Coop or Die!

[Open Assets] Coop or Die! 1.1


  • Cooperative HUD displaying teammate location and status information
  • "Tagging" mechanics that require two players to damage enemies or collect special stage spheres
  • Enemy Goal system requiring a certain percentage of enemies to be defeated in order to progress
  • Team life sharing with revive mechanics tied to level progression (Starposts, Enemy Goal, etc.)
  • Support for various AI bots like BuddyEx, ExAI, and foxBot
  • Performance-focused with minimal script hooks, to remain playable on low-spec devices
  • Highly configurable, with options to toggle all features
Oh no!
Inspired (albeit in name only) by an old Quake II mod, Coop or Die! is an experiment in adding more team-oriented cooperative mechanics to SRB2. Whether or not it succeeds in this... I'll leave for you to decide. :P

It attempts to encourage players to stick together by requiring two players to tag-team enemies before they are destroyed (or damaged), as well as tag-team any special stage spheres before they are collected. An on-screen HUD is provided to help find other nearby players.

Additionally, there is an "Enemy Goal" - a certain (configurable) percentage of enemies that must be defeated to end the level. Players reaching the exit early are warped back to the beginning of the level, with a set number of rings and random shield bonus awarded.

For special stages, the available time is limited based on the number of players, making them significantly harder. However, as a reward for collecting all seven emeralds, everyone is awarded random shields and extra rings every time they spawn.

Finally, to further complicate things - team lives are shared. When only 1 team life is remaining, anyone that dies is placed into a spectating state - but can be revived by teammates hitting a new Starpost, progressing the Enemy Goal %, or getting an extra life. 1up monitors instantly revive the entire party.

If all players are wiped out with no team lives remaining, the level is restarted, retaining half of the party's Enemy Goal progress and awarding random consolation prizes.

Further Thoughts
The mod's default settings are intended for a 4+ player session, but beware that large areas like Deep Sea Zone or Castle Eggman Zone may turn into a bit of a slog without good communication on which paths groups of players are taking. If things are feeling a bit too slow, consider toning down some of the options (see below).

Alternatively, consider adding bots to assist players. BuddyEx works great for this, as does foxBot. It's also possible to play this in singleplayer using a bot.

Console Commands
Use cdhelp to display all available commands in-game at any time.

Here are some of the important ones:
  • cd_enemyclearpct - Required % of enemies for level completion
  • cd_enemyclearmax - Maximum # of enemies for level completion
    • Note: Set either to 0 to disable the "Enemy Goal" entirely
  • cd_dmflags - Difficulty modifier flags
    • (1 = Enemies require 2+ hits from different players)
    • (2 = Spheres require 2 pickups from different players)
    • (4 = Special Stages restrict time based on player count)
    • (8 = Players reset their tagged enemy hits on death)
      • Note: These options can be combined by adding them together!
      • Set to 0 to disable the new cooperative mechanics entirely
      • The default is 7 - which is every flag except the last one
  • cd_teamlives - Share team lives using goal-driven revive mechanics?
  • cd_showhud - Draw CoopOrDie info to HUD?
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