one heck of a story time so just skip to the end if you get it and just wanna join) A Collaboration Where everyone is respected. Now You may be wondering what this is. well from your time in the SRB2 community, you may...
  2. Dana1020

    recommend map pack, to play in singleplayer

    Many times it happens to me that I want to play something new but I can't find the maps well, so I decided to ask for recommendations of good map packs, so here comment good map packs to play in singleplayer
  3. M1STQ

    THE HUNT... not an emerald hunt I swear

    Hello there my fellow srb2 player... what happens if you gave an SRB2 addict that had been playing the game ever since the Final demo who never made maps before. a chance to make a levelpack, here is the level pack in the works I will not show more pictures then this.. after all I want...
  4. thesrb2fan12

    Srb2 RUSH WIP

    So randomly had the thought of sonic rush in srb2 after playing the sonic rush 3d demo on my new pc here is a gif to show some progress of Leaf Forest 1703721107 Started working on Water Palace This one is going to be a lengthy one
  5. ClavaKamnev

    [Open Assets] Ice World v1.0

    My First Level Pack its hurt
  6. Mayo.

    Colab pack with no name yet :robincry:

    Currently it's only one map in dev rn, but I'm happy to say it will be out in a few months! or when it's done ™️:worry:
  7. Andromeda

    Eclipse Edition Demo 0.1.1

    SRB2: Eclipse Edition features a whole new campaign with a new Story It also comes with its own, exciting HUD! This is still very early in development, so there isn't much yet. Link to the Eclipse Edition Discord:
  8. smoklysmokly

    SRB2: Generations

    Hey! Go to the latest page to see the latest updates/random posts from me SRB2: Generations is a level pack made to reimagine the main campaign's levels (GFZ-THZ-DSZ-CEZ-ACZ-RVZ-ERZ) into modern-styled levels, It's mainly created for Modern Sonic, but it's also for any character that has an...
  9. Prismiya

    SRB2: Sunrise for the Crawler

    I have been working on a level pack lately. SRB2: Sunrise for the Crawler inspired on vanilla SRB2's zones with some of my touch. I have made only the first 2 zones for now, and they still need some tweaking, Planned to do 7 zones. - Checkways Act 1: Some ruins took over by the crawlas...
  10. Cable

    Map Pack W.I.P

    In my past I've may have done somethings that I regret, making a character that was impossible for me to make, and trying to release something that got rejected. However, I'm here to announce that I will be making a level pack. There are only 2 levels so far and I will post more images of...
  11. metalharbor

    Sonic and the Gunslinger 2023-10-29

    Howdy pardner. I'm Fang...Fang the Sniper. I'm a bounty hunter, and I happen to have found myself in this here book of Wild West frontier myths. Right now, I'm heading into town to meet my least favorite client. It's been a long journey and there's more ahead. Want to come with? Course you...
  12. Soniku11

    Soniku11 Coop Map Pack v8.6.5

    At long last!.. After almost a month and half of both mental and physical suffering and agony, i finished the remake of my coop pack! Tought mostly. (There is some that have been left yet unchanged as they werent really that lacking, imo) here are the coop maps i been doing for so long, it took...
  13. Hiryuu

    [Open Assets] Dragon Pack II

    Hiryuu submitted a new resource: Dragon Pack II - Sequel track pack, continuing from the original Dragon Pack release Read more about this resource...
  14. Hiryuu

    [Open Assets] Dragon Pack II 1.0a

    Hello again. It's been a while. ››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› DRAGON PACK II ››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› 30 months later, or so, I have this set ready to go. This more or less follows in the footsteps of the previous pack. Check that one so you know what to expect for the map...
  15. StellarStardust

    Insanity Pack ~ v2.2 "The Final Update" v2.2

    Insanity Pack is pack of various level ideas I had for SRB2 Kart. This pack is also home to the infamous Daytona Hell. Can you take the insanity of this pack? It currently features: - 4 race levels. - A battle map. - A hellish version of Daytona Speedway. - Retrowave aethestics. Maps[WARNING -...
  16. SSNFang

    SRB2Neo WIP shits...

    So uhh, I'm just gonna make this WIP thread to let people know I'm making this ahead of time. SRB2 Neo is a map pack, presented in a similar fashion to the main SRB2 campaign, and Mystic Realm. The zones are basically remixes of vanilla SRB2's levels, but not exactly fully based off of them...
  17. SuperOfSrb2

    [Open Assets] Ringslinger ReMatch v1

    Welcome to... Ringslinger ReMatch! Ringslinger ReMatch is your one-stop-shop for Match and CTF maps. Containing both maps from SRB2's past updated to fit the standard of contemporary match maps as well as custom maps, Ringslinger ReMatch aims to be a must-have for anybody wishing to host a...
  18. Twins'R'Okay

    Instant Binary to UDMF Tutorial!

    UDMF is pretty cool lmao What is UDMF? It's an acronym for Universal Doom Map Format. It's a hyper-extensible format that allows for way more flexibility in setting up linedefs, sectors, things, etc. If you want a more detailed overview of what UDMF is and how you can use it, here's Sev's 5...
  19. haya__

    [Open Assets] FuckPak ffinal,,,, hotfix

    "Alert! A shitty map pack has breached containment!" FUCKPAK "The terrible, the legend." A map pack that contains maps of varying quality. And I do mean varying quality. CUPS [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Do note that some of these maps were made specifically for a certain map...
  20. C̶a̶m̶p̶e̶r☻

    Camper's Chaos Map Pack

    The Idea: Welcome to my first set of maps that I started on a whim about 3 months ago. I had decided on 5 maps total so lets see if I can stick true to that. I'm very new to Slade & ZoneBuilder but wanted to give map creation a try especially since me and a friend have been playing Chaos mode...