[v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

[Reusable] [v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul 1.3.4

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Credits to DrSteph and Icezer for this incredibly poggers banner thingy

Warning: If you suffer from epilepsy, or are sensitive to flashing lights, please type "hyperflash off" in the console (press ~ to open console) before turning hyper.

It's finally here!
The massive project that i've been working on for the last few months is finally complete! CrossMomentum, also known as XMomentum is my envisionment of how srb2 would play if I was put at the helm. Featuring momentum, new character movesets, tricks, hyper forms, and much, much more!

This mod has a downright ridiculous amount of content, so i'm gonna split this up into sections.

Global changes

Almost all characters now are able to gain momentum by either running/rolling down slopes, or simply running on flat ground for a long enough time. Additionally, all characters who can spindash are capable of uncurling at any time, and bonus acceleration is given for rolling down any slope regardless of height. Due to this, it's typically a good idea to roll down any slope you can find.

Press Jump off of a spring to start tricking. While tricking, you can press Spin to rotate clockwise, and Jump to rotate counter-clockwise. The more flips you can do without touching the ground, the greater the eventual speed boost will be once you land! Just make sure you don't land on your head...

Hueshifted Skincolors
Each member of the vanilla cast gets their own unique skincolor, complete with hue shift! While not an objective improvement over vanilla, I think the characters look far nicer with these.

Hyper Forms
Any character who can go super can also go hyper! Just make sure you've got 150+ rings before transforming. I'll go into much more detail about the various hyper abilities you can get later down in the post.

no more airwalking
i don't like airwalk lol

Water Running
When running at high speeds, you may notice a trail of dust appearing behind you. This means that you're moving fast enough to water-run! Just make sure you keep your speed up, or you'll fall right through that lake...

Character-Specific changes

Returning from the SADC, Sonic gets the Momentum Thok! I took all the criticism that was given for the original ability into account here, and have made significant changes to how it works.

The momentum thok is, as the name implies, a thok that is heavily affected by your current momentum. The faster you're moving, the faster it'll fling you! Additionally, if you hold down jump after initiating a momentum thok, it'll turn into a momentum jumpthok!

Instead of his normal flight, tails gains three upwards "Bursts" that don't take away any speed. These allow him to skip major chunks of levels, but don't directly aid him in gaining or redirecting speed in any way. Additionally, you can also tap spin for a quick downwards burst, which is useful for getting around various bits of level geometry that may be right in your way. You can also hold spin for a normal fast-fall.


As a little bonus, you can also change the color of tails' shoes via the console command "Blueshoes"!

...knuckles doesn't really have many changes aside from those present in vanilla momentum mod, those being that he has less speed reduction from landing, and canceling a glide no longer halts momentum. May have more substantial changes in an update.


Amy has been almost entirely changed from her vanilla counterpart. Her new double jump move is an ability which I have dubbed the "Amycopter". Essentially, the amycopter allows you to redirect momentum in the direction you're currently facing, and gives you a slow fall effect for around a second. Additionally, hitting an enemy while in your amycopter state will send you flying into the air, and allow you to do another amycopter without touching the ground. She also now has the hammer jump, which is activated by pressing jump during the grounded hammer attack's landing phase. This jump will send you higher the faster you was moving before activating it. Amy also makes heavy use of powerspringing in order to do even more tricks then any other character can from a single spring. Don't forget that you can do a normal twinspin by simply pressing spin midair with no shield!


Fang's gun is the main change here, you can now use it in the air or on the ground, and you can use it at any speed. This allows him to take out tons of badniks in record times!


Metal Sonic
The vast majority of metal's changes are purely aesthetic, though there is one major gameplay alteration: He can no longer lose dashmode while airborne. Use this alongside his hover to take dashmode through areas that are normally too platforming-heavy to maintain it!


Hyper Forms

As stated above, any character capable of going super is also capable of going hyper by collecting 150 rings before transforming. All hyper characters have a much higher jump height then a typical super form, faster acceleration, and their actionspeed is 2x what it normally is. Additionally, many characters have various buffs exclusive to them when they go hyper. Here's a list of various characters and what they can do.

Vanilla Characters

Hyper Sonic is able to fly, similarly to how he could in Doomsday Zone and Egg Reverie Zone. To begin flying, press spin midair. After you begin flying, press Jump to ascend, and Spin to descend. Aditionally, holding both Jump and Spin will allow you to do a boost, though you can't ascend or descend while boosting.


Hyper Tails gets infinite flight bursts. Pretty straightforward.


Hyper Knuckles no longer loses any height when gliding, can multiglide, and his glide goes significantly faster.


Hyper Amy can hover with her hammer indefinitely, and her hammer jump goes absolutely wild, allowing her to get just about anywhere in meer seconds.


Hyper Fang's popgun essentially turns into a machine gun, and his bounce is capable of going as high as a red spring, while causing a small screen nuke.


Instead of Hyper metal sonic, you get Hyper Metal Sonic!

