[v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

[Open Assets] [v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul 1.3.4

Added an alternative to SPR2_SHIT for trick failure sprites, SPR2_OOF_. If i'm being honest, I never really expected xmom to get as big as it did, and was absolutely not expecting as many mods to end up supporting it as they did. I know that not everyone may want to have cursing within their mod, even if it's just in the files, so this is just a solution to that potential issue. Aside from that, 1.3.4 is identical to 1.3.3. Old mods that use SPR2_SHIT will still function just fine, this is just an alternative for those who don't like cursing :P
More dumb bugfixes, yep. This time everything's related to the xmom toggle. Please just let this all work now...
Removed VanillaSonic entirely, and fixed tails' flight. Really learned my lesson about rushing out updates here, definitely not doing that again in the future. Everything VanillaSonic was here for previously can now be done via the console command "togglexmomentum". I actually did quite a bit of testing this time around, so with any luck, this should be the last 1.3 patch.
In my rush to get this out after SA-Sonic's release, I completely forgot to fix fang & knuckles' momentum renewal. This literally just fixes those two, and does absolutely nothing else.
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Hey all. I know it's probably a bit disappointing that you're getting a simple compatibility+bugfix update instead of the long awaited v2.0, but I still have loads to do before that's ready to launch, so here's this. Has one major feature from v2.0 added in here however, that being that I re-coded the momentum system from scratch and ditched cobalt's momentum mod. This way, momentum will be far more consistent, and things such as ice will no longer totally break it. Also had mod compatibility features to allow mods like SA-Sonic, Iclyn, and Inazuma to function properly with XMomentum loaded. Will document this all later, I just wanna get this out quick so people can play SA-Sonic with xmom without it breaking lmao.
Re-uploaded the file so that people can more easily download it on the new releases page, and added a new icon courtesy of BlueBlur. Not sure if this is worthy of an "update", i'm not entirely sure how this new system is meant to work lmao.