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[Open Assets] Simple Custom Menu 1.6.2

This mod adds a simple way to create a menu toggled with the showmenu command (the name can be changed too), the menu can have:
- Boolean settings (can only be 0 or 1), says ON/OFF by default, but can be changed
- Multi-value settings (their value starts from 0 and can end at any value you want), each value can have a different name
- Sliders, same as Multi-value settings, but they display the value with a slider instead of a string
- Function settings, they don't have a value and instead call a function
- Pages settings allows to change the page of the menu and its name
info for how to edit it for yourself are in the Lua itself, if some parts are confusing/don't work tell me and I'll try to help!

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Latest updates

  1. 1.6.2 (Small fixes)

    * Replaced the PlayerCmd hook with a PreThinkFrame hook, since apparently PlayerCmd can cause...
  2. 1.6.1 (Small improvments)

    * When there is only 1 page the menu will not display the page name on the bottom right of the...
  3. 1.6 (Added menu nesting/menu pages)

    + The menu now supports multiple pages/nesting, a bit of conversion is needed if you want to...

Latest reviews

It's really cool but it's not really clear on what you do, even with the comments guide
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It sure feel like im some old scratcher changing some values around again, ah well, despite its own flaws of being rather twitchy, youve done the hard part, and in my book, thats all that I think I'll need.
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Instructions unclear, accidentally made a KFC menu.
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Welcome to releases!
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