...does nobody get the reference? I thought you guys loved the ova!
Aaaaanyways, Hyper Metal causes an armageddon shield-teir screen nuke whenever he enters dashmode, and his hover now allows him to slowly float upwards.

Modded Characters
There are a lot of these, and as such, they'll simply be getting explanations instead of their own gifs (atleast for now, may come back and update the thread later lol)

Hyper Srbii:
Multi Momentum Thok + Mini screen nukes.

Hyper Milne:
Her thoks send you significantly higher.

Hyper Ray:
Infinite gliding.

Hyper Modern Sonic:
No ring drain from flight, and mini screen nukes when you activate the boost.

Hyper Eggpack:
He can hover upwards much faster when hyper then he can when super.

Hyper Noob [TORD]:
Similarly to eggpack, he can gain much more height much more quickly when hyper.

Hyper Junio Sonic:
Infinite uses of the Bullet Dash.

Hyper Gemma:
Jumping off of a rock makes you go significantly higher

Hyper Rafael:
Free-Flight, Similar to Hyper Sonic, though Rafael has the advantage of being able to taunt while flying!

Hyper Robe:
Electric Vortex is significantly faster, and Shock Jump makes you rise way faster

Hyper Nasya:
...It's literally just super mystic nasya, lmao. Draykon requested I just give her her super mystic abilities for her hyper, and I delivered on that request :P.

And many, many more!

By the way, don't like playing with XMomentum in netgames? Try using the console command "togglexmomentum"! What was once locked to a single character is now usable with all!

Hyper Flareblis
Hyper milne but less lazy lol
Hyper Feels
XMomentum: Mapper's Edition

Added a new HUD element in first person mode that appears while tricking in order to help you land tricks more easily
Fixed Amy getting screwed over by Green Snappers
Fixed Super Sonic losing his hover
Added a new trick failure sprite for Knuckles courtesy of SuperPhanto
Water Wakes are now recolored to be orange when they appear while running on lava
AltSonic now has access to the momentum half of XMomentum
Fixed Nasya randomly falling out of the sky, and gave her a hyper form
Fixed Tails' Tails not showing up while tricking
Fixed Robe getting screwed over when he enters his Hyper-Form
Fixed RollAngle resetting being too overzealous
Fixed various characters being able to cause extreme lag by going Hyper (Milne, FlyingSonic, Rabbid, Xtreme, and a few others)
Fixed VanillaSonic being able to go Hyper
Fixed Bandages being able to zoom around while charging spindash

Added tons of little things for other mods to hook into to disable various bits of XMomentum when needed

Fixed skip being able to slide around while crouching
Fixed some various bugs regarding amycopter

Fixed Fang being able to do tricks by shooting underwater
Made the hyper music loop properly (thanks zolton & yume)
Hyper Metal now rises faster
Tails can no longer turn hyper/super while flying
Made Neo Sonic actually capable of using his abilities
Fixed Hyper Sonic being able to do infinite tricks while flying if you timed it just right
Fixed a hidden character being able to crash the game
How to add XMomentum compatibility to your mods/characters
How to add Trick Failure sprites
First off, create a sprite of your character faceplanting (duh), then put it in the character's pk3 in the same place you put the rest of their normal sprites, and name it "OOF_ALAR". After you've done that, simply put this soc into your character's SOC folder. After that, you're good to go!
Little lua bits and bobs that disable various things, enable various things, and check for various things. Thought it'd be worth documenting since a few people have asked.
Set player.hasnomomentum to true when you wish to disable momentum on a character. This is necessary when you wish to mess with the player's actual normalspeed as opposed to their fake normalspeed used by XMomentum in it's momentum calculations, as your true normalspeed is constantly overwritten by XMomentum.
Pretty self explanatory, simply check "if player.isxmomentum" or "if not player.isxmomentum" depending on if you want something to only run when XMomentum is loaded, or when it's not loaded. Be sure you don't use true/false with this though, as that'll cause errors if xmomentum isn't loaded.
When set to true, this will allow the player to do a short frontflip when they enter their falling state. If set to false, it disables it.
This one's a bit more complex, but I think I can explain it. Basically, hyper capable is set when you have 150+ rings, and are not super, but is never removed if you're currently hyper. Essentially, what this means is that how you detect if the player is currently hyper is by doing this:
if player.hyper and player.hyper.capable and player.powers[pw_super]
Hope I explained that one well enough lol.
When set to true, the standard hyper form music won't be played. Could either be used to give your character custom hyper music, or simply be used to stop hyper forms from causing immense lag if you already have custom super music.
Repeatedly set to "2" in order to disable all of xmomentum for your character.
Can be used to set a new base running speed for your character that will apply when xmom is loaded. Could be used for fake dashmode-like moves such as Inazuma's Neural Shock, or Junio Sonic's custom dashmode, provided said mods' creators are willing to update their mods to add support.
CobaltBW: Original momentum mod that was used before version 1.3, aswell as making the air shooting sprites for fang.
Kwiin: Tons of help with figuring out how abilities should work, and general ideas.
Starlight/XStatic: Hyper Metal Sonic's really cool power aura
ArtBunny: Water-Running trail sprites. If it wasn't for you, water running wouldn't look nearly as cool.
Bloops: Coding in the water-running trail. You and artbunny did a damned good job with those wakes.
DrStephen: The incredibly hillarious trick failure sprites. Those things are gorgeous.
Knuckles' new trick failure sprite that was added in v1.2. No offense to steph, but this looks way better then the old one.

