Angel Island Tour

[Reusable] Angel Island Tour 2021-08-03

Angel Island Tour.

I attempted to do 2 things with this pack,
One, make a full blown tribute to Angel Island, the central Sonic setting. It contains all Sonic 3 K Zones (With exception of one, sorry Doomsday) plus some Sonic Adventure, Advance and even Archie inspired locations, and some nods to Sonic Battle and Rivals as well.

Second, I wanted more practise in making levels designed where the player can run at top speed at all times, and see how much level design I can still do around that.

Contains 3 levels:
Angel Island Tour
The chill one. Take a straight forward recreation of Sonic 3 K.
You'll notice some harmless setpieces happening here and there.
Consider them a warning for the future.

Angel Island Run
The chase level. Things fly off the rails when Fire Breath chasing Sonic from a different chunk of Ice Cap zone into the underground.

Angel Island Fall
The atmopsheric one. Rise into the mighty Death Egg Zone. Alas,, what comes up, must come down... I'm practising my ability to add a cinematic flair to SRB2. With clumsy results.

I'm planning on adding more levels to this pack in the future and a storyline and new character, but since I already kinda advertised this pack by using it to create backgrounds in my latest animation, I felt pressured in releasing the Angel Island portion of this pack early.

I made the custom Badniks by messing around with Glaber's Badnick Pack DX.
Well, enjoy.
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Latest updates

  1. 273th time is the charm.

    So I cut the second level in pieces and took out the opening area, the split is in a better...
  2. Lagging issues in Run reduced

    Yeah, another patch. With Othius' help, I should have reduced the amount of lag in the second...
  3. Glitches fixed

    Well, wouldn't be a Roger release without mistakes right out of the gate. Ubisoft would be proud.

Latest reviews

Really good I can't wait for the next release!
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wonderful level pack. there's never really a part where you have to stop moving or wait. it's all fun, high-speed platforming action. the sped-up music can get a bit annoying though
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My, this was a fun surprise!

I didn't expect a cute tour through Angel Island to turn into this massive Sonic Adventure-esque action stage. I'm convinced you must be a machine with all these custom objects, textures, and set pieces for a single goddamn zone. There were multiple times I found myself saying "Holy crap, it's still going/escalating!" and each time put a smirk on my face.

Granted, some of the set pieces do fall apart if you stand around and gawk rather than keep moving like the level obviously wants you to, but that's fine. The zone knows what it wants to be and it's awesome at doing it. A speedy action romp barraging you with set piece after piece.
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i love it rodger its just as good as your videos i look forward to sky sanctuary and doomsday zone but little idea when you do do doomsday try taking a look at the xmomentum mod it basically gives sonic the doomsday zone flight would also love to see a full sonic 3 level pack one day till then cheers
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Sweet heavens Roger, you certainly delivered a wonderful level pack. As always, the stages have a wonderful, colourful look as do all of your level packs. Sonic 3 and Knuckles being my favourite classic game and SRB2 being my favourite Sonic fan game, this constantly made me smile. The level design can be a bit iffy at times, but other than that, it's perfect.
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ok so this is a Great mod BUT:I saw some bugs here is the MAJOR ONE so in
Angel Island Run if your sliding at the start there is a spot that if you get trapped in you get soft locked good thing it's at the start
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These levels have some really cool ideas, I really do enjoy how you managed to connect all these levels. I do find problems with some of the level design. There are many points where there are unneeded springs, and I found that there were too many hallways on the map. The 2nd act has an issue where my frames have dropped considerably, almost to unplayable levels. The texture used for the electric floor is far too flashy, I think you should make them look more like the ones used on Techno Hill Zone instead.
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Act 2 still has CEZ2 levels of lag, but its ok.
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Damn, that was nice.
Only bad thing that I found is that my game forgot what stable frame rate was after the city part of act 2, luckily, I died after getting the SA Angel Island checkpoint and it got fixed, so.. Maybe you should fix that, I don't know what's causing it, but yeah.. Also, this is just a detail, but the tittle screen isn't right placed and you have a weird black border thanks to that.
After that little errors and the weird fact that a mini boss reappear a lot in act 3, that was really good, it was fun, it was fast, it was smooth, I don't understand why you have to end act 1 to unlock the other 3 chars, but that's ok. As I said, only real bad thing is the frame rate after the city segment, but once fixed, everything was just a fun & fast adventure
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This Mod Is Cool!
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