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    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource STC Super Sonic (Fleetway).
      2.00 star(s) Welcome to releases! Moveset is pretty basic, it's essentially just super sonic without the ring drain or timer with an added laser...
    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource Speccy the Kitsune.
      3.00 star(s) Welcome to releases! Moveset is pretty basic, but it functions, and the renders don't look half bad. Only thing i'm a bit confused about...
    • Frostiikin reacted to lnferno's post in the thread [Reusable] Some MB Levels with Cool! Cool!.
      On top of Sapheros being a pedophile, his actions have hurt numerous people. I know this due to being good friends with someone who...
    • Frostiikin replied to the thread [Reusable] Some MB Levels.
      Sapheros is a pedophile. Pedophiles deserve no respect, and someone calling them names on the internet should be the least of their...
    • There are some things planned, but it's gonna be quite a while before they're ready. :)
    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource FusionHA (port).
      4.00 star(s) Sorry for taking so long to release this, I forgot I could test multiplayer stuff with splitscreen. Anyways, welcome to releases! This...
    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource MechaChars.
      3.00 star(s) Welcome to releases!
    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource Legacy Hibiki.
      4.00 star(s) Welcome to releases! Even though it's unfinished, he still has a quite interesting moveset. Can't wait to see how the "true" version plays.
    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource retro zone.
      4.00 star(s) Pretty competent remake of SMB1's 1-1. Only real complaint is that the item boxes aren't functional. Welcome to releases!
    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource NordChars(WIP).
      3.00 star(s) Welcome to releases! Please do remember to add gifs/screenshots in the future.
    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource Whisper the Wolf.
      4.00 star(s) Another quality mod! Welcome to releases! Not gonna spoil it for others, but I really love the super form's visuals.
    • Frostiikin replied to the thread Jerma985.
      I can't believe you'd put an infamous psychopath into this game. Absolutely disgraceful. (Welcome to releases!)
    • Frostiikin reviewed the resource Kaldrum's 3D Models.
      4.00 star(s) Everything seems to be in working order here, welcome to releases! Metal's face seems to be a little bit squished, but other then that...
    • Frostiikin posted the thread the in Archived Contest Voting.
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