Hello, I got a little tired of working on the usual kind of levels like singleplayer, ctf, match, battle, etc, so instead of burning out by only doing that, I just thought of making cute little wood houses for fun, and it worked! It got a little bigger than I anticipated, so there's a lot to explore on this hangout thing now, it may even have some funny secrets oooh?




I had a looot of fun making all of this, since there wasn't a real objective, I just wanted to make nice looking structures, so I hope you also enjoy exploring it!

Big thanks to @Dakras and @DylanDude and for letting me use some custom objects for plants and foods, awesome people!!
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  1. Spring

    Just spring. Thats it. Now Sonic can get all those funny emeralds xd

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One of the best, most homely, detailed hangout maps ever. Feels sort of like a well-made VRchat world. If I was going to just hang out and chat in SRB2, this one's a go-to.

This stage seems like it would benefit extremely much from having different times of day variants. Just some random idea, not critique.
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Honestly, I think this map might be one of my favourites alongside the likes of S-19 Station and SF94-Serv! I had a blast exploring the village from top-to-bottom and seeing all the secrets hidden there. Definitely a recommend for anyone who simply wants a tranquil place to hangout with friends.
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Outstanding map, the attention to detail is amazing!
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this is an awesome map! beautiful, interesting and fun to spend time here, i wish there would be more such maps, thanks for your work!
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Very lovely map.
You put great tought and care in making this a fun forest town/ resort area.
Lot's of fun details and nice design touches.
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this is such a fun little map to run around! there's so much detail and some cool little secret areas to find, it's such a cosy little environment to run around and take in, and i love it! great work!!
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Fantastic Job! Well Done!
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