This map contains swear words, discretion is advised.

Ever wanted to play a Garry's Mod map in SRB2? Then this map is for you!

A simple map based on gm_construct from Garry's Mod, featuring an ambience for the map itself as its music. (Yes this includes that dark room)

Garry's Mod by Facepunch Studios
gm_construct by Garry
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Latest updates

  1. bruh

  2. Not too much progress.

    As of today, Greenknight9000 will be helping me on this map! Here's another WIP. See you...
  3. Revamp announcement

    This may be such a too early time after the release, but the revamp is currently in the works...

Latest reviews

Honestly this map is pretty small,it could use some work, although it is pretty alright
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Good to know I'm still scared of the Dark Room™ after all these years and beyond its game of origin.
Even then, this map is still pretty cool, although kind of lacking and really small. Still happy gm_construct remains a classic though.
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About some months later, and the map is still good.
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hey uuh, what tags do you used to post the map, i dont know valid tags and i want to post a map
idk, just use whatever fits the map
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Not totally accurate but fun to mess around for awhile.
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Well, it has the -shape- of gm_construct, but it doesn't really have the size or "soul" of gm_construct. I say the map needs to be like 5-10 times bigger and perhaps with some hills and buildings like the original that are given the SRB2 twist - gm_constuct was made as a sandbox map, a testing grounds for mods - this has some serious potential and you've already given it some unique SRB2 features like the tree area at the end, why not expand on that more so people can have a large playground to test abilities in, or find Chaos Emeralds hidden in the map so they can test Super Forms and so on. I might not be able to do them myself, but I can think of so many ideas that I'd genuinely love to see executed in this map
well, i've been thinking about remaking the whole map so i'll take notes of that. thank you
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It's a bit small, and it's odd to have a remake of another game's maps where the textures don't quite line up, but it's certainly the gm_construct I remember. ^.^

Welcome to Releases!
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