Tatsuru, SMS Alfredo, and many others from both srb2 discords: Help with fixing my poorly coded scripts lmao

The entirety of The Adventurer's Guild. Help with beta testing. You all gave so many great ideas, found so many issues, and just were in general a blast to collaborate with. Thank you all so much.
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Latest reviews

I really love this mod. However, there are some small problems that would make a huge difference if fixed.

When collecting an Emerald token when you already have all the emeralds, you gain a ridiculous amount of rings. For someone who is new to the game this might be fine. But for me, who has almost every emerald token location memorized, it's really annoying, and feels like cheating. Yes, I could just avoid the tokens, but a simple toggle for this feature would be very much appreciated.

Custom movesets for Sonic do indeed work!... Until you go Hyper. After reverting back to normal after going Hyper, some moveset mods such as "Sonic Lost World Styled Homing Attack", and "Double Jump and Drop Dash", unfortunately stop working, until you reload the save. Dying or even going to the next level does not fix this issue. (Yes I've messed around with the prioritization of the mods, and it made no difference)

I really hope your willing to fix these issues if possible. And if you do, thank you. Have a great day! :D
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I love the mod so much! It's almost the only thing that keeps me coming back to SRB2 but I would like to request something. I feel like It'll be cool if you were able to jump out the minecart in ACZ maybe with the shift button since it stops the flow of momentum. But other than that great work!
Upvote 0
its awesome but idk why super and hyper characters would be able to faceplant from a failed trick. maybe super forms gets 1/3 of the speed if they fail a spring trick and hyper forms get 2/3 of the speed. other then that sonic is OP I love it!
Upvote 0
This is a very cool add-on!
Upvote 0
i am giving it three stars bc sometimes when i used 3d models sonics legs would turn green and also sms cant sprint with the mod pls fix the sms one more tho bcs hes a charechter who is related to speed and also just make it so that his sprint disable's the momentum changes
Neither of these are my fault. SMS doesn't support momentum mods, and anything model-related is an issue on the model's end.
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Its a really fun and great mod. I have one big issue with it though, when i use PVPALLETE (my must-have pallete addon)
Sonic looks pretty weird, he looks 90% cyan 10% blue than a sapphire-ish skin color, which really annoys me because i cant stand looking at him. An option to remove the skincolor changes would be great.
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So this mod is truly amazing, and I love it... BUT some issues do arise. So starting off with aspects I love, the mod really improves the flow of the base game and maps released by the community. You feel faster and overall, can keep up the speed based more on your skill than what seems like being stopped cause of a knux landing or something. Another thing I love is the tricks system, which is great since it allows for players to have something to do in the air. I love the risk vs. reward behind it, cause you have to make sure to land on your feet in order to get a boost in speed, or you risk losing your momentum all together. Sonic's momentum/jump thok is an AMAZING addition, that really makes Sonic feel great to control. Having a recovery option helps a ton in levels like CEZ, where missing a jump can suck a TON. Knuckles' tweaks are also great, since it makes his playstyle feel a whole lot less "stop-and-go" than before. Now, the things that I feel hold this mod from 5 stars. Why isn't there more options for the user to tweak the mod??? Like for example, Tails' ability, why can't you toggle it in the console? Your only option is to turn the mod off all together in the console, which is quite annoying. The "Flight-Boost" mechanic also passes on to other tails clones characters, which messes up characters like Jelly Tails. I think it'd be a whole lot better if you could be able to toggle each characters abilities individually, while still being able to still use the momentum changes and tricks system. Other than that, going back onto the positives is one part that I absolutely LOVE. Hyper forms. I adore Sonic's hyper form and am a sucker for all characters getting one, and so this mechanic is a BIG plus for me. Not to mention how so many mods have Xmomentum support for hyper forms, which is just great. I think that having the option to go base super, or having to go the extra mile by collecting 150 rings is great, since it adds another challenge to transformations before cheesing the level. So overall, I believe that this mod is amazing, and is a MUST-HAVE for playing through SRB2, and if my one little nit-pick were changed, should even be made to be implemented into the base game! Awesome work! I wish I could have played 2.2 for the first time with this!
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This mod doesnt neler my classic 10 out of 10 words! Cause its one of the best mods in this game!!!!
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Great Mod But...

I love this mod! the only problem I have is that when using OpenGL, The XMomentum Tails Model has his tails modeled and the rest of him is sprited. Typing blueshoes into the console does nothing to remedy this. Could the Frost either create a model for blue shoed Tails, or get somebody else to do it? Having a 2D Tails with 3D tails just looks ridiculous.
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A little problem silver is a little buggy
In what way? Also, that's likely an issue on silver's end, not mine.
Upvote 0