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Happy (late) Halloween!

This is my halloween level pack, it contains 11 maps. (four of them being bosses). I made this level pack on October as an event for my server, a lot of people did enjoy it so I decided to put it here on MB. I hope you like it!

-----------------------------ROTTEN HILL ZONE----------------------------


In the past, this was a beautiful garden full of life, but because of the destruction caused by the badniks that Eggman sent before, now it's just a graveyard with ghosts....
Watch out for the toxic waters!

-----------------------------HAUNTED CASTLE ZONE----------------------------


Welcome to Eggman's Haunted Castle. Years ago....this castle was a place that Eggman used to show their artifacts and get some money out of it, but sadly, nobody gave him a visit.....until now. Be careful of where you step and don't lose your mind!

and much more...

---------------------------THE SPOOKY DANCE-----------------------------

You can dance by pressing CUSTOM 2
It took me 4-8 hours to make these sprites lmao

Special Thanks:
- SRB2 Español-Spanish-Latam Community
- Lugent (for fixing my spaghetti code on the spooky dance)

Things to keep in mind:
- Running while doing the spooky dance is intended, it's for the memes lol.
- Making sprites can be a little difficult, but i'll make sure to add the other vanilla characters to the spooky dance thing later.
- I'll probably add more maps later, so wait for it.
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Latest reviews

The mappack is very entertaining to be a special Halloween, it is not just like normal levels with a Halloween skin, even in many levels I saw interesting mechanics that I had never seen, if most of the levels I liked (the one on the castle of colors not so much ...) but it's very good, and oh God ... SPOOKY DANCE !!!

Good Halloween level pack, I hope you keep getting packs that are well worked <3
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rotten hill 1 is alright, i'd say by far the most offensive part of the pack is rotten hill 2, especially with that final checkpoint. the underwater section in particular absolutely kills nospins and it's hard to tell what the button does.
but haunted castle tho. first of all you nail the atmosphere with texturing and music (and music progression), but then you go above and beyond to adjust the music depending on the gravitational pull, and even put in a few things to trick the player. makes the 'haunted caslte' feel really vibe. in act 2 you start out by giving the player a problem they have to solve, and then later in the level BAM the same problem is there again in a different form and the player has to apply what they learned but wait there's actual punishment for missing it this time and it just feels mmm chef's kiss, we need more player learning like that. overall, 4 stars good spooky dance mod and oh yeah the level pack too i guess
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