small map pack

  1. Piksqu

    Ice Pack v1

    This Pack Contains a total of 5 maps, all based around Ice (ence the "Ice Pack") This pack uses a slightly modified version of WAR's Lua. [/SPOILER]
  2. Sls64LGamingBro

    Old Castle Zone

    Welcome to Old Castle Zone "Discussion" of course, but as it stands out. Please also talk about topic things, cuz I feel like mods in discussions need more love than not careing about whatever you wanna say. The Latest Version is currently: v1.0 as it stands out, There is also pause music...
  3. Sls64LGamingBro

    Old Castle Zone v1

    This is Old Castle Zone! A stage was going to be in a ULDC submission thing, also OCZ2 and 3 don't have thumbnail in them. Only OCZ1 has one, Another thing to this is also has some reference to the past of cez in demo 4 to v1.09.4! Here is some screenshots and some gifs of this stages...
  4. SuperiorHedgehog

    Beginner Pack 2.2.10

    Last two versions messed stuff up. Fixing my mistakes from those The most basic map pack. This features a unfinished level, and a broken Greenflower Act 2.
  5. Spincoder

    Dark City Zone 1.0

    Works best with OpenGL This mod are is a revamp of beta Dark City maps. Said beta maps were from Srb2 the past by Glaber. These levels include new gimmicks There is also a fight with a prototype of Brak Eggman Thanks to RedSRB2 for beta testing.
  6. NimsayRamsey

    [Open Assets] Bento Box 0.1b

    Nimsay Ramsey presents: BENTO BOX v0.1b A collection of race and battle maps
  7. H

    Hydro Havoc V1.2

    Welcome everyone to my SRB2 Kart course pack: Hydro Havoc! Currently, there are two tracks in this pack, with plans to have at least 5 tracks, or in other words, enough tracks to make a cup. This map pack will also feature it's own Encore Mode music, in addition to the Encore recolors. USED...
  8. Jupirnier

    Jupirnier's Hangout Maps v1.0.1

    Welcome to my map pack! As the name of the mod says, it is a hangout map pack of mine. If you've been on hangout servers such as Spectrum's or Mari0shi's you've probably seen these levels, but those who didn't, here they are: -- Welistation -- A space station floating above the Earth...
  9. malom

    srb2 frontier 1.0.6

    ##----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------## this mod features levels from the original sonic frontiers with the original path and exclusive new side path and level from other sonic game later original level . we are at...
  10. G

    Super AMrio

    So this is my first post on here so correct me if I get any formatting or tags wrong. So this is Super AMrio! A mod spawned from an inside joke on a private server like 1 year ago about low quality OC's, and me (I cant even remember if it was on purpose or accident that's how long its been!)...
  11. Yyeellooww7

    Yellow's Track Collection v1.3

    Yellow's Track Collection As the name suggests, this is my track collection (what's a pack anyways). This is where i place all kart maps i've made so far. Feedback is always appreciated. Da Tracks: MAP HELL: To-do: Credits Community Asset Pack & Community Resources - Reusable flats...
  12. cglitcher

    CG's Smug Pack 1.7

    CG's Smug Pack! Formerly CG's Smug Tracks Sup yall. I decided to put my hat in the ring for map making. I hope you will have a great time playing with this map!! Da Maps Known Issues The placements sign doesn't properly scroll its texture Acknowledgements Special thanks to all of...
  13. L

    [Open Assets] SF94-Serv 4.3

    This is a port of SF94-Serv, an old popular hangout levelpack made by SonicFreak94, Sik, Penopat and Donnyku. Just in case someone needs it, here is a link to the thread for the 2.1 port. Variables allowresetnpcs: When disabled, only the server and administrator can use the resetnpcs command...
  14. csean07 (Sega-tendo

    [Open Assets] Twilight Battle Maps (Demo) Demo v1.1.0

    Twilight Battle Maps is basically just a battle pack with extra new maps when it comes to recreation, or new creations. Before Continuing Reading: Note that the following content isn't final, so expect additional changes or edits later updates. This demo only contains 4 additional battle...
  15. daibutsu

    Mauro Mania 1.1 - tons of fixes and tweaks! 1.1

    Welcome to Mauro Mania, a level pack with currently 4 cool and good levels. All tracks include an encore palette with custom encore music, and some extra things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Digital Dimension Straight from Sonic Riders, it's Digital Dimension! This track has it all: Grindrails, paraglider...
  16. N

    Nav's Map Pack! 1.3a

    Now I have two maps! What's next? I plan on filling out the 'missing' maps from the 16 bit era and possibly mania. I know some of these have been done before, but I have plans of my own. Done: Mystic Cave s2 Ice Cap Zone s3 Starlight Zone s1 Hydrocity Zone s3 (added 1.3) "Coming Soon" Aquatic...
  17. NiGill_

    Gamma Pack 2.1

    Gamma Pack! This pack contains two racing tracks for now Jing Forest (MAPJH) Race through the woods, go through a cave, jump atop the trees Just be careful to not knock down any trees Monument Castle (MAPJI) Once a beautiful castle, now only ruins takes its place Its secrets, as deep as the...
  18. RepeatedKibbles

    Mine Maze Remake 2.2 port 1.4.6

    "Introducing Mine Maze, A Remake of an Alpha SRB2 Level, Featuring Platforms moving Vertically and a bunch of Slopes (Act 2), and a Boss Battle, Originally submitted for SUGOI. Plot: After Defeating Eggman and his Plans at Arid Canyon He escaped to a Dark Mine nearby, you decided to Follow...
  19. Tempmarrow

    Good maps/mappacks?

    I'm pretty bored on playing maps I played time and time again, any good maps or mappacks I can play to honestly have more fun.
  20. Mayo.

    Obscure map pack (discontinued) V1.4

    Hey, welcome to my personal map pack! These maps are mostly going to be ports or completely custom tracks made by me THE TRACKS 1. three-seven speedway [MAPNS] 2. Rainbow road remix [MAPRM] 3. MKWII Luigis circuit [MAPYK] 4. Studiopolis zone act 1 [MAPSK] BATTLE TRACKS hydrocity act 2 miniboss...