1. BadOmenThingy

    Sonic 1 Badniks 1

    A small badnik pack that contains badniks from Sonic 1, from Green Hill Zone to Scrap Brain Zone, these dumb automated idiots are ready to take down Sonic once again. Also includes sprite edits of some existing classic badniks and stuff, So let's get on to some of them. First of all of them is...
  2. Xian

    GlobalBanks: Custom Local Save File Function Library v1

    Global Banks, a mod that globalizes the luabanks save file array, making it completely accessible at all times. Normally, luabanks is limited to only being usable just once by a single file, any other files that try to use it after in the same session will simply error. GlobalBanks intends to...
  3. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Reusable] Escape Sequence v1.2.1a

    NOTE: this wasn't made with multiplayer in mind, I might make a few changes in a later update adds wario land 4 like escape sequences, for use in your maps included is a test map to test this, use this as an example ig Level Header stuff: #anything starting with a (!) HAS to be set for the...
  4. ARC-FOX

    Nextbots! v3

    NextBots! You've heard of them, played with them, and tHeY aRe WaTcHiNg.. *Cough*. So these nextbots work just like from gmod! They'll target you untill you die. They're also invincible so don't even try using a homing thok! To spawn them in type "Sanic". You can change the Spawn name if you're...
  5. CloneFighter

    C.Fighter's Textbox Library v1

    Remember Ashi's Dialog System? Yeah, that inspired me to create my own. What is this? In short, another asset for dialog box creation. Thank Ashi for the inspiration lol. I'll let the gifs speak for themselves. I've also included a test script with both textboxes shown. Press Custom 1 to...
  6. RalphJeremy65

    DualShock 4 and Switch Joycon Tutorial Zone Sprites v1/v1.0.1

    These are two sprite replacement mods I made out of boredom that basically replaces the Xbox controller in the Tutorial Zone with either a PS4's DualShock 4 or a Nintendo Switch's Joycon pad, as well as also altering the tutorial dialogue to reflect said controllers. Thought of dropping it to...
  7. Biggy-π

    [Reusable] Various Sonic 3 Styled Objects v2

    A sprite replacement mod that replaces some sprites to be inspired, or based on Sonic 3! As of now, this replaces: The item monitors, along with their icons, All of the emblems, The Chaos Emeralds, and Master Emerald Shards, The Signpost, and slight recolors to the flame and bubble...
  8. SuperPhanto

    [Reusable] Mouse Move Overhaul 1

    I basically made a small script that allows the player to toggle an overhaul of the base game's "Mouse Move" option, that is toggled by typing the command "mousemoveoverhaul" into the console. Typing the command a second time will disable it. This variation of Mouse Move allows you to strafe...
  9. clairebun

    [Reusable] MapPaths 1.1

    MapPaths is a multilinear paths and waypoints system which makes it more possible for creators to navigate objects through complex levels. While the focus of this project is mainly to facilitate intelligent player AI navigation, it can be used on cameras, payload-style mechanics, or just about...
  10. Ceru1088

    Cerus Rushed Colors 2.0

    Hi! this is my first skin colour pack. also my first mod. Please leave feedback and make sure to go to the discussion for suggestions!
  11. ashi

    [Reusable] Ashi's Dialog System 1.0

    A neat little thing I made in a couple days Useful for projects like story based mods or custom levels! Features: An easy to setup table system for dialog events Automatic line wrapping (up to 5 lines) An easily modifiable setup for displaying the dialog Input blocking (and auto continue...
  12. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] FNF Engine v1.1

    This is a mod that tries to port that Button pressing game to SRB2. Custom 3 to activate "FNF Mode" and play the song. In this mod the Song is "Tutorial" with some small edits (At the start you will see 4 Different Arrows) Anyway im gonna explain what each arrow does and mechanics. In this...
  13. CuckyDev

    [Reusable] CdvCast 1.0

    CdvCast CdvCast is a raycasting library for SRB2 2.2 (untested on earlier versions), it allows you to shoot out a ray from any arbitrary position with any arbitrary vector direction and length, and get collision information in response. Usage CdvCast exposes one function to the user...
  14. SuperOfSrb2

    Does anyone know what thing type 11 from Final Demo 1.09.4 was?

    I know this is kind of a random question, but if anyone knows what it is meant for that would be really helpful. In-game its invisible but there are quite a few of them placed in each map.
  15. D00D64

    [Reusable] "Work in Progress!!" HUD Text (SRB2 & Kart) Probably the Only Version

    WORK IN PROGRESS! ...No, that's the script. All it does is put red text on that specific part of the screen. Very simple, very small, but very handy, and very easily modifiyable. It was so short, I wasn't even going to put it on the forum, but its been very helpful to some folks, and it...
  16. "MIDIMan"

    [Reusable] Retro Monitors 1.0.3

    This addon consists of monitors ranging from the TGF era all the way to the 2.1 era. IMPORTANT: Some shield monitors use modern replacement shields that closely resemble the behaviors of the shields that players would have been given in their respective era. For example, the Demo blue and...
  17. L

    [Reusable] lenient bubbles 1.1

    this mod makes air bubbles easier to get, and also adds some visual and auditory flair to bubbles instead of bubbles spawning on a global timer and floating up to the ceiling, bubbles will now float up a little above the bubble patch that spawned them and stay mostly stationary, i have also...
  18. Princess Plushima

    [Reusable] Plushima's Asset Collection - PAC 1.3

    Custom enemies and mechanics can go a long way towards establishing a level's a sense of identity- and it's always nice to have more toys to play with. Here's a small collection of random reusable assets I've made for various 2.2 projects. I've gone slightly against convention and packaged each...
  19. minenice

    [Reusable] xItemLib (+ Sampler pack) 1.1.2

    The modular custom item library xItemLib is a packageable library, allowing for easier creation of custom kart items. A functional custom item can be made in minutes, thanks to the easy to understand "event" system. The library takes care of all complex logic related to item distribution, so...
  20. RubyTheMii

    [Discontinued] Golden Crawla

    Hi. Welcome to the Golden Crawla discussion thread. If you want to download the asset, just click on the orange Download button. The latest version is v1.1.1, but I will be keeping older versions publicly available. You can find any older releases in the History tab. okay that's all lol oh and...