large map pack

  1. ARC-FOX

    Who Am I? Horror Map.

    Now that I finally know how to make maps! I decided to make a horror map called "Who Am I?". This map is about a father named Zelvic (Psst! You playing as him!) and after an incident at his house, He wakes up not remembering anything! What he does not know is that his soul was sent in this game...
  2. Tempmarrow

    Good maps/mappacks?

    I'm pretty bored on playing maps I played time and time again, any good maps or mappacks I can play to honestly have more fun.
  3. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1 1.1

    SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 OFFICIAL LEVEL DESIGN CONTEST Welcome to Round 1 of the 2022 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest. We hope you like trains. HOW THIS WORKS As mentioned in the rules, the voting process will take place in the Contest Voting subforum, where you will create a thread to list...
  4. Mr.Logan

    The Jam Jar V1.1

    What is the Jam Jar? The Jam Jar is filled with maps that were part of a Mapping Jam hosted by Mariko and Mr.Logan under the Kart Community Server (KCS). Members within the server had 2 months to finish and submit a map for the Jam Jar, and everyone within the server (New Mappers, Experienced...
  5. Othius

    [v1.4] Unofficial Level Design Collab: Spring 2022 [v1.4]

    Logo by @SpinSlash165 Join the Discord Server Welcome back, everybody, to the return of the Unofficial Level Design Collab. This edition, Spring 2022, included 18 New Levels for you to play. The largest ULDC yet! Let's go through them all: mario maze act 1 zone, Act 1 by @Entropy...
  6. Twins'R'Okay

    [Reusable] Encore Mode v1.2/1.1h

    Coming straight from Sonic Mania Plus, is Encore Mode. An alternative gametype that aims to recreate the titular mode with a few enhancements and compatibility for mods & level packs. This mod comes in two parts: The script and the level pack. Both must be added if you want the True Encore...
  7. Tarregor

    [Reusable] PAIN v2.0.13

    Some would call this mod Kaizo SRB2. I'd agree about the later levels, but not so much about the earlier levels. WARNING: This mod was made for experienced players. Don't play this mod unless you've at least beaten the base game as Sonic(by himself) without getting a game over, and don't...
  8. VanillaUwU

    Srb2 (Sonic) Unleashed (On Hiatus)

    Yeah, it's here. Sorta? Alright, alright... so basically I wanted to port the srb2 1.094/FinalDemo Sonic Unleashed mod made by @STHE123O So of course I had to ask perms, welp he gave me perms! But... How do I port stuff? The Delf just basically gives me the wad with no errors. (Thanks Delf:D)...
  9. TheTrueEpicPro

    The Pro Pack Version 5.1

    Welcome to the Pro Pack. A collection of courses that I have made for SRB2Kart! The Pro Pack currently holds six courses. Simple Circuit, Red Mountain, Lonely Isle, Molten Mine, Roundabout, Summer Seas, and the newly added Hyper Spaceway! (MAP JL) Simple Circuit: It's exactly what the name...
  10. Ninja Sonic

    Help me in lua for Rails

    Help me in lua for Rails Like Every Modern Sonic games have. I will give credits
  11. Ninja Sonic

    SRB2 rails.lua

    How I can make a rail lua, can you guys help me in some lua code I will give credits
  12. SuperOfSrb2

    Match maps from every version of SRB2! (Including Meadow Match remake)

    I'm working on getting all official ringslinger-based maps, no matter how poorly designed, into the current version of SRB2. I'm not finished yet, but for the time being I wanted to post the Meadow Match remake that will come with this map pack. I'm planning on making similar remakes for some...
  13. BeviLHP

    (1.1.1 Update) Chaos Pack 1.1.1

    After many months of work, I am proud to announce my first release: Chaos Pack! This map pack adds 10 additional levels to CobaltBW's Chaos Mode! Note: For the best experience, it is highly recommended to use OpenGL Rendering if possible. Included Maps: This pack also...
  14. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 2 1.4

    SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 OFFICIAL LEVEL DESIGN CONTEST Welcome to Round 2 of the 2021 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest. This one was quite fun to put together. HOW THIS WORKS As mentioned in the rules, the voting process will take place in the Contest Voting subforum, where you will create a...
  15. Mikhael Blur

    [Reusable] Russian Rollout Knockout Level Pack Collab (RRKLPC) 1.0

    Here's the first and new one RUSSIAN map collab! But for custom gametype. Here's custom gametype itself. SRB2 RU Discord Server (ONLY FOR RU Server) S1 Community Discord Server (RU and EN server) There's +40 maps for Rollout Knockout Mode. Each map is interesting and unique. Map list...
  16. SossistheNotSossig

    SRB2Plus, and It's possible Return.

    11/7/2021 6:34 PM ET Remember SRB2Plus? Yeah, the thing that I made a long time ago. For those of you who didn't know what it was... It promised to do the following: Changing level design so that levels had different paths along with entire remaps of some zones/acts New Character Abilities 2 New...
  17. Othius

    [v1.6] Unofficial Level Design Collab: Autumn 2021 1.6

    After two delays and nearly three whole months of development, I finally present to you... (Logo by @SpinSlash165) The Unofficial Level Design Collab: Autumn 2021 Just in time for spooky season! After 2 months of mapping: Let's reveal the level lineup! FIfteen new stages from various authors...
  18. Super Chris

    Kart Mania Reborn

    Super Chris submitted a new resource: Kart Mania Reborn - Kart Mania is back with a few returning maps, but some fresh ones! Read more about this resource...
  19. Super Chris

    Kart Mania Reborn 1.1.1

    My level pack, Kart Mania, is back under the name Kart Mania Reborn. Initially, I was not very fond of Kart Mania's state from 2019 to 2021, but I finally decided to do something: Remake most of the tracks from scratch! While I did retain a few tracks from Kart Mania, there will be new tracks in...
  20. akirahedgehog

    Equinox 1.0.1

    Equinox is a level pack adventure that takes place directly after the events of Sonic Robo Blast 2. Venture through time across fantastic worlds encountering new friends, enemies, and maybe even horse? Shadow of Atlantis was previously in the Summer 2020 OLDC and has received an overhaul...