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[Reusable] Plushima's Asset Collection - PAC 1.0

Custom enemies and mechanics can go a long way towards establishing a level's a sense of identity- and it's always nice to have more toys to play with. Here's a small collection of random reusable assets I've made for various 2.2 projects.

I've gone slightly against convention and packaged each individual enemy or element as its own separate file in the .zip. This should make it a bit easier to just take what you want for your own project: Just take everything from the file you want, and shove it into your map's .pk3 file. No need to pick apart which lumps are relevant to what you're doing.

There's also a small test map, where you can see everything in action.

Here's what's in the PAC:

Cycla - City Themed Enemy

Thing Type: 1511
A custom enemy created for Starlit Skyway Zone, these enemies will charge at the player at high speed, but with a broad turning radius. If they get too far off course, they'll do a drift to correct themselves. Their AI doesn't care about cliffs or ledges, so they'll happily do sweet jumps to chase the player.

They're designed to be a bit of a filler enemy you can place down a ton of. Their high speed makes them a small threat when trying to quickly run through an area, but once they've been dodged once they're easily left in the dust. If you place them high up, they'll jump down to get at the player, and it feels like kind of an exciting ambush. If there are death pits around, they'll often kill themselves before they get a chance to turn around.

I couldn't decide what color to make them, so they'll randomly choose one from the cool range. This gives them a bit of individuality when there's a ton of them around too.

Fox Hunter - Anti-Tails Enemy

Thing Type: 1512
Another Starlit Skyway enemy. These lasses will slowly charge up an extremely-accurate hitscan sniper shot. They have a 3000 FRACUNIT attack radius, but will only target players who are located above them.

They were designed to highly discourage flying or climbing over an area, while still leaving it technically possible. A skilled Tails player can dodge the shots with a sudden turn just before they fire, but it's not an easy trick to pull off. If you want them to simply be obstacles in a Tails route, you should give the player cover and safe spots to make things easier. They're nearly impossible to dodge while Knuckles climbing, but Knux can usually kill them before they shoot. You can also place them below the main path to force grounded characters like Sonic to deal with them- it's much easier to dodge their shots on the ground.

WIPSJar - Atmospheric Turret Enemy
Thing Type: 2301
The Weird Interdimensional Plasma Storage Jar is an enemy created for Sacred Abyss Zone. They periodically release blue fireballs, which travel upwards in a sinewave pattern before launching at the player. They have a very large attack radius, but the shots are very slow and highly telegraphed.

They were designed more as a decoration than a major threat- so long as the player is moving even a little bit the shots will miss. It can be fun to place a bunch of them out of reach in a big setpiece, to make it look like an area is crawling with spooky ghosts.

Additive Corona - Decoration
Thing Type: 1510
A simple corona sprite created using additive blending. Meant to replicate the old Starlit Warehouse OpenGL street lights, I'm sure there's all kinds of places they could be used. Generally look better in darker environments.

Flow Bubble - Underwater Bubble Patch Alternative
Thing Type: 1515
A larger version of the underwater bubble patch, which stands still instead of floating up, and doesn't slow the player down to collect.

Removing the timing element from bubble patches makes them inherently easier. Use these instead of the vanilla bubbles if you just wanna have a chill time, without the stress and excitement of the classic Sonic water mechanics.

Flight Booster - Tails Route Mechanic
Thing Type: 570
Use the parameter value to specify the vertical angle: A Parameter of 0 points straight up, 8 points straight forward, 15 points straight down, etc.
Sonic Adventure-inspired booster rings for Tails, created for Hollow Hill Zone. For CA_FLY characters, they reset your flight timer, and boost you in the direction they're pointed. For other characters, they still put you into your spin frames, and reset PF_THOKKED, so you can kind of treat them as floating spinsprings.

These are probably the most versatile element in here, though their primary use is to make Tails routes. Hollow Hill used them to stretch out a Tails route over a huge distance, but you could also use complicated obstacles to make them matter in shorter spaces. Non-Tails characters can certainly find uses for them too.
Mysteriously, they extend a certain unreleased character's flight timer as well...

They come in two flavors. The splatless version uses prerendered sprites made from the Sonic Adventure model, whereas the splatful version uses a 3d spat effect created using textures by Inazuma. Unfortunately, the splatful version has been known to cause Software-mode crashes when used in very large levels, and so is not recommended. It's just here because it's a shame to see it go to waste, and maybe software splats will be more stable in future versions? ^.^
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