I dunno about y'all, but I think SRB2 needs more bosses. Sunset Over Chaos was my project to finally get as many of these boss ideas out of my system as possible.

Moreover, I decided to challenge myself by making all of them without using Lua. Why? Because I'm a weirdo who finds SOC fun. I even got to use A_UseCusValMemo. I NEVER get to use A_UseCusValMemo.

This mod is available in 2 versions. S_SunsetOverChaos-V1.1.pk3 is the intended experience, and features cutscenes to connect everything together. I assure you these seemed clever at 3am when I wrote them. S_SunsetOverChaos-nolore-V1.1.pk3 features all of the same gameplay, but no cutscenes.

This mod is reusable, and as such you are welcome to grab any bosses you like for your own levels- especially if you were just planning on throwing an Eggmobile over a lava pit or something. There may be some oddness with what any given boss needs for its stage though.

Special thanks to everyone who joined the public test netgames!

Also, I should probably mention somewhere that at least one sprite in there is stolen from Megaman 2.



  • Appropriate to a first boss, The Sunset Fae will spend far less time invulnerable. Try not to bully her too hard. She's still invulnerable during her desperation attack- and don't even THINK about hiding in any safe spots!
  • Sunset Kero keeps the rule of making you wait out a full attack cycle of iframes, but will now never jump more than twice in a row- effectively ending his iframes sooner.
  • Sunset Vermin adds no longer give you any points when killed, so you can't use the level to farm lives. Thanks to Kays and Logan8r for bringing how to do this to my attention!
  • Sunset Thunderbird has a bit less health than before. No one actually complained about this, but I felt the fight went a bit too long before.
  • Ultimate Eggmobile's danmaku attack now ends a bit sooner, so it doesn't quite reach Touhou levels.
  • Tweaked the numbers for the Ultimate Eggmobile's bumblebore attack, so it gets more attacks in before hitting the self-imposed bee cap.
  • Also added a block monsters flags to Arid Crossroads death pit, to keep Eggman from getting stuck out of reach during certain attacks.
  • Fixed a spot in Red Meltdown Zone where Sunset Ryu had eaten a wall texture.
  • Made the final boss's desperation attack go faster, so you spend a bit less time running around in circles. Makes it feel more threatening too for some reason despite being objectively easier than before??
  • Fixed a small color bug in the final boss's desperation attack that no one else seemed to notice but was bugging the crap outta me.
  • Changed the implementation on a small WAD-on easter egg to flow better in the cutscene version.
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Latest reviews

The bosses from this mod are cool. I remember Ultimate Eggmobile and Sonic Overdrive more, they have a lot of attacks. There are so few bosses in modding srb2. New bosses are what we need in the game.
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I honestly liked the bosses, but. The main problem with this mod is that the music isn't original, i mean. You've just used the normal musics of Sonic robo blast 2 for the boss battles. Perhaps the decision that i didn't like alot is that Sonic Overdrive has the track where you race against metal sonic. Yes, the music is good. But i honestly think that Brak Eggman's them could have fitted better with him...

But anyways, yeah, they are pretty good bosses. And i think if i ever make a Srb 2 mod, i could use them.
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Never reviewed this one back when I first tried it, but a lot of fun, some genuinely good boss design. and I got so many genuine chuckles while playing with a few friends for the first time. Great stuff!
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its always amazing seeing things still using SOC today! especially to this level! each boss feels fun to battle and all the little final demo references are just the cherry on top! highly reccomended!
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its about time someone made a boss battle mod, awesome mod man, i love how cut throat the last one was
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I'm a simple person. I see Final Demo references, I upvote.

Seriously though, that all of this was made with SOC is unbelievable. Although I have my own opinions on SOC vs Lua, I can't say I've seen anyone leverage SRB2's interfaces the way this mod does. Fun lore, fun bosses, and the final used an incredibly creative mechanic. Love the boss designs; after playing with Wido, I've come to recognize your pre-renders as a unique art style.

I enjoyed my playthrough. Lots of great ideas, here 🤔
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I just want to know, why can't you lay a hit on the Final Boss? Is that intentional?
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Rivals that of even STJ's creations.
I personally like to use Werehog in combo with this mod, but it unfortunately turns the first boss into a joke.
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all these bots are fights to behold
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Witty and sardonic riffing on the gameplay sins of the past yet still engaging, challenging and fair at the same time, AND a total flex to show how much skill the author has and how much life the Old Majyks of SOC have in them still. All together, Sunset Over Chaos is a toaster's Pick Of All Time, which is a totally real mechanism through which I recommend things and not just something I made up right now to point out how much I love her mod.

If you joined the community before 2.1's release, playing the lore version is non-optional. It was funny the first time I played picking up all the in-jokes, but it has me actively emotional now.
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