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MapPaths is a multilinear paths and waypoints system which makes it more possible for creators to navigate objects through complex levels. While the focus of this project is mainly to facilitate intelligent player AI navigation, it can be used on cameras, payload-style mechanics, or just about anything.

Included in the pk3 is a pathing network for GFZ1 and an AI that can navigate the waypoints at a basic level, with some basic actions programmed for jumping, spinning, and spindashing depending on the waypoint settings. For a quick demonstration, warp to MAP01 and type pathbot 1 1 1 68 in console to watch the AI navigate from start to finish.

How to Edit
Crucially, the system comes equipped with an ingame editor and save/backup functionality, allowing users to quickly manage and test waypoints in real time. Pathing networks can later be exported into a lua script file for further use in mods that use the waypoint system.

Full documentation pending. See listpathcommands for a full list of related commands and variables. Type startpath or selectpath to enter the editor, and type deselectpath to exit the editor.

How to include waypoints in your own MOD
When finished creating mappath networks, use the writepathlua command to export a lua script file, then import it into your WAD or pk3 project.

Modders are encouraged to include the infrastructure with their own project if necessary; MapPaths is equipped with duplication safeguards, allowing multiple addons with the MapPaths infrastructure to communicate safely between each other. Please refer to the MapPaths.pk3 README lump for further details.

How to script AI for Waypoints

Check for global table MapPaths. Search the pk3 for rawset functions (most are in Path_Core.lua)

Full documentation pending.
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  1. Version 1.1

    - Added extra functionality to the pathbot command, for changing skins and removing pathbot -...

Latest reviews

I've been messing around with this a lot more than I'd like to admit, haha.

One little tidbit though: the splitpaths command has a typo. (path-core.lua, line 1141) You accidentally put "currenpath" instead of "currentpath", causing the command to not work. Other than that, a blast to play with!
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Amazing! This will definitely be super useful for somethings I've been working on. It's very easy to use once you have it figured out.
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You have no idea how much this could bring up. With enough scripting over the mod, we could have an AI possibly beat the entire game while it makes decisions on its own; heck, we could race against AI if we really wanted to take it that far. Amazing.
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This is fantastic. I WAS WILLING TO FIND ONE OF THESE. a simple mappath! never felt better
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Awesome addon! Maybe I'ld use this if it wasn't so hard.
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Welcome to releases! I hope to see some maps make good use out of such a powerful utility!
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