Rebound Dash - experimental Sonic ability

[Reusable] Rebound Dash - experimental Sonic ability v15.1

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The rebound dash is a brand new ability for Sonic which replaces the thok. It's still a quick air dash, but this ability has a lot of additional tricks that the thok couldn't do. Also included is a demonstration map which is an edit of gfz1 that demonstrates the ability's unique mechanics.

- Bounce off walls, enemies, and solid objects!
- After a bounce, dash a second time for an even stronger bounce!
- Fine-tune the dash length by tapping or holding the button! You can also ensure a max length dash by holding forward during the dash.
- Bust walls! This even allows for sonic-specific paths in a level, which were previously impossible. The included map demonstrates a sonic-specific path near the end of the level.
- Super-rebound walls! Use linedef type 999 to make walls that give bigger rebounds.

I want this ability to be as good as it can possibly be, so please let me know what you think.

- Midtextures aren't properly checked for their height in the wall collision code. This can cause some slight wallbounce angle issues.
- Sometimes, incorrect wall bounce angles occur - this can probably be fixed when 2.2.9 comes out, exposing some new variables that will be needed to fix it.
- Kays and everyone else who helped me out in #scripting when I had trouble making the wall bounce work
- Katmint, whose Comet Dash inspired this ability
- Izzy, who encouraged me to keep improving this ability with their enthusiasm for it and awesome gifs
- Everyone else who tested the ability and gave me their thoughts
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Latest updates

  1. v15.1 bugfix patch

    Fixed a bug with simple mode and the input for short dashes. Thanks @SMS Alfredo !
  2. v15

    - Added a challenge map: Rebound Training Zone. Test your skills and check out some of the level...

Latest reviews

Absolute genius, this is a great way to rework a character's moveset.
Vanilla sonic probably has one of the lamest movesets in the entire game (if we exclude fang). This is very interesting and will be very fun to use, especially for speedrunners.
I'd love to see other moveset changes made by you, for example with tails or knux, maybe even fang. Outstanding mod, keep it up!
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This is the best mod to change Sonic the Hedgehog you have great effects that makes the game play very good Hey you want a gameplay has good download this mod this mod you will enjoy
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This ability is good, but maybe having a console cheat that would allow infinite rebounds would be nice. Also, if it's possible, having both the Rebound Dash and a Homing Attack would be broken OP lol.
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This ability is TOO GOOD THAN HOOMING TOOK hooming took is bad
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Tbh this ability is really good: i like it alot because Sonic is the one who has the hard way in the plataforming part (Asides for Amy...), also making this ability a good recovery when you miss-jump on a plataform! So yeah, i tell you it's a useful ability when it's about plataforming.
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