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You were not kidding about the Hyper Fang machine gun.
Hyper Modern Sonic Is God That Is All
not sure if intentional but amy can do a cool little 'drop peel out'-kinda move if you hammer spin right before touching the ground

also imo hitting invincibility or shoe boxes while super/hyper should give you the amount of rings you would've got in seconds with the powerup
controls get locked if you biff a trick on a steep slope and you have to just watch your character slowly slide down, maybe to their death. characters should automatically stand up out of a biff after a bit or just fix whatever locks up your controls in that situation.

edit w/ case in point. softlocked here, pls fix.
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i've noticed tails' flight burst is pretty unintuitive for carrying other players. maybe player tails could work the same as ai tails where his flight behavior changes to something more like vanilla when he jumps into flight right next to someone else? kinda dumb but not sure how else to fix this without changing the mechanic.

also if we're gonna add old memes to the biff sound effects we could at least do with a stock fart noise
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There is in fact a way to do so! Do you have SLADE? If so, you can open up XMomentum with it, navigate to /LUA/Xmomentum/, and open LUA_Xmomentum. Then, you can use CTRL+F and search "tricking" or just scroll down to it, and this is the line to edit:
    --start tricking if you're able to trick and press jump. some characters are too high res for this.
    if (p.mo.state == S_PLAY_SPRING or p.mo.state == S_PLAY_FALL) and not (p.pflags & PF_JUMPED) and p.cantrick == true
    and not (p.isuselesschar or p.mo.skin == "ssnsonichd" or p.mo.skin == "jason" or p.mo.skin == "vanillasonic" or p.mo.skin == "microwave" or p.mo.skin == "ssntailshd")
You'll want to add onto that final line the character name you want to disable tricks for. In the case of R Chars' Tails Doll which doesn't work with tricks, we add on, after SSNTails within the bracket:
 or p.mo.skin == "tailsdoll"
I hope this helps, and Tails Doll's line here is added to a future update! Which, on that note, could be updated to support ChrispyChars better. Pointy doesn't enter Dash mode when running nor using the Peel-out, only when uncurling after a spindash; Super Pointy when on the ground constantly flickers between Peel-out animations and flight animations, and uses Xmomentum's tricks when hovering upwards; and lastly on the trick note- Pointy and Fluffy's tricks do not trigger properly with XMomentum loaded, instead doing only one of their tricks before triggering Xmomentum's.
Just a heads up, this doesn't work with the current version of SLADE, because several files share the same name so it won't save. You need to use an earlier version, 3.1.12 worked for me.

I have zero experience with SRB2 modding and my programming experience in general is like 6 years out of practice, but I managed to edit it so that the trick system only exists for microwave. I can attach my edited version if desired / allowed, but in the longer term it would be great for a command to disable tricks in an update.
im not sure but an easter egg with shaodw is that when he doesnt have a sprite for something he just turns into peter griffin in a shaodw costume
Hey so when playing with Sonic and Tails my models don't work as they weren't made with tails blue shoes in mind is there anyway to change tails blue shoes to red.
As of 2.2.13 Xmomentum now loads with a warning. I'll post it from the logfile;

WARNING: skincolor_t field 'name' ('Cherry') is a duplicate of another skincolor's name.

It doesn't actually seem to cause any issues in normal play so it's whatever, but in case either the original mod author or someone else with the knowhow since it's an open asset wants to fix it there's the info.

Update: Playing with the new OLDC .pk3 Xmomentum throws up additional errors and messes with the sparkle sprites around level portals.

ERROR: HWR_ProjectSprite: invalid sprite frame 1/1 for HSPKMAUR
ERROR: HWR_ProjectSprite: invalid sprite frame 2/1 for HSPKMAUR

Haven't tried it with previous OLDC or ULDC .pk3s so I don't know if it's a conflict with specifically this new one or if it's a result of something being incompatible with 2.2.13, but again; Just providing the information in case someone with the knowhow wants to look into it.

Update again lol: It's all .pk3s that use those sprites. Tried three older OLDC pk3s and the same thing happened. So more than likely it's an incompatibility between Xmom and 2.2.13, in my completely LUA inept opinion.
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