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[Open Assets] Mouse Move Overhaul 1

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I basically made a small script that allows the player to toggle an overhaul of the base game's "Mouse Move" option, that is toggled by typing the command "mousemoveoverhaul" into the console. Typing the command a second time will disable it. This variation of Mouse Move allows you to strafe, and also doesn't use the mouse sensitivity settings, so that you can technically have more control over moving your character in a 3d space!

In my experience, this is best used with a trackball mouse. However, I know not everyone has one of those things, so rather this is more of an example of how to use the new mouse detection that Lua can take advantage of now!
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it took me 10 minutes to complete GFZ1 with a normal mouse, wonderful mod.
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Using this mod, you can say goodbye at full speed of the game, I couldn't run a second and you'll have to touch the controls to be able to jump or spindash, and don't think you'll be able to pass the first slope you find in the game, unless you set up spindash or jump by yourself, because the addon only allows you to walk, anything else must be configured manually.
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Beating SRB2's campaign with only your mouse. Seems impossible right? Wrong. This guy here has just beaten the campaign with only his mouse! This made CEZ, ERZ, BCZ, and Eggman actually seem menacing. Which is a feeling I haven't got out of SRB2 ever since I first played it. And if anyone wants to try this out for themselves, here's some advice, practice. I'm quite a fast learner, so I beat the campaign in two-sittings. Oh, and I hate Metal more now.

This is a very great LUA, and I'd love to see a character solely based around mouse movement, or at least incorporate the mouse in their moveset in some way.
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Welcome to releases!
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