1. minenice

    [Reusable] xItemLib (+ Sampler pack) v1.0.2

    The modular custom item library xItemLib is a packageable library, allowing for easier creation of custom kart items. A functional custom item can be made in minutes, thanks to the easy to understand "event" system. The library takes care of all complex logic related to item distribution, so...
  2. RubyTheMii

    Golden Crawla

    RubyTheMii submitted a new resource: Golden Crawla - What was initially pretty much nothing was turned into more than just nothing. Read more about this resource...
  3. RubyTheMii

    [Reusable] Golden Crawla 1.0

    So, have you ever seen this file called "goldencrawla.soc"? Well, if you have, then have you ever wondered what it would be like if a random guy on the Message Board decided to take that concept and turn it into a brand new enemy? If you answered yes, then here you go. This is the Golden...
  4. D00D64

    [Reusable] Scaledflower Zone 1.2

    It's Greenflower Zone Act 1, but... smaller. 1/4th its original size, to be exact. All objects are scripted to be smaller too. If you wanted to know how weird it is to control yourself at 1/4th your size, here you go. Physics are a bit odd at this size. Also, since this mod is reusable, it's...
  5. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] Portal Ring v1.2

    Name says it`s portal ring... but its not. Anyway just Press Fire(ring toss) or something to spawn it and jump in it to make it shrink and do your action. Yes very easy. (You can make Sonic The Movie in SRB2 now lol) Thats all you need(Also i put comments.)
  6. BuggieTheBug

    Portal Ring

    BuggieTheBug submitted a new resource: Portal Ring - it does almost nothing but you can put anything in it Read more about this resource...
  7. Snu

    Hook Library (+ Wall Collision Example Hook) 1

    What originally started as a fix for potential conflicts between scripts, this is a library to easily create custom hooks within Lua scripts! First off, put everything in Lua/hooklib.lua inside your file to load the library for use within your scripts. You can use the function...
  8. Katmint

    [Reusable] Character-specific jingles template 1

    Thanks to 2.2.9, it's now possible to easily set custom music and jingles for your character. This is a lightweight example script which replaces only Sonic's speed shoes, invincibility, super, and act clear themes with other in-game music. This is ready for use in your own character by simply...
  9. thekingdudidly

    TKD's Loot Ring Monitor V2

    Have you ever missed the old 25 ring monitor from earlier SRB2 versions? Well, introducing the Loot Ring monitor! ....Yeah, not that much to it other then that, but it can work with legacy styled maps!
  10. "MIDIMan"

    [Reusable] Retro Bosses + Maces and Chains 2.1

    Do you miss the Egg Mobile's homing laser, the Sea Egg's brutal difficulty, or Metal Sonic's poorly telegraphed attacks? If so, you're in luck! Introducing... MIDIMan's Retro Boss Ports (+ Maces and Chains)! I originally created these as a means of helping Glaber with SRB2 The Past, but I've...
  11. Eldog

    [Reusable] Community Resources 9

    A set of textures, flats, and more– for the community, by the community.
  12. Chengi

    [Reusable] General-Purpose Kart Assets (Boost Rings, Modular Ramps, Dimps Boosters) 2

    "No lua required!" (All assets included here are self-made, and free-to-use. Credit isn't necessary, but is greatly-appreciated.) Boost Rings Inspired by the boost rings in DKR and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, these serve as an alternative for boost pads without needing to use...
  13. K

    [Reusable] Resource: Respawning objects and bustable FOF

    This script provides a framework to add respawning to arbitrary objects and crumbling FOFs, e.g., to make destructible but respawning terrain for MP maps. Inside the WAD are three lumps - LUA_RSPN, LUA_EXAM, and SOC_EXAM. LUA_RSPN is the one you want to put into your own add-on! The other two...
  14. Rem

    [Reusable] Underwater Map Music

    This is a simple Lua script that allows you to add underwater music tracks for your levels. Usage Add the script to your wad/pk3. Get/create a variation of your level's song with the same length. Add a line in your Level Header, defining "Lua.WaterMusic = " with whatever your underwater song's...
  15. Lat'

    [Reusable] Music Template: 1.0

    A simple script that allows you to make some neat looking OST videos, just like the official ones! It's not exactly on par with the official videos as the level title card will show up instead of just having the SRB2 logo scale up with the level name and authors fading in. While you could be a...
  16. TehRealSalt

    [Reusable] Animation Debugger

    Simple script I made since I needed to test specific animations while working on a character WAD. I figure this may come in handy useful for other people as well, for character WADs & 3D modelling. Use the command "animationdebug <sprite2> <animation speed> <frame> <super> <tail roll> <color>"...
  17. birbhorse

    [Reusable] Rock Shield - v1.1

    Welcome to... The Rock Shield from Sonic: Time Twisted! What does this mod do? This mod (in it's base form) replaces the Whirlwind Shield with the Rock Shield! The rock shield gives the player two rocks to hurl at enemies! After usage, there's a short cooldown timer (represented by the rock...
  18. TehRealSalt

    [Reusable] Game Gear Capsule

    Sick of setting up those really annoying FOF Egg Capsules? No more! This is a custom, thing-based capsule that retains all of the same functionality. Instead of setting up a whole bunch of extra FOFs, just place a single object down and it'll work. This object uses thing type 510. Checking...
  19. Goldenhog

    [Reusable] ESP: Extra Shields and Powerups 2.0

    Yes, right now we have 3 powerups and 9 shields (more if you count already-released shield-adding mods) but that's not enough. We need MORE shields and MORE powerups! And I'm here to deliver 'em. Extra Shields Extra Powerups But how do I use all this stuff? Included is a...
  20. Xian.exe

    [Reusable] Force-Roll Springs

    These custom Springs act like a combination of normal horizontal springs, and forceroll boosters. After making contact with one, the player is forced into the roll state, regardless of whether or not they can roll normally. the test map can be found packed with the springs, in one file, or...