Angel Island Tour

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Angel Island Tour.

I attempted to do 2 things with this pack,
One, make a full blown tribute to Angel Island, the central Sonic setting. It contains all Sonic 3 K Zones (With exception of one, sorry Doomsday) plus some Sonic Adventure, Advance and even Archie inspired locations, and some nods to Sonic Battle and Rivals as well.

Second, I wanted more practise in making levels designed where the player can run at top speed at all times, and see how much level design I can still do around that.

Contains 3 levels:
Angel Island Tour
The chill one. Take a straight forward recreation of Sonic 3 K.
You'll notice some harmless setpieces happening here and there.
Consider them a warning for the future.

Angel Island Run
The chase level. Things fly off the rails when Fire Breath chasing Sonic from a different chunk of Ice Cap zone into the underground.

Angel Island Fall
The atmopsheric one. Rise into the mighty Death Egg Zone. Alas,, what comes up, must come down... I'm practising my ability to add a cinematic flair to SRB2. With clumsy results.

I'm planning on adding more levels to this pack in the future and a storyline and new character, but since I already kinda advertised this pack by using it to create backgrounds in my latest animation, I felt pressured in releasing the Angel Island portion of this pack early.

I made the custom Badniks by messing around with Glaber's Badnick Pack DX.
Well, enjoy.
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Latest reviews

this level pack was nothing short of a blast to try to race through. one of the first level packs that made me want to go back to try and make my time the best it could be.
incredible job all around!! :D
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This pack does a passable job delivering on a unique adventure. It is high paced and ambitious.
I enjoyed the cartoonish art style, and the hilarious plot. Felt like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons again.

However. This pack has poor enemy placement. I had trouble getting on ledges with enemies ledge guarding. The projectiles are too frantic. It hurts progression and can lead to some cheap deaths.

The worst offender is Angel Island Fall. The tanky enemies, and the death traps around them.
It is easily the worst map In the pack. Rip the Chaos Angel segment. You can easily overshoot or undershoot, with only springs to get you around. What were you thinking, man?

Overall an okay pack.
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Totally The Best Addon Ever, I Can Play Everytime With Another addons for fun, Its just my favorite map!
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best level pack ever
keep being awesomes
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Your mod is 🔥 I give it 100000/10
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Amazing level pack but i just don't like how the gun boss fight at the end is just the sunset over chaos first boss but reskinned
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What a plot twist half way through. Great levels also!
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Thanks, Roger! I love this mod,but with this update its just being AMAZING!!!
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I really like how you add story to the level packs you make, it makes running through each level more engaging. However I do think the level design could use some work. It might be because of Simple Mode's camera but navigating through the indoor areas is very difficult, but camera issues aside i think the indoor segments tend to be too cramped. One thing I had a bigger issue with are the enemies, they're just *always* shooting at you and there's so many at once, you almost never get a chance to breathe.

I do really like how fast the game shoots you from location to location, it never feels like one specific area drags on.

Overall pretty good time, im looking forward to your future projects.
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Really fun levels that test your reflexes. I especially love the last level and boss and the way the music was masterfully used to set the mood!
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