small map pack

  1. PowerCD

    [Open Assets] SRB2: Time On Mobius (Working Title) 0.1, The "Ready To Consume" Build!

    Remember The Good old days? Good, I don't Either. This is my take on a less maze-like, larger febuary 2000 prototype map pack! Here are the currently finished delights you'll encounter on your robo blasting journey: Greenflower (Act 1) - A Lush, cascading landscape that honestly might take a...
  2. klasky

    [Open Assets] EHZHangout

    klasky submitted a new resource: EHZHangout - A small hangout level pack, what else? Read more about this resource...
  3. klasky

    [Open Assets] EHZHangout v17.1

    EHZHangout is a level pack that my old friend, Starshy made back in 2019 and I took over in 2022. Originally, it was just Emerald Hill (and it wasn't even called that originally), but then later he made Cosomania aswell, and those two together became a small level pack. Later, Bluelight made a...
  4. yfyfyfyfyfy

    72HR-UDMF — Collab 1.2

    once @Zipper said: and I was like: really, why not do a collab? 14 people took part and created 15 squares in 72 hours only in UDMF format. Participants: @Andromeda @Avalice @bypigs2 @Dee @DylanDude @Evertone @Kanna @kriby @LJ Sonik @Othius @Paps the Echidna @Seaballer @someone bad...
  5. thesrb2fan12

    How does OBJECTCFG work?

    ive always wanted to make a custom enemy of some sort but how does OBJECTCFG work?
  6. Bandder

    [Open Assets] sarby2.pk3 v1.3

    Your objective: Get The Sign
  7. pizza2me

    123123 maps 1.0

    welcome to 123123 maps that is based on the date 12/31/23.
  8. VichogGD190

    SRB2 Funny Levels a map packs without theme

    Hello, I am presenting my new project called srb2 funny levels it is a map pack without a specific theme, this alpha only contains 2 levels, one of which is missing many things and the other does not have an end. I post this here for suggestions, I would appreciate it very much, bye:worry...
  9. greennick78sh

    RAMPAGE: Christmas Demo

    WARNING: THIS MOD CONTAINS THE USE OF UH OH STINKY WORDS LIKE F(__)K AND SH(__) AND B(__)CH. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT THEN GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! Hey everybody! I'm back (again (again)), for real this time, no taksies backsies this time (sorry for that last time mods!). So what is the RAMPAGE...
  10. ClavaKamnev

    [Open Assets] Ice World v1.0

    My First Level Pack its hurt
  11. thesrb2fan12

    [Open Assets] XMasture V1

    Ah yes it is near the time to hear children singing and jumping for joy because it will soon be Xmas (at the time of writing this description) so i decided to give you srb2 players a gift this holiday season a MAP PACK (my first one too!) there are 3 zones in this level pack (the last one will...
  12. thesrb2fan12


    Working on a Xmas Level pack the first zone is already done there will be 3 zones in the pack Robotnik Winter (COMPLETETED) Holiday Cheer (only one act done) and Xmas Marathon (NOT EVEN STARTED) Story: Dr Robotnik and Fang have teamed up it is up to sonic and co to stop their scheme to ruin XMAS!
  13. M

    Fumo Pack

    Magi submitted a new resource: Fumo Pack - Custom tracks! Fumos! At least some fun! Read more about this resource...
  14. M

    Fumo Pack 1.1

    Includes two maps! Several hidden fumos! At least some possible level of fun! Gensou Skydrift Human Village (MAPIK) A track through a small, traditional Japanese village. A port from one of my favorite Touhou fangames, that I made back in 2021. Better late than never, right? Sewer...
  15. GDRamen

    Kompackt Track Pack v1.0.1d

    My Map pack for SRB2Kart. It currently contains 3 tracks each with an encore variation.
  16. chery

    [Open Assets] mapforfun 2.3

    OMG THX FOR 1K HAVE FUN!!! :emberhug: :wonderful: oh, and map 5 is not done sooo....
  17. Octosquid

    Great Jungle Zone 1.11

    After besting Eggman in Deep Sea Zone, Sonic discovered that Eggman was doing experiments in the jungle! So he decided to try and stop him yet again! This is my first (finished) three act zone, I doubt it's really that good but I will get better at mapping over time! While this is playable on...
  18. Soniku11

    Soniku11 Hangout Pack v2.4.8

    My Hangout pack with maps all made by myself. There are some maps that might come in handy, for several stuff!. Like Character Test zone for several hazards and obstacles. Looping Meadow is for whenever you wanna test a character raw speed, or just run braindead because its funny. Or...
  19. Fennec!!! :D

    Barrier Core Zone! Version 1

    A Mod That Makes Black Core Easier! (You'll Have To Get Good At Egg Rock Still!) Credits To Zippy_Zolton For The Super Monitors In Black Core Act 1! (Here's The Mod:
  20. Soniku11

    Soniku11 Race Pack v2.2.9

    My own race maps made by myself alone. All of these maps are recommended to be played with speedy or agile characters, as all maps are wide and open, with enough space to freely run around at your max speed!.