So, while we're waiting for the Autumn OLDC to get ready, I'd like to introduce you to a level that was meant to be my submission to the contest, but had to bow out for being way too big for it's own good, Boom's Zoo of Doom.

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Yeah, it's set in the Sonic Boom universe I guess, so a reason to get ol' Bandages ready for action. Not that the level's made with him in mind, but y'know...

So the title refers to 3 phases of the level.
Boom is a Hub esque area, recreating Hedgehog town to a degree. (Altough I looked closer to the Archie comics, since I don't like the washed out look of the cartoon)

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Then we enter the Zoo, a perfectly safe place of family entertainment organized by Dr. Eggman. He even prepared some special VIP area's for his furry friends.

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And then we reach doom, where...Well, you'll find out. Let's just say the open Hub area's are swapped for more gameplay heavy area's.

So, this level is an unholy amalgamation of several elements playing at the same time.

I wanted to figure out how to do storytelling within the level so I wouldn't have to rely on cutscenes in Sol Sestancia 2. So this is a testground for that.

Besides that, a fan of mine suggested I'd have a take on the Aquarium park from Colors. But adding a Zoo and Jurassic Park element to it. I liked the idea, but tonally it felt out of place for Sol Sestancia, so now it's a stand alone level.

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On top of that, I promised I'd make a new Sonic Boom cartoon this year, but I never got to it. So now I clumsily turned this level into a Sonic Boom episode. Kind of. Heh. A little more intense then what the show would ever be, but hey, I like spicing up Sonic Boom. The show's always too low energy for my taste.

But yeah, had to cut the level up in 2 acts to keep it stable. And with all the added sound and music, no way I could keep this within the 3 mb limit for OLDC.

Hence this chaotic level. Well, hope you enjoy then.
If you want a more straight forward adaptation of Aquarium Park...Well, stay tuned.
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