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NOTE: this wasn't made with multiplayer in mind, I might make a few changes in a later update

adds wario land 4 like escape sequences, for use in your maps
included is a test map to test this, use this as an example ig

Level Header stuff:

example level header:
#anything starting with a (!) HAS to be set for the script to work.
#escapestartsector is the sector that will start the escape sequence, if you wish to do it via button.
#(!)escapetimelimit is the amount of time to escape before you DIE.
#escapestartsector does NOT change the music automatically, please use a linedef executor to change the music.
#(!)escapepunish changes what happens when the timer hits 0.
#1 = KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#2 = Drain Score.
#3 = Drain Rings.
#4 = Drain Score DURING escape.
#5 = Drain Rings (although very slowly) during escape
#DO NOT write *TICRATE when setting the time limit variable, the script does that for you.
Level 98
Levelname = Escape Test
Keywords = test
Music = TUTORL
TypeOfLevel = Singleplayer
NextLevel = 2
SkyNum = 1
RecordAttack = true
LevelSelect = 1
SaveGame = true
SkyboxScale = 64
FlickyList = Bluebird
Lua.escapestartsector = 5
Lua.escapetimelimit = 30
Lua.escapepunish = 1
Lua.escapequake = 1

to do:
more options for when the timer hits 0, something like draining rings instead of an instakill semi added in 1.1, ring draining isn't there
more ways to activate it instead of checking if the player is standing on the start sector
added in v 1.1
add options for screenshake
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    syncs the escapetime in a netgame (thanks xian for telling me that it doesn't sync by default)
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    #anything starting with a (!) HAS to be set for the script to work. #escapestartsector is the...
  3. update

    added 2 functions: StopEscape and ResumeEscape they do what they're supposed to do and you can...

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