This a rather extensive mod which adjusts the physics, characters, and shields to suit my tastes. Comes in both full and lite variants; the latter contains only the physics changes. Don't load both at once.

You need to press the fire button to turn super in the full version.
Global Physics

Only the changes listed in this section are included in the lite version.
  • Momentum is preserved on the ground
  • Slopes have been denerfed and no longer cut your launch speed in half
  • You actually gain speed from going down slopes
  • Base top speed increased, vanilla characters have unique stats
  • Spindash charges far more quickly
  • No speed loss while rolling
  • Super characters charge spindash instantly
  • Jump height increased (excluding Knuckles type characters)
  • More maneuverability while jumping or spinning
  • Can uncurl from spin by pressing spin again
  • Nospin characters can use their ability while in spring states
  • Stronger global gravity which adjusts its strength dynamically
  • Conveyor belts are stronger and will boost your speed when running or rolling in the same direction
Shield Abilities
  • Attraction Blast homing attack provides invulnerability.
  • Force Stop freezes your character in place while spin is held and will redirect stored momentum to the direction you're currently facing when spin is released. When taking damage with a Force Shield, you won't be knocked back.

  • Whirlwind Jump scales properly with existing vertical momentum. The shield also grants immunity to non-elemental projectiles.
  • Elemental Stomp has been replaced by Elemental Rise. You'll rocket upwards and detonate into a fiery explosion. Its passive flame trail now applies while running in addition to spinning.

  • Flame Burst thrust speed is more consistent and can also damage enemies when used by nospin characters
  • Armageddon Shield is now the Armageddon Monitor. When popped, it unleashes a devastating attack which destroys everything nearby and also targets all enemies in the map with a 1/3 chance of killing each.
  • To compensate for the removal of a shield, the Thorn Shield has been added. This new shield protects against spike damage and will destroy any non-elemental enemy which attempts to make direct contact with it. Its ability is the Thorn Switch, which reverses your vertical momentum and fires thorns in the direction of your old momentum. Upon impact, the thorns scatter clouds of poison.

By default, the Thorn Shield is given by Pity Shield monitors. If you'd like to see it in vanilla, load this soc to swap the locations of Pity and Armageddon monitors.




Primary: Comet Dash - Double jump to perform an air dash which redirects your momentum. Collide with a wall to transfer a portion of your speed upwards.

Secondary: Recurl Spin - While uncurled in the air, hold spin to recurl and rev a drop dash. Release spin in the air for a small boost or keep holding it for a larger burst of speed upon landing.

Super: Float - Jump and hold spin to float. You'll steadily lose altitude if moving slowly.

*Special note: Comet dash is useful for making sharp turns at high speed. Try combining it with the spindash.​



Primary: Fly - Double jump to fly upwards for a short time before floating gently down. After ascending, press jump again for a second upwards launch at the cost of flight time, or press spin to begin a twirling descent.

Super: Rhythm Spin - Jump and press spin to thrust forwards and reduce gravity's effect on you.

*Special note: Bonking a wall during twirl state will temporarily stun you. This doesn't apply while super.​



Primary: Glide & Climb - Mostly unchanged from vanilla, but will accelerate much more quickly at low speeds. He also climbs 20% faster.

Super: Quick Drop - Press spin while curled in the air to cut momentum and enter the landing state.

*Special note: When gliding into the floor, hold spin to tranfer your momentum into a roll instead of skidding to a halt on the ground.​



Primary: Cyclone Whirl - Double jump to send Amy on a downwards spiral. After landing, you'll rebound off the ground. Hit an enemy or monitor with this attack for a super high bounce.

Secondary: Hammer Attack - Press spin on the ground or in the air to swing Amy's hammer. During an aerial swing, press spin again to use your shield ability.

Tertiary: Rolling Vault - Press and hold jump during a hammer swing. Once the hammer hits the ground, Amy will fling herself into a rolling vault, gaining speed.

Super: Seeking Hearts - Love hearts spawned from hammer attacks will automatically target and chase down nearby enemies. Strike an enemy with a seeking heart or direct hammer attack to gain 5 rings.

*Special note: Amy is invulnerable to damage from enemies and projectiles during her hammer frames.​



Primary: Tail Bounce - Stronger bounce than vanilla with all momentum cuts removed.

Secondary: Popgun - Can shoot both on the ground and in the air. Upon shooting, your speed is cut by 1/3 until the cork hits its target. After your shot hits, you can immediately fire again.

Super: Shooting Stars - Corks gain special effects and can damage armored enemies in a single shot. Bouncing properls you upwards even higher.

*Special note: You can minimise speed loss from shooting by firing at point blank.​

Metal Sonic​


Primary: Rocket Boost - Double jump to zoom forwards at a high speed. Your trajectory is locked in place for the duration of this move. After the boost ends, your speed prior to using the ability will be restored. Collide with a wall to kick off of it.

Secondary: Overdrive - Charge up energy from a spindash and release while holding forwards to enter a state of hyper speed. If you slow down too much, you'll burn up and be crippled for a while. The only way to safely exit this ability is to enter water or complete the act.

Tertiary: Lunge - While uncurled in the air, press spin to propel yourself forwards. Can only be used during the Overdrive state.

Super: Hyper Overdrive - In additon to gaining access to Super Sonic's float, Overdrive becomes even faster and no longer inflicts a penalty when lost. However, maintaining it will double your ring drain.

*Special note: Overdrive is capable of blocking projectile attacks, but won't protect you from sector hazards.
Extra Notes
  • Super transformation is now done by pressing the fire button on the ground, in the air, or even with a shield. Note that the "got them all" sequence will still tell you to use jump+spin, but this cannot be changed in the current version of SRB2.
  • Dash mode has been reworked to play nicer with the custom physics and quiet its spammy noises. This is only relevant for custom characters using the full version.
  • Certain characters may have conflicts with my uncurl feature or shield abilities when loaded after Reveries. Be sure to load any potentially problematic characters before adding Reveries.
  • The vanilla roster can activate their abilities multiple times per jump while super.
CobaltBW - Code from momentum mod, sprites & code from aerial popgun and battle

DirkTheHusky - Drop dash sprites

All content may be reused.
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