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GlobalBanks: Custom Local Save File Function Library v1

Global Banks, a mod that globalizes the luabanks save file array, making it completely accessible at all times.
Normally, luabanks is limited to only being usable just once by a single file, any other files that try to use it after in the same session will simply error.
GlobalBanks intends to bypass this limitation by assigning the luabanks array to a global table,
thereby allowing any number of mods to access custom information stored directly to the .ssg save file, and access it as many times as necessary, with no limitations.
This allows each individual save file to have its own custom info, and can be useful for things like additional emerald collectibles.

Note that until saving in modified games is allowed, this mod cannot be used to write custom info unless a custom gamedata is active. It it still safe to use it to read the file however, say with a custom character reading if a hyper form is unlocked

Contained within the file are an explanation on how to use the functions, as well as the currently reserved flags, many of which are simply there for quick convenience. Please contact me @ Xian#1101 on discord if you wish to reserve a flag or slot so that I may write it down for you

There are 16 slots in a save file, each containing room for 32 bit flags. With this, proper organization, and optimization, up to 512 bits of custom info can be stored to a save file.
Currently only the first slot, slot 0, is reserved

This mod is marked as non-reusable, but only due to the necessity of keeping slot reservations organized.
The mod would also need to be loaded alongside any other mod that uses its functions.
As such, I give permission to add this mod to your mod, under the condition that the actual contents of this file remain unmodified.
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