EAJS Inverted Vanilla Levels (Level Pack)

[Open Assets] EAJS Inverted Vanilla Levels (Level Pack) 1.1

EAJS Inverted Levels

Bringing a new way to play the most popular stages of SRB2, this time inverted, what will be the challenges?

  • All singleplayer Co-op maps are inverted!​
  • Exit and start are inverted!​
  • The order of the zones was also reversed!​
  • 1-up and Eggman monitors were swapped!​
  • Emblems and Tokens also swapped!​
  • New routes have been created for the inverted mode to work with all characters!​
  • BGM received a remix with inverted harmony!

Two optional PK3 files containing inverted color palettes.
Choose one of each if you like.
Inverted HUE or Inverted Red and Blue channels.
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Latest updates

  1. Small Fix

    I removed a lost player01 object in ERZ2, I found out about the problem now, I believe...
  2. Small Fix

    A forgotten player 1 object in EggRock Zone 2 has been removed.

Latest reviews

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good mod, but got stuck in one part of erz2 and i wanna do a full inverted campaign
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i had a lot of fun playing this!!!
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This a Great. Being able to play everything backwards. This is gonna be instresting to speedrun too. There's just a few problems. 1. Some stuff unpredictable. For example Eggrock zone act 2. That part where gravity switches on and off every few seconds. the start you can't tell if it'll be blue or red when you enter the first tube. 2. Half of this game looks as if it can only be completed by flight or climbing chars. Some areas can get you softlocked. Speed chars are useless in some levels. and 3. Red volcano the horrific level. IS just invincibility boosting. It also has to be very percise to even pull it off. Like the one area with the token. After you go there and you lose your rings. Your stuck. you can make it out but the lava rising is too quick. sorry for making this a whole document but yeah. you did great.
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sorry for the 3 stars here's a 5 star review
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This is a cool mod and all. But can I make my own? Just asking.
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The only thing I really like about this mod is the inverted color in Frozen Hillside , other than that I think it's a decent mod to play around with
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I suppose enough work has been done to justify a release, bit the most interesting thing in this mod by far is the reversed harmonies music. It feels so... strange. Not all that remarkable, otherwise.
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