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Jet Metal Sonic Revised version 1.0.3

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Jet Metal Sonic (JMS) is my first SRB2 addon and has been a ton of fun to work on. I hope people will enjoy playing with it as much as I enjoyed making it.

JMS's main feature is the Charge Abilities, moves that are charged up to improve their effects.

You can read the details here:

Pressing and holding JUMP while jumping will cause JMS to start charging. If charging is held for too long JMS will fall to the ground while completely vulnerable.

Charge Abilities has an energy meter. While charging, the meter will highlight the amount of energy that is being prepped for use. Energy is recovered while standing on the ground or hitting enemies.

JMS will charge 50% faster while under the effect of super sneakers.

Charging can be followed up by three different moves, which are as follows:


Release JUMP while holding a direction to perform the Charge Thok.

The Charge Thok bounces off walls and, when fully charged, breaks bustable walls (and ACZ2 saloon doors).

The wall bounce and wall break function for as long as JMS has a trail of after-images.


Release JUMP without holding a direction to perform the Charge Jump.


Press SPIN while charging to perform the Charge Stomp. The Charge Stomp bounces off the floor and, when fully charged, breaks bustable floors. Stomping on a spring also causes JMS to get increased height. The extra height depends on how much energy is used to stomp.

Outside of these Charge Abilities, JMS also has a couple of other abilities, which you can read about here:
Homing Thok

The main features of this Homing Thok are the increased range (+20% distance and can target enemies above JMS) and changed animations.
Monitors, springs, TNT barrels, Metal Sonic and Detons are ignored.
Forward momentum is given on a successful Homing Thok for easier chaining.

Dash Mode

JMS has a customized Dash Mode as of version 1.3.
  • Like vanilla, Dash Mode is built up by moving at high enough speed or charging a spindash.
  • If fully built up via spindash, releasing the spindash immediately uncurls JMS.
  • Pressing SPIN while on the ground in Dash Mode has JMS enter a fully charged spindash state.
    • This can be used to redirect JMS or hold Dash Mode while standing still.
  • While Dash Mode is active, normalspeed gradually increases up to a cap.
    • Normalspeed caps out at +50%, not very high but a noticeable increase.
    • The normalspeed increase also affects the Charge Thok speed cap.
  • While Dash Mode is active, increase jumpfactor by 10%.
  • While Dash Mode is active, enable water running.
  • While Dash Mode is active, increase Charge Ability charging speed by 25%.
    • This effect stacks with super sneakers and Super form.
  • JMS breaks through ground/ceiling spikes while in Dash Mode.


JMS can also recurl when jumping off springs by pressing either JUMP or SPIN as long as he is still on his way up. From this recurl he can perform his Charge Abilities and the Homing Thok.


As can be seen in the Homing Thok gif, when hitting multiple enemies without touching the ground a combo counter appears. It disappears when touching the ground. Note that ground bouncing does not cause the counter to reset.

The combo counter is purely cosmetic and does nothing functional.

JMS can be customized in a couple of ways using the custom menu which is opened with the console command "jetmetalmenu". Read about the contents of this menu here:

The energy meter's colour can be changed.
Visual effects (electric sparks, after-image trails, etc.) have a couple of available colour options as well.
The inputs for the Charge Jump and Charge Stomp can be swapped.
And finally, transforming into Super form can be mapped to Custom1, Custom2, Custom3 or TossFlag.

Finally, JMS has a Super form. Transforming is mapped to Custom1 by default.

You can read about what changes with Super Jet Metal Sonic here:

  • SJMS gets +20% efficacy on Charge Abilities,
  • SJMS charges 50% faster (does not stack with super sneakers),
  • SJMS get an additional passive energy recovery effect.

As of right now, JMS has no built-in compatibility with other addons.

Make sure to give proper credit when any part of this addon's code is re-used, whether that be to me or any of the people mentioned here. More detailed credits are in the addon's file itself.
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    Fixed a bug where the charge stomp would not cancel when entering THZ goo.
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Latest reviews

Metal Sonic, now can use electric
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its very good
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Very good mod! so far only 1 bug is keeping it from being a 5 star, if you change characters in multiplayer from jetmetal the followitems will break and then the game will crash after around 30 minutes.

cant wait for the revision!
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Really good character, but after the last update his sprite stretches a bit after doing a Full-Charge Stomp and he has some strange sprite bugs with Buddy_EX.
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The simple addition of the dash mode makes him so much better, he feels much more fluid to play and much more rewarding when going fast. however I now realize that the problem may not have been the lack of a dash mode entirely, but specifically the fact that dash mode does not trigger out of a full charge of the "thok" he has. regardless this has made him so much better and more fun to play, the only thing he needs now is new sprites and he'll be perfect.
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Little Metal Jr.
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Very good for a starter! The move set here is super fun and inventive, the jet-blasting action is a very cool expansion on what we've seen with mods like Maimy. Metal Sonic is already a cool character design and I love the jet boosters as weapons, they're rad as hell to use (amplified by the charging sound) and too look at. I do have some feedback though. I'd love for the charge jump to be useful whenever like JMS' other moves as apposed to just once, as I feel it could help bring JMS' technical play to a higher level (plus blasting around is just super fun!). Another suggestion is potentially maybe allow the combo meter to add numbers to his charge meter beyond 2? It might be a big undertaking, but not only would it give the combo meter a practical use, but I feel being able to use the homing-thok to add back into the moveset by chaining it in tandem with JMS' other abilities to let him "the floor is lava" across whole stages with proper usage of his kit would really make the moveset both flow into itself more and pop out a lot more as well. Good luck!
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ANOTHER metal sonic recolor? Eh, I'll give it a pass, those floating things are pretty cool.

Solid character! Not much to say other than that. The stomp is a bit lacking in utility (That fully charged bounce really feels like it should restore your charges when you hit the ground with it, or at least deal double damage to bosses and multihit badniks), but other than that, the abilities create a nice gameplay flow that rewards good timing and decision making.
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i must say, this mod is good, being able to go nyoom through every level is cool, not to mention the combo system being good, and admittedly, despite me not liking it, the removal of the boost mode kinda makes sense.
in the end, i love it!
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Metal Sonic but epic, that's all I have to say
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